Only Time Will Tell (novel)

Only Time Will Tell (novel)
Only Time Will Tell  
Author(s) Jeffrey Archer

Only Time Will Tell is a first part of the five in Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. The book is being released worldwide in 2011. It was launched by Jeffrey Archer himself at Bangalore, India in March 2011, as the beginning of a global book tour. [1]



The plot revolves around the main protagonist Harry Clifton, spanning the time between 1920 and 1940, up to the beginning of the Second World War.[2]


The novel quickly became a bestseller, reaching number one a day after its release.[3] All the copies of books were sold out the day it was launched by Archer in India.[citation needed]


When Archer rewrote Kane and Abel for its 83rd edition he thought that he had to do something bigger than Kane and Abel. That is how Clifton Chronicles came into being.[citation needed]


  • Harry Clifton - The main protagonist of the book.
  • Old Jack Tarr - Is supposedly based on 2 or 3 real life people including General Tommy Mcpherson. In the book he is said to have killed 11 men. The nation awarded him with the Victoria Cross for the service he did to the nation.
  • Mr Holcombe - Harry's first teacher at Merrywood Elementary school
  • Mr Frobisher - Harry's house master at St Bede's
  • Sir Walter Barrington - The patriarch of the Barrington family. A god-fearing man.
  • Hugo Barrington - Son of Sir Walter.Referred to by Old Jack Tarr as "A man not cut out of the same cloth as his father." Also the main antagonist in the book. Creates obstacles in Harry's life.
  • Maisie Clifton - Harry's Mother
  • Deakins - Harry's friend throughout school life
  • Giles Barrington - Harry's best friend and Hugo's son.
  • Emma Barrington - Giles' sister and Harry's love.


Jeffrey Archer, on his official website announced that the second book will be called "The Sins of the Father"[4].


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