Water management

Water management

Water management is the practices of planning, developing, distribution and optimum utilizing of water resources under defined water polices and regulations. It may mean:

* management of water treatment of drinking water, industrial water, sewage or wastewater
* management of water resources
* management of flood protection
* management of Irrigation
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Industrial resources

* [http://www.smartditch.com SmartDitch] , Solutions in Water Management
* e-Journal AWWA, ISSN 1551-8833, American Water Works Association
* [http://www.ewatercrc.com.au eWater Cooperative Research Centre] - Australian Government funded initiative supporting water management decision support tools

See also

* Aquatic toxicology
* Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
* Clean Water Act
* EU water policy
* Hydrobiology
* Hydrology
* Integrated Water Resources Management
* International Bottled Water Association
* International Water Association
* Ministry of Transportation and Water Management
* Oregon Water Trust
* Public water supply
* Rainwater harvesting
* Seawater - Desalination
* Virtual water
* Water and sanitation in Latin America
* Water conservation
* Water distribution on Earth
* Water efficiency
* Water law
* Water politics
* Water management hierarchy
* Water quality
* Water supply
* Water transportation

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