National United Front

National United Front
Burma (Myanmar)

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Assembly of the Union
(House of Nationalities and
House of Representatives)

Political parties

President (List): Thein Sein
Vice Presidents:
Tin Aung Myint Oo
and Sai Mauk Kham

Supreme Court
Chief Justice: Tun Tun Oo
Constitutional Tribunal
Chairman: Tin Aye


General elections
1960 • 1990 • 2010 • 2015

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Foreign relations
Human rights
Naming issues
Administrative divisions
(Districts • Townships)

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The National United Front was a political coalition in Burma, formed ahead of the April 1956 general election. NUF consisted of the Burma Workers and Peasants Party, the Justice Party led by Dr. E Maung, the People's Unity Party led by Thein Pe Myint, the People's Peace Front and other sectors. NUF won 47 seats in the election.[1]


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