Moaciria moraveci

Moaciria moraveci
Moaciria moraveci
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Order: Ascaridida
Family: Heterakidae
Subfamily: Spinicaudinae
Genus: Moaciria
Species: M. moraveci
Binomial name
Moaciria moraveci
Bursey, Goldberg, and Kraus, 2007

Moaciria moraveci is a parasitic worm infecting a Hylophorbus frog on Fergusson Island, Papua New Guinea. It is a member of the genus Moaciria, a nematode in the family Heterakidae. Moaciria was first described, in 1956, from the Brazilian Noronha skink, but other species from more parts of the world have since been described.[1]

Moaciria moraveci is a small but stout nematode. The male is smaller than the female. In males, total length is 2.59 to 2.85 mm, and in females, it is 2.94 to 4.16 mm.[2]

The only known host is a frog in the genus Hylophorbus from Fergusson, close to but perhaps distinct from Hylophorbus rufescens; it is present in 10 out of 21 specimens examined.[1] It infects the large intestine.[2] Other parasites in this species include Cosmocerca novaeguineae, Cosmocerca tyleri, Oswaldocruzia bakeri, and a species of Physocephalus.[1]


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