John Farnham & Tom Jones - Together in Concert

John Farnham & Tom Jones - Together in Concert

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In 2005, John Farnham and Tom Jones performed together for ten concerts in the Australian cities of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Farnham then left the stage to let Tom perform a few solos before returning with 1972's "One" and raging through hits like "Pressure Down", "That's Freedom", "Heart's On Fire", "Playing To Win", "Every Time You Cry", "Man Of The Hour", "Age Of Reason" and "Burn For You". The pair performed five duets: Sam and Dave's "Hold On I'm Coming", Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness", Ray Charles' "What'd I Say", Arthur Conley's "Sweet Soul Music" and AC/DC's anthem, "Long Way To The Top". The DVD release débuted at No 1 on the Australian charts, with the album reaching number 3.

The Concert

Opening - John Farnham & Tom Jones together:

* "Driving Beat"
* "Mama Told Me Not To Come"

Tom Jones' set:

* "Who Will The Next Fool Be"
* "Delilah"
* "If I Only Knew"
* "200 lbs Of Heavenly Joy"
* "End Of The Road"
* "What Am I Living For"
* "Never Fall In Love Again"
* "Green Green Grass Of Home"
* "What's New Pussycat"
* "You Can Leave Your Hat On"
* "It's Not Unusual"
* "Hi-Heel Sneakers"
* "Kiss"

John Farnham's set:

* "One"
* "Hearts On Fire"
* "Everytime You Cry"
* "Pressure Down"
* "That's Freedom"
* "Age Of Reason"
* "Burn For You"
* "Man Of The Hour"
* brass - The Tin Men
* "Trying To Live My Life Without You"
* "Playing To Win"

John & Tom Together:

* "My Yiddishe Momme"
* "You're The Voice"
* "Try A Little Tenderness"
* "Sweet Soul Music"
* "Hold On"
* "What'd I Say"
* "Long Way To The Top"

Album Track Listing

#Mama Told Me Not To Come
#200 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy
#Man Of The Hour
#What Am I Living For
#It's Not Unusual
#Burn For You
#Playing To Win
#My Yiddishe Momme
#You're The Voice
#That Driving Beat
# Hold On I'm Coming
#Try A Little Tenderness
#What'd I Say
#Sweet Soul Music
#It's A Long Way To The Top

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