Jason Kane (Doctor Who)

Jason Kane (Doctor Who)


Jason Peter Kane
name=Jason Kane
affiliation=Bernice Summerfield
era=20th century
start= Death and Diplomacy
finish= The End of the World
portrayed=Stephen Fewell (voice)

Jason Peter Kane is a fictional character from Virgin Publishing's range of original full-length "Doctor Who" novels, the "New Adventures". The "New Adventures" were fully-licensed novels carrying on from where the "Doctor Who" television series had left off. Jason was introduced in Dave Stone's novel "Death and Diplomacy" in 1996.

Character history

On Christmas Eve 1983, Jason was caught in an alien transportation beam, causing him to be deposited in a swamp on the planet t'Kao. After thirteen years, the first human being he saw was Bernice "Benny" Summerfield. They fell in love and got married, but after a turbulent relationship were soon divorced.

Jason became a romantic foil for the recurring character of Benny, with their marriage being the centrepiece for the New Adventure "Happy Endings" (by Paul Cornell), itself celebrating the whole New Adventures line as its fiftieth book. We see them as a happily married couple in "Return of the Living Dad". However, when the BBC withdrew the "Doctor Who" licence, the New Adventures planned to continue with Benny as the lead character and an editorial decision was taken to split up Benny and Jason, as depicted in "Eternity Weeps".

The Benny-led New Adventures launched with Benny a single woman, but Jason remained an intermittently recurring character. He remarries in "Deadfall", but his new wife does not appear again in the series. When the New Adventures came to an end, Jason was trapped in an alternative dimension regarded as the equivalent of Hell, but Benny's adventures continued with an ongoing series of novels and audio dramas by Big Finish Productions and, through an agreement with creator Dave Stone, Jason re-appeared. The character is portrayed by Stephen Fewell in the audio dramas. The Big Finish series has re-started Benny's relationship with Jason, but it is strongly implied in "The End of the World" that he has been killed.

The Virgin Missing Adventures novel "Burning Heart" (also by Stone) hints that Jason and Benny may at one point have children. In the novel, the Sixth Doctor and Peri journey to the 32nd century and meet a man named Kane, who expected the Doctor to recognise him. Kane's first name (never revealed) is "one of those...that were unisexual". It is now likely, due to events in the Big Finish series, that this future no longer exists.

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