Middle gray

Middle gray

50% lightness in Lab color space

In photography, painting, and other visual arts, middle gray or middle grey is a tone that is perceptually about half way between black and white on a lightness scale;[1] in photography, it is typically defined as 18% reflectance in visible light.[2]

Middle gray is the universal measurement standard in photographic cameras. To calibrate light meters, whether in a camera or hand held, the 18% gray card was conceived. It is assumed that the measurement taken by a meter gives the exposure for a shot so that some of the light reflected by the object measured is equivalent to middle gray.[3] However, many note that modern cameras generally treat 12-13% gray as "middle gray".

In the sRGB color space, middle gray is equivalent to 46.6% brightness.[4] In 24-bit color, this is rounded to RGB value (119,119,119) or #777777.[5]


In the Zone System of Ansel Adams, middle gray is known as "Zone V" in the scale of 11 zones from Zone 0 (black) to Zone X (white).[6]

As early as 1903, middle gray was defined as the geometric mean intensity between a white and a black intensity that are in a ratio of 60:1.[7] That is equivalent to 12.9% of the white intensity.


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