name = Ascocentrum

image_width = 250px
image_caption = Rust-red Ascocentrum ("Ascocentrum miniatum")
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Liliopsida
ordo = Asparagales
familia = Orchidaceae
subfamilia = Higher Epidendroideae
tribus = Vandeae
subtribus = Sarcanthinae
alliance = Vanda
genus = "Ascocentrum"
genus_authority = Schltr. ex J. J. Sm. (1917)
type_species = "Ascocentrum miniatum"
type_species_authority = (Lindl.) Schltr.
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision =
*"Ascocentrum ampullaceum"
*"Ascocentrum aurantiacum"
*"Ascocentrum christensonianum"
*"Ascocentrum curvifolium"
*"Ascocentrum garayi"
*"Ascocentrum hendersonianum"
*"Ascocentrum micranthum"
*"Ascocentrum miniatum"
*"Ascocentrum pumilum"
synonyms ="Ascolabium" S. S. Ying

Ascocentrum, abbreviated as Asctm in horticultural trade, is a small genus belonging to the orchid family (Orchidaceae). The type species is "Ascocentrum miniatum" (Lindl.) Schltr. ex J. J. Sm. (originally as "Saccolabium miniatum" Lindl.).

They occur mainly in warmer to intermediate, humid climates of the foothills of the Himalayas, in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Java and Borneo.

These monopodial epiphytic orchids grow on deciduous trees. They have a short, simple to bifurcate stem (max. 15-18 cm) with an upright, compact, conical to racemose inflorescence, consisting of smaller brightly colored flowers. These flowers have a prominent spur and a strap-like lip. Their bright colors vary between yellow, orange, red, orchid or cerise.

The chromosome number is 2n = 38.

They are popular among orchid lovers because they resemble the compact Vanda-like species. Nevertheless their cultivation is rather difficult.

Intergeneric hybrids

They are generally crossed with Vanda species into numerous intergeneric hybrids, giving the following nothogeneric names (i.e. the name at generic rank for a hybrid between representatives of two or more genera)
* x"Ascocenda" ("Ascocentrum" x "Vanda")
* x"Alphonsoara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Vanda" x "Vandopsis")
* x"Ascofadanda" J.M.H.Shaw (2004) ("Ascocentrum" x Vanda x "Seidenfadenia" x "Vanda")
* x"Ascovandoritis" ("Ascocentrum" x "Doritis" x "Vanda")
* x"Bokchoonara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Vanda")
* x"Bovornara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Christieara" ("Aerides" x "Ascocentrum" x "Vanda")
* x"Darwinara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Neofinetia" x "Rhynchostylis" x Vanda)
* x"Debruyneara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Luisia" x "Vanda")
* x"Devereuxara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Vanda")
* x"Eastonara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Gastrochilus" x "Vanda")
* x"Fujiora" ("Ascocentrum" x "Trichoglottis" x "Vanda")
* x"Himoriara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Hirayamaara" S.Hiray. & J.M.H.Shaw (2004) ("Ascocentrum" x "Neofinetia" x "Paraphalaenopsis" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Holcenda" J.M.H.Shaw (2003) ("Ascocentrum" x "Holcoglossum" x "Vanda")
* x"Hygrocenda" J.M.H.Shaw (2003) ("Ascocentrum" x "Hygrochilus" x "Vanda")
* x"Isaoara" ("Aerides" x "Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Vanda")
* x"Kagawara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")
* x"Knappara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda" x "Vandopsis")
* x"Knudsonara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Neofinetia" x "Renanthera" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Lewisara" ("Aerides" x "Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Vanda")
* x"Mendelara" Jusczak & J.M.H.Shaw (2004) ("Ascocentrum" x "Holcoglossum" x "Neofinetia" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Micholitzara" ("Aerides" x "Ascocentrum" x "Neofinetia" x "Vanda")
* x"Mokara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Vanda")
* x"Nakamotoara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Neofinetia" x "Vanda")
* x"Okaara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Renanthera" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Onoara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda" x "Vandopsis")
* x"Pageara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Luisia" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Paulara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Doritis" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")
* x"Robinaria" ("Aerides" x "Ascocentrum" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")
* x"Ronnyara" ("Aerides" x "Ascocentrum" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Shigeuraara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Ascoglossum" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")
* x"Stamariaara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")
* x"Sutingara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Vanda" x "Vandopsis")
* x"Vascostylis" ("Ascocentrum" x "Rhynchostylis" x "Vanda")
* x"Vandewegheara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Doritis" x "Phalaenopsis" x "Vanda")
* x"Vanglossum" ("Ascoglossum" x "Vanda")
* x"Wilkinsara" ("Ascocentrum" x "Vanda" x "Vandopsis")
* x"Yusofara" ("Arachnis" x "Ascocentrum" x "Renanthera" x "Vanda")

Reference work

*Roberts*, J.A., Anuku, S., Burdon, J., Mathew, P., McGough*, H.N. & Newman, A.D. (comps) (2001 [2002] ). "CITES orchid checklist. Volume 3": for the genera Aerangis, Anagraecum, Ascocentrum, Bletilla, Brassavola, Calanthe, Catasetum, Miltonia, Miltonioides, Miltoniopsis, Renanthera, Renantherella, Rhynchostylis, Rossioglossum, Vanda and Vandopsis. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 233 pp.

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