Victim of Modern Age

Victim of Modern Age

Victim of Modern Age was a musical group originating circa 2002 in Lake Charles, Louisiana After recording their first EP "Self-titled," the band was scooped up by Philadelphia Indie Label Universal Warning Records in 2001. The contract put them in touch with nationally spread label mates which opened up to several national tours. Similarly, this opportunity gave a seemingly wide distribution for their follow album through Revelation Records and the now merged Lumberjack Distribution.

Around this time the group was joined by Allen Clements of Lafayette, LA based band "Claymore." Allen was to begin writing with the band immediately and help with booking tours.

A 2003 web bio mentioned that their music was of "independent expression and also draws from other musical stylings, including some massive jazz roots." Channels Like Capillaries was the band's second release on Universal Warning Records. During their 2003 recording sessions, the band worked closely with long time friend and engineer, Ivan Klisanin. The album includes piano interlude and layered vocals.

Throughout the years, the rhythm section was changed many times due originally to the vocationally related departure of bassist Nathan Carnes and soon following, Drummer Dan Robertson.

After many member changes followed by a several month hiatus, Singer/Guitarist Allen Clements decided to accept an offer of touring guitarist position for ex label-mates Sadaharu residing in Lancaster, PA.

During their two year lifetime, Victim of Modern Age has performed with Benton Falls, Hey Mercedes, Liars Academy, Avec, We are Childhood Equals, Mae, Bright and Hollow Sky, Red Animal War, Jet By Day, Snakes and Music, Twothirtyeight, The Movie Life, Brand New, The North Atlantic, Brandston and many others. The band featured members from Ponder, Claymore, & One Common Voice.

Members:Bobby Nixon: Guitar, VocalsAllen Clements: Guitar, VocalsJason Decou: BassDavid Leonard: Drums

After VOMA

Bobby Nixon moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas with bandmates from his side-project "Ballistic Missile." There, the trio turned an old restaurant called "The Exchange" into a local music venue. With Trista and Zak, Bobby started the band "Attractive and Popular." Their band tours quite frequently and runs all ages shows out of "The Exchange" when home. The band eventually hooked up with GSL (Gold Standard Labs) label and in 2007 released their first national record entitled "Money Equals Magic." Bobbys new band was also able to establish a music festival in Hot Springs which is known as the Valley of the Vapors Festival.

After the loss of their third drummer, Allen Clements decided to move to Lancaster, PA and take a position as touring guitarist in CI Records band "Sadaharu." After a few short tours, Allen called it quits, opened a video production company and still plays occasionally under the moniker, "A. Premise." and can also be found randomly at the occasional open-mic night.


*February 2002 - First Performance
*July 22, 2002 - First tour (Central US)
*August 2002 - Joined by Allen Clements (Claymore) on Guitar.
*December 2002 - Second Tour (East Coast)
*October 2003 - David Leonard joins as drummer.
*December 11, 2003 - Released first full-length/second UDUB record, "Channels Like Capillaries"
*May 2004 - Shawn Gachassin joins as drummer.
*July 15, 2004 - Leave for Third Tour (West Coast/central US)
*December 28, 2004 - Last show. Performed at Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub in Lafayette, LA


*Victim of Modern Age - S/T ep Released: July 4, 2002
*Victim Of Modern Age - Channels Like Capillaries Released: December 11, 2003
*Various Artists - As it Plays, Thinker Thought Records (VOMA Track : Silt City)
*Various Artists - Singularity, The Awareness Program (VOMA Track : Last Night)


* [ Official Page]
* [ Label Website]
* [ Myspace Page]


