Loculus (satchel)

Loculus (satchel)

Loculus is a Latin word literally meaning "little place" and was used in a number of senses including to indicate a satchel. Satchels were carried by legionaries, as a part of their "sarcina" or luggage.

No loculus has survived in entirety although some small portions of leather found at Bar Hill (Strathclyde, Scotland) have tentatively been identified as parts of a loculus. The object is primarily known from illustrations on Trajan's Column.

The loculus is thought to have measured about 45 cm (18 inches) by 30 cm (12 inches) and was likely made from leather. It is just the right size to be made in one piece from a single goat hide although calf leather is also possible. The bag is reinforced by diagonal straps, in the centre of the front of the bag these straps held a bronze ring with a mushroom shaped stud that holds the triangular flap closed. At the top corners were two plain bronze rings used to suspend the bag while it is carried on the carrying pole or furca.

The loculus was probably used to store rations and a legionary's personal effects.

There have been many attempts to reconstruct the loculus for historical reenactment [http://www.larp.com/legioxx/satchel.jpgimage] .

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* [http://www.roman-britain.org/places/bar_hill.htm Antonine Wall Fort & Camp: Bar Hill, Dunbarton, Strathclyde]

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