Fixer may refer to:

pecialist uses


*A person who uses various techniques to alter the course of a sports game for the benefit of a particular betting party. For example, a boxer who purposefully loses a match or a basketball player (see Ralph Beard) who deliberately misses passes would be called a fixer, provided that they are doing so with prior knowledge by someone who has bet on the opposing player or team. []


*A person paid by foreign journalists to arrange whatever they need in order to file their daily copy. As an example, the New York Times featured Iraqi Ayub Nuri's evolution from Fixer to US and foreign correspondents in Iraq to journalist in a July 2007 piece entitled "At Home, at War, at Risk". A Fixer may also be hired by a documentary production company to facilitate locations and logistics while shooting overseas.


*A person who arranges immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion, especially as a business endeavor for profit.

General use

A fixer is also someone who solves difficult situations. There was a fixer in Golgo 13. The main character in the book "Sentenced to Prism" was a fixer. So was the main character in the film Michael Clayton (film).

Popular culture


* Michael Ironside's character, Ham Tyler, in the TV Mini-series "V" is known as 'The Fixer' within the resistence.
*"The Fixer", an upcoming tv series about a high-powered female PR executive, inspired by Jodie Foster's character in "Inside Man".
*"The Fixer", a UK TV series on ITV about an assassin paid to target people who have escaped the law, starring Andrew Buchan.
*"Fixer" refers to a person in television production whose responsibility includes booking, coordinating the shoot, and organizing various other aspects of the production. Fixers often serve as production contract to external parties.

Motion pictures

* "The Fixer", a 1968 film based on the novel
*'Fixer', the title character's 'occupation' within a law firm in the movie "Michael Clayton", played by George Clooney
*Harvey Keitel first played a very different (and ruthless) kind of fixer in the film starring Bridget Fonda, 'Point of No Return'.
* Later, Harvey Keitel's 'clean-up man' Winston Wolf portrayal in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film, "Pulp Fiction"
* Jon Voight's character in the movie "Heat" portrays a Fixer as someone called upon to obtain passports, guns, and buy information, among other things. A Fixer of this caliber also carries the some of the same duties as a Fence.
* The Fixer (1998 film) also starring Jon Voight and Karyn Dwyer
* Brad Pitt's character, Rusty Ryan, in the movie "Oceans Eleven" is known as 'The Fixer'.
*Jodie Foster's character in Inside Man is as a fixer - and it is implied that she covers the illegal deeds of her clients

Comic books

* Fixer, the name of two different fictional characters appearing in Marvel Comics publications
* "The Fixer", an acclaimed comic strip about the Bosnian War


* "The Fixer", a 1966 novel by Bernard Malamud
** "The Fixer", a 1968 film based on the novel
* The Fixer (Merz novel), a novel by Jon F. Merz


* Mentallo and the Fixer, an Industrial band from Texas
* FiXeR, an album by the band Download
* Fixer (Band), A rock band from N.Y.C. []
* The Fixer, a song by George Thorogood.
* Fixxxer, a song by Metallica

tar Wars

* Laze “Fixer” Loneozner, Star Wars character


* Fixer, a class in the MMORPG "Anarchy Online"
* Fixer, a common type of NPC in some Role-playing games

Indirect references

*Photographic fixer
*Flicker fixer, hardware de-interlacer
*Fixed-gear bicycle

See also

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