Organica Technologies

Organica Technologies

Organica Technologies is an organization that builds wastewater treatment plants[disambiguation needed ]that can be used in agriculture, irrigation or municipal areas using patented technology[1]. The company’s goal is to treat, recycle, and conserve wastewater. Organica treatment plants are smaller than traditional options, and are created in greenhouses. Founded in 1998, Organica is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with branch offices in India, Singapore, and the USA.



By the end of its first year in operation, Organica attracted a number of investors, including Environmental Investment Partners and the Swiss government. In December 2006, Organica signed a joint venture agreement with Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies. Organica sold its share in this venture in 2009. Organica has been a completely independent entity since[2].


Organica's wastewater treatment processes the water with the use of living organisms. The organism's ability to self-organize maximizes biological degradation of contaminants[3]. The treatment plants enhance the natural forces used to purify water by harnessing the metabolic processes of living organism's ability to digest organic pollutants.[4] The diversity of self-managing organisms provides a highly robust system resulting in a stable system. The clean water can be reused for irrigation, cooling towers, toilet usages, and other non-potable needs [5].


  • Nomination for the European Business Awards for the Environment 2010 by the Hungarian Jury for the EU Environmental Awards
  • The "Environment Award" 2008 given by the Association of Environmental Manufacturers and Service Providers
  • Silver Merit Cross of the Republic of Hungary 2005 given to Mr. István Kenyeres, co-founder of ORGANICA for his contribution to the development of the environmental industry in Hungary
  • Frost & Sullivan Innovation Prize 2005 for the ORGANICA Technology wastewater treatment solution
  • The "Environment Award" 2004 given by the Association of Environmental Manufacturers and Service Providers
  • Innovation Award 2004 given by the Hungarian Innovation Foundation
  • Company of the Year 2004 given by the Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association


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