Riley may refer to:
*Riley (given name)

Persons with first name "Riley"


*Riley McMullin (1992–), Really Cool Guy living in Shawnee, KS
*Riley Armstong (1984–), Canadian ice hockey player
*Riley P. Bechtel (1952–), American businessman
*Riley A. Bender (1890–1973), American businessman and politician
*Riley Breckenridge (1975–), American musician
*Riley Brett (1895–1982), American race car driver
*Riley Chamberlin (1852–1917), American silent film actor
*Riley Cote (1982–), Canadian hockey player
*Riley Darnell (1940–), American Secretary of State of Tennessee
*Riley Hern (1880–1929), Canadian ice hockey player
*Riley Keough (1989–), American model, granddaughter of Elvis Presley
*Riley Martin (1946–), American author
*Riley Mason (1985–), American pornographic actress
*Riley Matheson (1914–), American football player
*Riley Mattson (1938–), American football player
*Riley Franklin McConnell (1884–1940), American recipient of the Navy Cross
*Riley Nash (1989–), Canadian ice hockey player
*Riley Dobi Noel (1972–2004), American murderer
*Riley O'Neill (1985–), Canadian soccer player
*Riley Odoms (1950–), American football player
*Riley L. Pitts (1937–1967), first African-American to be awarded the Medal of Honor
*Riley Puckett (1894–1946), American musician
*Riley Ann Sawyers (2005–2007), American baby beaten to death
*Riley Salmon (1976–), American volleyball player
*Riley Schillaci (1982-), American sword swallower
*Riley Skinner (1986–), American college football player
*Riley Smith (1978–), American actor
*Riley Smith (American football) (1911–1999), American football player
*Riley E. Stratton (1823–1866), Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court
*Riley Swanson (1984–), American football player
*Riley Wallace (1941–), American college basketball coach
*Riley Weston (1966–), American actress
*Riley J. Wilson (1871–1946), American educator, attorney, and United States Representative


*Riley Finn, character in the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
*Riley Freeman, African-American "Boondocks" character
**"Riley Wuz Here", an episode in which the character appears
*Riley Parker, Australian character on the Australian soap opera "Neighbours"
*, character in the television series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
*Riley Poole, character in the movie "National Treasure", , and "National Treasure 3"


*Rileyasuchus, "Riley's crocodile," a genus of phytosaur from the Rhaetian (Late Triassic) of England



*Riley Park-Little Mountain, a neighborhood in Victoria, British Columbia

United States

*Fort Riley, United States Army post in northeast Kansas
**Fort Riley North, Kansas, a part of the post designated by the United States Census Bureau
*Riley, Indiana, town in Vigo County
*Riley, Hancock County, Indiana
*Riley, Oregon, small town in Harney County
*Riley County, Kansas
**Riley, Kansas, a city in Riley County
*Riley Township, McHenry County, Illinois
*Riley Township, Vigo County, Indiana
*Riley Township, Clinton County, Michigan
*Riley Township, St. Clair County, Michigan
*Riley Township, Putnam County, Ohio
*Riley Township, Sandusky County, Ohio
*Rileysburg, Indiana, small town in Highland Township, Vermillion County, Indiana
*Glen D. Riley Observatory, astronomical observatory in Naperville, Illinois
*Riley Lucas Bartholomew House, in Richfield, Minnesota
*Riley Park (Sumter), baseball stadium in Sumter, South Carolina

United Kingdom

*Riley Green, hamlet in the Borough of Chorley, Lancashire, England


*James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children, a major children's medical center in Indianapolis
*James Whitcomb Riley High School, in South Bend, Ind., USA
*Riley D'Hondt Motorsports, NASCAR team


*Riley (motorcar), British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer
**Riley 4, cars produced 1959-1960 by the British Motor Corporation
**Riley MPH, cars produced 1934-1935
**Riley Nine, cars produced 1926-1938
**Riley One-Point-Five, cars produced 1957-1965
**Riley Pathfinder, car produced 1953-1957
**Riley RM, cars produced 1945-1952
**Riley Two-Point-Six, cars produced 1958-1959
*Riley Technologies, formerly Riley & Scott, American racing car manufacturer


*"Baba O'Riley", song by English band The Who
*"Florida v. Riley", United States Supreme Court decision which held that police officials do not need a warrant to observe an individual's property from public airspace
*Harmony Riley, former American rock and roll touring act
*John Riley (song), traditional English folk song
*"The Life of Riley", American television show in the 1950s
*Linkwitz-Riley filter, an infinite impulse response filter used in audio crossovers
*"Rusty Riley", American comic strip from 1948-1959
*Vanderford-Riley well-being schedule, measure of economic well-being used by some economists

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