Inferior cerebellar peduncle

Inferior cerebellar peduncle

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Caption = Scheme showing the connections of the several parts of the brain. (Inferior peduncle labeled at bottom right.)

Caption2 = Section of the medulla oblongata at about the middle of the olive. (Inferior peduncle labeled at upper right.
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The upper part of the posterior district of the medulla oblongata is occupied by the inferior peduncle, a thick rope-like strand situated between the lower part of the fourth ventricle and the roots of the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves.

Each cerebellar inferior peduncle connects the medulla spinalis and medulla oblongata with the cerebellum, and comprises the juxtarestiform body and restiform body.

Important fibers running thru the inferior cerebellar peduncle include the spinocerebellar tract and axons from the inferior olivary nucleus, among others.


The inferior cerebellar peduncle carries many types of input and output fibers that are mainly concerned with integrating proprioceptive sensory input with motor vestibular functions such as balance and posture maintenance.

Proprioceptive information from the body is carried to the cerebellum via the posterior spinocerebellar tract.

This tract passes through the inferior cerebellar peduncle and synapses within the paleocerebellum.

Vestibular information projects onto the archicerebellum.

This peduncle also carries information directly from the Purkinje cells to the vestibular nuclei in the dorsal brainstem located at the junction between the pons and medulla.

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* Juxtarestiform body


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