Abel Iturralde Province

Abel Iturralde Province

Abel Iturralde is one of the twenty provinces of the Bolivian department of La Paz and is situated in its northern parts. Its name honors Abel Iturralde Palacios, a Bolivian politician. Madidi National Park is partially in this province.


"Abel Iturralde" province is located between 11° 48' and 14° 35' South and between 66° 55' and 69° 05' West. It extends over 300 km from North to South, and 200 km from East to West.

The province is situated on the northern edges of Cordillera Central, its border in the West is the rivers Río Madre de Dios and Río Hearth, in the East Río Beni. The province borders Pando Department in the North, Peru in the West, Franz Tamayo Province in the South, and Beni in the East.


The population of Abel Iturralde Province has increased by 100 % over the recent two decades:
*1992: 8,226 inhabitants (census)
*2001: 11,828 inhabitants (census)
*2005: 14,060 inhabitants (est.) [ [http://www.ine.gov.bo/pdf/boletin/np_2005_75.pdf Instituto Nacional de Estadística] ]
*2010: 16,397 inhabitants (est.) [ [http://www.ine.gov.bo/PDF/DIFD/ProyeccionesPoblacionProvinciasMunicipiosLaPaz.pdf Instituto Nacional de Estadística - Proyecciones] ] 98.3 % of the population speak Spanish, 12.1 % speak Quechua, 6.7 % Aymara, and 9.8 % other indigenous languages. "(2001)"

The literacy rate of the province's population is 83.5 %. "(1992)"

83.8 % of the population have no access to electricity, 58.7 % have no sanitary facilities. "(1992)"

87.0 % of the population are Catholics, 10.6 % are Protestants. "(1992)"


The province comprises two municipios:
*Ixiamas Municipio - 5,625 inhabitants "(2005)"
*San Buenaventura Municipio - 6,203 inhabitants


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* [http://www.aguabolivia.org/situacionaguaX/Riego/mapas/lapaz/t_iturralde.htm General map of province]
* [http://www.aguabolivia.org/situacionaguaX/Riego/mapas/lapaz/iturralde.htm Detailed map of province towns and rivers]
* [http://www.ine.gov.bo/default.aspx Population data (Spanish)]
* [http://www.ine.gov.bo/html/dfid/index.htm Social data (Spanish)]

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