Gordius of Cappadocia

Gordius of Cappadocia

Gordius (in Greek Γoρδιoς), a Cappadocian by birth, was the instrument of Mithridates Eupator (120–63 BC), king of Pontus, in his attempts to annex Cappadocia to Pontus. Gordius was employed by him, in 116 BC, to murder Ariarathes VI, king of Cappadocia. Gordius was afterwards tutor of a son of Mithridates, whom, after the murder of Ariarathes VII he made king of Cappadocia as Ariarathes IX. Gordius was sent as the envoy of Mithridates to Rome, and afterwards employed by him to engage Tigranes, king of Armenia, to attack Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes I, whom the Romans made king of that country in 93 BC. Sulla restored Ariobarzanes in the following year, and drove Gordius out of Cappadocia. Gordius was opposed to Murena on the banks of the Halys, 83 or 82 BC.rf|1|just_38.1-3_app_66_plut_5


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