Press may refer to:

In publishing:
* The press, otherwise known as the journalism business, the newspaper business, the news media, the Fourth Estate or the mass media
* A press, publishing house or printer (publisher)
* Printing press, a machine that presses ink from a printing plate onto paper
* "The Press", a newspaper published in Christchurch, New Zealand
* "The Press" (York), an English regional newspaper
* Press TV, an Iranian English-language news channel

In industry and home economics:
* Machine press, a machine that shapes material by the application of pressure
* Hydraulic press, a machine press operating by hydraulic pressure
* Shop press, a specialized auto-shop hydraulic press used to insert and remove materials from tubes and collars, particularly bearings and bushings
* Flypress, a machine that cuts material by pressing with a sharp edged mold or tool
* Linen-press, a cabinet for storing household textiles and clothing.
* Trouser press, an appliance to remove wrinkles from trousers
* RAM press, a patented machine used to press clay in the pottery business
* Pressing or ironing, the process of pressing wrinkles out of (or into) clothes
* A method of straightening curly hair, primarily used by African-Americans, that uses a hot comb

In food preparation:
* French press, a device for coffee preparation
* Fruit press, a press used to extract juice from grapes and apples
* Garlic press, a device to crush garlic cloves for cooking.
* Ram press (food), a device used to extract juice from fruits, like grapes, apples and oil from crushed oil seeds

In music:
*The Press (band), a defunct New York City Oi! band
* Press (song), a song by Paul McCartney

In sports:
* Clean and press, a weight-training exercise, and one of the three lifts contested in the sport of weightlifting until 1972
* Military press, a weight-training exercise

In military:
* Impressment, a method of involuntary recruitment by a Navy department

ee also

*The Press (disambiguation)
*Freedom of the press

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