Abridged list of venues/dates played:109. December 28, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance w/ Collapsar & Pharmacist Always on Duty.108. December 17, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Grant St. Dancehall w/ LaPhantoms, Kill Billy Black & Flatblack107. November 27, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Toys Music Center w/ AHAB! & Fuzz Monkey106. November 17, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance w/ Cattlehead and Viverly105. November 1, 2004 Baton Rouge, LA @ The Spanish Moon w/ GLASS and ASHES (No Idea Records), and NINJA GUN104. October 29, 2004 Lake Charles, LA @ Breezys w/ The Incisions, Psychodelic Toilet and Deadboy and the Elephantmen103. October 24, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Toys Music Center w/ KARATE & Frames of Reference102. October 10, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Artmosphere w/ Milk Shake Duo, 32nd Romeo, Destroyed by Fire, Batteries not Included, Passenger of a Backseat Driver, Rx Always on Duty, The Movement, Stands for Nothing, Paris in Peril, Wrong Number, Spunk, The Transmission101. September 23, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Always the Runner100. September 18, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Bisbanos Cellar Bar w/ Spider Fighter099. August 13, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Toys Music Center w/ View of a Burning City & the Recovery PeriodAll Ages098. August 12, 2004 Baton Rouge, LA @ North Gate Tavern w/ HAWKEYE, and Beer Pressure BOUNCE FEST0 97. July 31, 2004 Denton, TX @ Andy's w/ Briley & Zest of Yore096. July 29, 2004 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge w/ North Lincoln, Zombie Zombie & System and Station095. July 28, 2004 Provo, UT @ Starry Night w/ Mullets and Bullets + 2 local094. July 26, 2004 Seattle, WA @ Graceland w/ Trination, the Femurs & Universal Measure093. July 25, 2004 Portland, OR @ Davey Jones Locker w/ Bullet Train to Vegas & the Virus makes us Human092. July 24, 2004 Sacramento, CA @ Primo Swiss Club w/ Velvet Fury & Mike Blount091. July 23, 2004 Encinitas, CA @ The Martini Ranch w/ Yovee090. July 21, 2004 Downey, CA @ Stardust Lounge w/ Straight Down, Down By All Sides, Babylon Steel and Macabro089. July 20, 2004 Phoenix, AZ @ the TRiBE w/ Kakistocracy, Black Hell, & Pseudo Quell088. July 18, 2004 El Paso, TX @ Surges w/ Med-X, Twice Over, Enemy 13, Shock Deformity & Amputee087. July 17, 2004 San Antonio, TX @ Sanctuary w/ Even in Blackouts, Walrus & the Carpenter, Bensin086. July 17, 2004 San Antonio, TX @ Bonds 007 w/ Save the Sunken Garden, Petition Drive, MTR, Digital Mayhem, Darkwater, Humdrum, Shock Puppet, Circle of One085. July 16, 2004 Jewitt, TX @ The Civic Center w/ Packrat 7, and PreSkool 084. July 15, 2004 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Cattlehead, and Packrat 7083. July 10, 2004 Oxford, MS @ The Long Shot Bar w/ Mattrock and the Powerboxx& (the) Frames of Reference082. 6/21/2004 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon w/ Sleeping Girl Drowning, League & Victim of Modern Age081. 6/18/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Artmosphere w/ view of a burning city080. 6/16/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Changes w/ Sadaharu079. 5/30/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Changes w/ ghidra (members of chainsaw sex vikings/black ops)078.5/28/2004 Opelousas, LA @ Opelousas Little Theatre w/ Destroyed by Fire & Stands for Nothing077. 5/23/2004 Lake Charles, LA @ Dagostinos w/ The Invincible Czars & Fuzz Monkey076. 4/15/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance w/ New Dead Radio & Bimora075. 4/3/2004 Baton Rouge, LA @ The Spanish Moon w/ Slowride, Encompass & Stalemate, & Save vs Spell (A Bounce Booking Production K8s BIRTHDAY BASH 2004)074. 3/30/2004 Port Allen, LA @ Club 415 w/ Planes Mistaken for Stars, Stop It, & The Fairies (A Dicentra Records Production)073. 3/19/2004 Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9 w/ APA Army, Korova, Jackpot Justice, and Out of Nowhere. 072. 3/20/2004 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall w/ A Closing Skyline, One Big Plain, & The Paris Centerfold071.2/28/2004 Arabie (NO), LA @ Burmasters w/ (the) Frames of Reference, & the No Shows070. 2/24/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Captain Camero's House w/ told by an idiot, matt roberts, trial by fusion, the vamen, victim of modern age, moxie, collapsar & more. it was: PARTY GRAS 04.069. 2/8/2004 Port Allen, LA @ Club 415 w/ Swerdlove & Octavius068. 1/31/2004 Lafayette, LA @ Bisbanos w/ The Frames of Reference, & THE RAH RAHS!067. 12/30/2003 Lafayette, LA @ The Cafe Cottage w/ A Bend to Fall066. 