Oksa Pollock

Oksa Pollock

Oksa Pollock is a french adventure books series, written by Anne Plichota and Wolf Cendrine.



Six publications made the complete Hexalogy.

The Story

At the beginning of the story, Oksa, twelve years old, about to turn thirteen, has just moved to London with her family. She is dynamic, slightly excessive, but has a solid sense of humour. She is very attached to her parents, Marie and Pavel and is also very close to her eccentric grandmother Dragomira and her best friend Gus who moved at the same time with his parents. Her only fantasy is becoming a ninja.

The story begins when the family goes to live in London. The first day of school in his new college, Oksa met her maths teacher, McGraw, and does not take long to hate him; this man (who seems very strange) is extremely unpleasant and takes marks off in her tests because of her supposed dreadful handwriting. Oksa becomes aware of an astounding fact: she seems to have supernatural gifts which she had never thought about. She can throw balls of fire, give punches to her enemies without touching them. This discovery is accompanied by that of a strange mark on her stomach, which looks like a haematoma.

Then her grandmother reveals the reasons of these powers; Dragomira had unwillingly left the fabulous land of Edefia after treachery from certain Occupants, mainly a man called Ocious. She was the Graciousness, and, accompanied only by a few people, who now call themselves the Run-For-Your-Lives, she was thrust outside f Edefia with chance of returning. Invisible to Outsiders, there is now a possibility that Edefia will be found for the Run-For-Your-Lives for whom it is more than Paradise Lost. And it is Oksa, the Last Hope, who will perhaps allow them to return there. The the day of the revelation, she meets Tugdual, a gothic Run-For-Your-Life who is 16, and has many powers that make more than one envious. Thereafter, Oksa in turn is forced to conceal this secret. As the veil of mystery surrounding her family slowly works its way up, to let her see the true personality of those she loves would be suicide. She digs deeper about Professor McGraw, and finds a long history of treachery; he turns out to be a Traitor, native also of Edefia. He is the worst enemy of Run-For-Your-Lives, trying to kidnap Oksa because she may allow the gate that leads to Edefia to open. At the end, Abakoum uses a Crucimaphilia, and kills McGraw/Orthon.

In the second book, Gus disappears. Oksa must plunge into a parallel world to get him back, and must face many dangers that were not intended for her. The world was created by a Graciousness for criminals, in an effort to redeem them. The heart was wrong twice; it wanted Orthon, but at first got his twin sister Reminiscens, and secondly took Gus. In fact, it based itself on DNA; Reminiscens had the same as Orthon; Gus was carrying Oksa's bag. Seeing as Orthon had Gracious blood in him (Malorane was his mother), the heart could have easily been wrong. All the tasks in there were meant for Orthon, but instead, Oksa and the Run-For-Your-Lives had to face them. She learns a terrible truth about Leomido and Reminiscens; they were in fact brother and sister with Dragomira and Orthon, but they had no knowledge of that when they were adolescents. Reminiscens became pregnant by Leomido, but lost all feeling for him because of a Diaphan, a sort of monster that fed on love. Orthon killed her son and his wife when they became Run-For-Your-Lives, and then sent her to the world. In the end, Leomido stayed there, because he could not bear the truth. We discover that Orthon is not dead, but a Crucimaphilia cannot work on Gracious blood.

Volume 4 to 6


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