Omental bursa

Omental bursa
Omental bursa
The greater sac or general cavity (red) and lesser sac, or omental bursa (blue).
Horizontal disposition of the peritoneum in the upper part of the abdomen. (Lesser sac is outlined in blue in center.)
Latin bursa omentalis
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The lesser sac, also known as the omental bursa, is the cavity in the abdomen that is formed by the lesser and greater omentum. Usually found in mammals, it is connected with the greater sac via the epiploic foramen (also known as the Foramen of Winslow). In mammals, it is not uncommon for the lesser sac to contain considerable amounts of fat.


Anatomic margins

It is demarcated anteriorly by the caudate lobe of the liver, the stomach and lesser omentum. Posteriorly it is marked by the pancreas. Its left lateral margins is made by the left kidney and adrenal gland. Its boundary on the right is made by the epiploic foramen and lesser omentum.[1] If these structures rupture they may leak into the lesser sac. For the stomach, which lies anterior to the omental bursa, the rupture must be on the posterior side; if it were anteriorly located, the leak would collect in the greater sac.

The lesser sac is embryologically formed from an infolding of the greater omentum. The open end of the infolding, known as the epiploic foramen, is usually proximal to the stomach.

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