12/18/2003 Lafayette, LA @ Changes FOOD NOT BOMBS BENEFIT SHOW w/ Told by an Idiot, Black Ops, Trial By Fusion, Chainsaw Sex Vikings & Sanitys Mask.065. 12/11/2003 Lafayette, LA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Frames of Reference, & the Amazing Nuns CD RELEASE PARTY FOR 'CHANNELS LIKE CAPILLARIES'064. 11/30/2003 Lafayette, LA @ Toys Music Center w/ Desert City Soundtrack & the Kenmores FLYER063. 11/21/2003 Long Beach, MS @ Long Beach Pavilion w/ love story's end, reckless abandon, and A Bend to Fall062. 11/22/2003 Athens, GA @ The Engine Room w/ The Holy Roman Empire061. 11/14/2003 Houston, TX @ Silky's w/ up up down down left right left right b a b a select start, birds of india, & the last place you look060. 11/16/2003 Denham Springs, LA @ American Legion Hall w/ always the runner, if i fall, hey mercedes, jamisonParker & jet by day059. 10/31/2003 lafayette LOUISIANA @ Bisbanos Cellar Bar w/ Mod Amish058. 11/1/2003 baton rouge LOUISIANA @ Spanish Moon w/ Bimora, & Swashbuckler057. 10/18/2003 lafayette LOUISIANA @ Cafe Cottage w/ Ballistic Missile056. 10/16/2003 lafayette LOUISIANA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Article 11 & Still Fighting August055. 05/23/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ The Level w/ odd arnie, we are childhood equals054. 05/24/2003 austin, TEXAS @ Carousel Lounge w/ we are childhood equals, and The Bright and Hollow Sky (ex Silver Scooter)053. 05/25/2003 jewett, TEXAS @ The Civic Center w/ we are childhood equals, packrat 7, and The Bright and Hollow Sky (ex Silver Scooter)052. 05/27/2003 baton rouge, LOUISIANA @ Ichabods w/ we are childhood equals, and Lucid Soule051. 05/01/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Pink Noise050. 04/24/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Root Hogs Sports Bar w/ SANTERIA [FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL] 049. 04/26/2003 pineville, LOUISIANA @ B&A Music World w/ I don't know & Rivers Indiana048. 04/11/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Bisbano's Cellar Bar w/ Jamie Vanway047. 03/01/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Root Hogs Sports Bar w/ the Ron Jeremy Trio046. 02/18/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Down in the Park & As Cities Burn045. 02/08/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Toys Music Center w/ Winterset, & Downplay044. 01/29/2003 lake charles, LOUISIANA @ Shakey Grounds w/ Avec043. 01/28/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Avec and Smashley042. 01/15/2003 baton rouge, LOUISIANA @ Ichabod's w/ As Cities Burn & Lucid Soule041. 01/11/2003 metarie, LOUISIANA @ Cypress Hall, 3612 Hessmer Ave. w/ Zack the Rookie & Outplay040. 01/10/2003 breaux bridge, LOUISIANA @ Main Street Club w/ Zack the Rookie & Outplay | FLYER039. 01/09/2003 shreveport, LOUISIANA @ 516 Sound Stage w/ Zack the Rookie & Outplay038. 01/08/2003 lafayette, LOUISIANA @ Caffe Cottage w/ James Vanway037. 12/30/2002 lake charles, LOUISIANA @ Prien Lake Park w/ Dead Man's Circus, Soiled Face, the Incisions, & December Science036. 12/21/2002 athens, GEORGIA @ The Practice Space "tight pockets" w/ Doll Farm, Death by Cop & Ill-tempered Sea Bass035. 12/20/2002 charlotte, N. CAROLINA @ The Tremont Music Hall w/ Redefine, A Closing Skyline, & Solo by Chris from Waiting Four034. 12/19/2002 long branch, NEW JERSEY @ The Brighton Bar w/ Snakes and Music (theJazzJune Members) & Trance Love Airways033. 12/18/2002 pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Mae (tooth & nail), Noticing the mistake, & Run For India032. 12/17/2002 richmond, VIRGINIA @ Holy Chow w/ Sand Which Is, We Are Childhood Equals & Collapse031. 12/16/2002 arlington, VIRGINIA @ The Galaxy Hut w/ Collapse030. 12/15/2002 myrtle beach, S. CAROLINA @ the lazy i w/ Hilarious Fatigue029. 12/14/2002 gulfport, MISSISSIPPI @ Hawg's Tavern w/ The Instant it Ends (ex:Downplay) & Winterset028. 12/13/2002 lake charles, LOUISIANA @ Shakey Ground w/ The Incisions & Odd Arnie027. 11/22/2002 baton rouge LA @ Spanish Moon w/ The Human Record & I Hate Curtis026. 11/20/2002 houston TX @ Mary Jane's w/ Orange Island, Brand New, & The Movie Life025. 11/16/2002 lafayette LA @ Toys Music Center w/ twothirtyeight & saltlick024. 11/09/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Grounds Coffee House w/ Frigg a GoGo023. 10/25/2002 lafayette LA @ Rinky Dink Dancehall w/ Jarred Grabb & View of a Burning City022. 10/24/2002 houston TX @ Rudyards w/ Miracle vs Man, Tana'ri & Jarred Grabb021. 10/20/2002 baton rouge LA @ Josh&Katies House w/ Benton Falls, theKenmores, The Human Record, & December Science020. 10/10/2002 lafayette LA @ Renaissance Cafe & Nightclub w/ Down in the Park & Whats Buggin' Bill?019. 10/05/2002 monroe LA @ Cottonport Coffee w/ The Nap

