Blacktop may refer to:
*asphalt concrete, a composite material commonly used for construction of pavement, highways and parking lots
* bituminous macadams
*Blacktop (film), a 2000 movie starring Meat Loaf
*"Blacktop", a song by Helmet from their 1990 album "Strap It On"
*" [ Blacktop] ", a 5 piece rock band from Derby, UK."
*"Blacktop", is the 2nd track of the album Aerocalexico by Calexico
* A slang term, predominantly used in inner city areas, referring to any area of hard standing that is used for recreational basketball. Used regardless of the material from which the hard standing is formed.
* [ Blacktop Records] - An independent record label in Canada.

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  • blacktop — [blak′täp΄] n. 1. a bituminous mixture, usually asphalt, used as a surface for roads, driveways, etc. 2. a road, lot, etc. covered with blacktop vt. blacktopped, blacktopping to cover with blacktop …   English World dictionary

  • blacktop — lacktop n. 1. a bituminous material used for providing a smooth paving to a road. [PJC] 2. the surface of a road paved with blacktop[1]. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • blacktop — /ˈblæktɒp/ (say blaktop) noun 1. a bituminous substance, as asphalt, used for surfacing roads, specifically as a top dressing for concrete roads. 2. a road surfaced with blacktop. –adjective 3. of or surfaced with blacktop. –verb (t) (blacktopped …  

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