Nitinol 60

Nitinol 60

Type 60 Nitinol is a Nickel titanium alloy (Ni%60~Ti40) with shape memory effect from hot-worked material, such as hot rolled Type 60 Nitinol sheet or plate, and then heat soaking at that temperature for about 15 minutes. The material is then quenched immediately from that temperature, to a temperature below 300° C. This heat treatment produces Type 60 Nitinol in a condition denoted “ultraelastic”. Ultraelastic Type 60 Nitinol has a shape memory characteristic having a very low transition temperature. The transition temperature can be tailored within a wide temperature range Nitinol 60 has two way shape memory effect, whereas Nitinol 55 Does not. There is over 30 On going U.S Patents for Manufacturing of Products with Nitinol 60.

The inventor of this substance is Gerald J. Julien with the patents assigned to Nitinol Technologies, Inc.

Patent References : 7005018 Shape memory parts of 60 Nitinol

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