--018. 09/07/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Ground w/ theKenmores017. 08/16/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Ground w/ Panic in Detroit & The Human Record016. 08/02/2002 peoria IL @ The Meeting House w/ Lucid Chrysalis & Jarred Grabb015. 08/01/2002 cedar falls IA @ The Setlist014. 07/31/2002 warrensburg MO @ The Setlist w/ Classic013. 07/30/2002 Oklahoma city OK @ The Oatmeal Collective w/ Shackles Await012. 07/29/2002 wichita falls TX @ The Mac Stack w/ The Good Fight & Newcastle011. 07/27/2002 normangee TX @ The Normangee Civic Center w/ Against Tomorrow's Sky & The Good Fight010. 07/26/2002 houston TX @ Fitzgerald's w/ Sand Which Is, The Tie That Binds, The Flowery Avenues, The Westbury Squares & Young Heart Attack009. 07/25/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Ground w/ Sand Which Is & The Groceries008. 07/24/2002 baton rouge LA @ Ichabod's w/ Sand Which Is & theKenmores007. 07/23/2002 long beach MS @ Long Beach Pavilion w/ Sand Which Is, Anne Lida, Downplay, Winterset, & The Vericose Kids006. 07/22/2002 auburn AL @ "House Show" w/ Sand Which Is005. 07/14/2002 lake charles LA @ DagOstino's w/ Breathing Room004. 07/01/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Ground w/ Brandston & Liars Academy003. 06/22/2002 meridian MS @ The Meridian Underground w/ Manalive! (UWR)002. 06/04/2002 lake charles LA @ Shakey Ground w/ The North Atlantic (CD Release)001. 05/18/2002 breaux bridge LA @ Main Street Club w/ Happy the Toaster, Boxcar Rebellion, & Claymore

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