FMX is an acronym (specifically, a three-letter acronym) used to describe several things:

*Full-Mouth X-Ray (dentistry)
*Freestyle Motocross. Motocross is commonly referred to as "MX". With the rise in popularity of the freestyle motocross events, it evolved into "FMX". The acronym has continually evolved to include other aspects of motocross. "FMX" is also used as a short version of Faster-Motocross.
*FMX (foot motocross), a sport similar to BMX but performed witthout the use of a bike.
*FMX (broadcasting), a system employing audio noise reduction.
*FMX (festival) is an animation- and festival, held annually in Stuttgart
*FMX (publishing), a magazine dedicated to the Facilities Management marketplace in the UK. Published 10 times per annum, FMX magazine is the read of choice for Facilities Management professionals working within the UK private and public sectors. FMX magazine are winners of the 2006 Business Services Association Media Award for "Best Publication"

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