Mixt Greens

Mixt Greens

Mixt Greens is an Eco-Gourmet restaurant that serves environmentally responsible fine food. The company was founded in 2005[1] in San Francisco by Andrew Swallow, a chef, author and the companies then COO[2], his sister Leslie Silverglide, a sustainability expert;[3] and her husband David Silverglide, the company's then CEO.[4] The company currently operates 8 restaurants in San Francisco, Los Angeles,[5] and Washington, DC.[6][7]

In 2009, the company was acquired by the international private equity firm Inventages WHealth Management,[8] a 500 million Euro private equity and venture fund set up Nestlé S.A.[9] that "[is] intended to help Nestlé grow new promising businesses in the area of science and nutrition into a size that could allow them to be integrated into mainstream business units of the Group."[10]

In 2008, the company was named the "Greenest Restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area" by Thimmakka, a not-for-profit organization.[11]

The company strives to use organic, sustainable, and local ingredients, as well as set an example for sustainable business. In 2006, the first restaurant used 55,000 pounds of organic lettuce.[12] Environmental initiatives have included the installation of edible walls at the restaurants that grow a mix of lettuce and herbs in-house for use in the company's food,[13] pioneering the use of compostable packaging for its take-away products,[14] and composting or recycling over 90% of the restaurants' daily waste.[15]


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