Titi / Muttonbird Islands

Titi / Muttonbird Islands
Muttonbird Islands
Motu Tītī (Māori)
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The Tītī or Muttonbird Islands are located near Stewart Island/Rakiura in the far south of New Zealand.

There are three chains, all of them simply referred to as the Muttonbird or Tītī islands. The northeastern chain is located in Foveaux Strait, to the northeast of Stewart Island, between it and Ruapuke Island. A small eastern chain, south of Stewart Island's East Cape, also goes by the name of the Breaksea Islands. The southern chain is located to the southwest of Stewart Island.

The islands are not permanently inhabited, and are named for the traditional harvesting of the Sooty Shearwater by Māori. These birds are also known as "Muttonbirds" due to their vaguely mutton-like taste.

In May 2006, the northeastern chain was the scene of tragedy when the fishing boat Kotuku capsized with the loss of six lives, close to Women's Island.[1]



Northeastern chain: North, Women's, Edwards, Jacky lee, Herekopare and Kanetetoe Islands; The Bunker Islets, and Fish Rock.

Eastern chain: Rukawahakura, Takawini, Potuatua, Pomatakiarehua, Kaihuka and Wharepuaitaha Islands.

Southwestern chain: Four distinct groups of islands make up the southwestern chain. Close to Stewart island's southwesternmost point is Taukihepa/Big South Cape Island, close to which lie Poutama, Putauhina, Solomon, Kaimohu, Pukaparara, Tamaitemioka and Pohowaitai Islands and The Putauhina Nuggets. In the open sea eight kilometres to the north lie Big Moggy, Little Moggy, and Mokinui Islands. To the east of these, close to Stewart Island, the 'Boat Group' consists of Big Island, Kundy, Betsy and Rat Island. To the south of these lie the small rocky islets of The Brothers.

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  1. ^ Kotuku tragedy highlights decaying fleet, Professional Skipper 63, May/June 2008, 80-81.

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