Area 19

Area 19

Area 19 is one of a number of nuclear test areas within the Pahute Mesa section of the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Pahute Mesa is one of four major nuclear test regions within the (NTS) and it encompasses Area 19 and Area 20.

Both Area 19 and Area 20 were added to the NTS because of the Partial Test Ban Treaty of 1963, which ended atmospheric nuclear testing. Pahute Mesa was seen as an ideal area to practice underground testing because deeper shafts could be drilled in the rocky mesa. [ [ US Department of Energy. Nevada Operations Office. "United States Nuclear Tests: July 1945 through September 1992" (December 2000)] ]

Area 19 was the site of 36 tests, including high yield ones greater than one megaton in size. Tests were conducted at Area 19 from 1966 to 1992.

Test operations

*Chartreuse and Halfbeak, Operation Flintlock
*Scotch, Operation Latchkey
*Stinger, Scroll and Rickey, Operation Crosstie
*Sled, Operation Bowline
*Almendro, Operation Toggle
*Mast and Camembert, Operation Bedrock
*Inlet, Muenster, Estuary and Pool, Operation Anvil
*Backbeach, Fondutta and Panir, Operation Cresset
*Emmenthal and Sheepshead, Operation Quicksilver
*Serpa and Harzer, Operation Guardian
*Hosta and Nebbiolo, Operation Praetorian
*Chancellor, Operation Phalanx
*Tierra and Towanda, Operation Grenadier
*Cybar, Galveston and Labquark, Operation Charioteer
*Lockney, Operation Musketeer
*Alamo and Kearsarge, Operation Touchstone
*Amarillo, Operation Cornerstone
*Houston and Bexar, Operation Sculpin
*Junction, Operation Julin


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