Mitchell family

Mitchell family
Mitchell family
EastEnders family
Introduced by Michael Ferguson
Duration 1990—
First appearance 20 February 1990

The Mitchell family is a fictional family in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. The first Mitchell nuclear family introduced were Eric Mitchell's widow Peggy Mitchell and her three children, Phil, Grant and Sam. Billy Mitchell was later introduced as Phil, Grant and Sam's cousin, as was Billy's nephew Jamie.

The Mitchell family tree.



One of the Mitchell family's first major storylines was Sharongate, Grant's wife Sharon Watts had had an affair with her brother-in-law Phil. Grant and Sharon later split up, but it was after this that the Mitchell's ran The Queen Vic with Peggy Mitchell as its iconic landlady.

Phil married Nadia Borovac in 1993, but the couple soon split, he later married Kathy Beale in 1995 and they had a son, Ben. They also split up in 1999, and Kathy later took her son with her to South Africa. Grant also had a daughter, Courtney with wife Tiffany, however he was left as a single parent when Tiffany died after being hit and run by Frank Butcher on New Years Day 1999. Peggy married Frank Butcher late that year.

In 2001, Phil was in the centre of the Who Shot Phil? storyline. Phil had become a darker and more menacing character during the previous year, and so five characters were suspected of trying to shoot him.[1] This storyline received a lot of press in newspapers and the media, with many people placing bets on who the attempted killer was. Several outcomes were allegedly filmed[2] An estimated 22 million viewers watched EastEnders on April 5, 2001 to find out that Lisa Shaw — Phil's former girlfriend — was the culprit.[3] The episode caused the third-largest power surge on record[4] It would later become known that she was pregnant with Phil's child Louise. Lisa later ran away from Phil with Mel Healy after her relationship with Mark Fowler didn't work out. Phil went after her and came back with Louise in October 2002.

Lisa was missing, and the Police suspected her of being dead and killed by Phil, so Kate Morton, an undercover cop, tried to find out more by becoming Phil's girlfriend. He confessed to her; revealed in flashback episodes that after tracking Lisa down in Portugal, Phil convinced her that she was an unfit, irresponsible mother, and had allowed him to take Louise. He also said that if she ever returned, he would tell the police she shot him. He left a suicidal Lisa standing near the edge of a cliff with a handful of money and that was the last he saw of her. It was unknown whether Lisa had killed herself or not. Phil married Kate in 2003.

Lisa later returned, under the pretence she was a reformed character, she persuaded Phil to allow her be part of their daughter's life. It emerged that Lisa planned to do away with Phil and repay him for some of the hurt he'd caused. She attempted to shoot Phil but failed when Den Watts discovered her plan and convinced her it was the wrong way to go about things. Lisa's binge drinking and desperation began reminding Den of his late wife, Angie. Den took Lisa under his wing and promised to get Louise back, as well as set up his arch enemy Phil. Den, with the help of his son Dennis Rickman, framed Phil for armed robbery of a warehouse. With Phil arrested and in prison, Kate couldn't stop Lisa taking custody of Louise, after which they left Walford together. In December 2007, Jack Branning revealed to Phil that Lisa and Louise were living in London.

As Grant had left to live in Brazil, and Phil was now in prison; Sam was the only Mitchell on the Square. She was tricked by her lawyer into selling the deeds to The Queen Vic to Den Watts, and manipulated by Andy Hunter. Andy married her but soon conned her out of everything leaving her penniless. She teamed up with Chrissie Watts, Den's wife and Zoe Slater for revenge; but ended up witnessing Chrissie kill her husband. Zoe had thought she killed him, although Sam had seen that Den hadn't actually died until Chrissie killed him. Sam used this to try and blackmail Chrissie into getting the Vic back, but she failed and ended up depressed and deranged, and the only way for her to get the truth out was for her to dig up Den's rotten corpse from under the Vic cellar. She was then suspected of the murder and imprisoned. Phil, Grant and Peggy came back to clear her name and they convinced Sharon Watts that Chrissie had been the one to kill her father. Chrissie was later sent down and Sharon gave the Vic back to Phil.

More recent Mitchell storylines have included Get Johnny Week, where the Mitchell brothers came back to get revenge on Johnny Allen a gangster who had threatened Peggy. Also Billy Mitchell and wife Honey had a child, Janet who suffered from Down's syndrome. And Ben Mitchell was involved in a child abuse storyline, after suffering physically and psychologically at the hands of Stella Crawford, his father's fiancée.

In 2007, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell were the latest Mitchells on the Square. Arriving from Ibiza, they were Phil's cousins; and Peggy's late husband Eric nieces, daughters of his brother Archie Mitchell. In 2008 it was revealed that Ronnie had had a daughter when she was only fourteen and was forced by Archie to give her up for adoption. When Archie was later introduced in July 2008, he told Ronnie that her daughter was dead.

Roxy had had a one-night-stand with Ronnie's on-off boyfriend Jack Branning, and this resulted in a pregnancy. Amy Mitchell was born premature in November. It was revealed at Christmas 2008 by Suzy Branning; that she had lied about it being the child of her husband Sean Slater, and this left her sister furious and her husband left.

Meanwhile, Danielle Jones arrived in the Square. It was revealed that she was Ronnie's daughter, after Ronnie found her locket in her wine glass. After many attempts to tell Ronnie her true identity Ronnie finally realised who she was on the same day as Archie and Peggy's wedding. Just minutes after being reunited with her birth mother Danielle was killed by being run down by Janine Butcher and died in her mother's arms. Subsequently all of Archie's lies and manipulating came out and was disowned by the Mitchells. Peggy ordered Phil to kill him but Phil ordered him to leave Waford and never to return.

Archie returned in July 2009, where Peggy fell for his charms once again.

Sam phoned Phil in August 2009, asking for money to help her out in Brazil where she was still on the run for her part in Den Watts' death. Phil sent Ricky to Brazil to find Sam and give her £30,000. Sam saw Ricky as her ticket to return home and she returned with him to the UK, much to the shock of Peggy, Phil and Bianca and the rest of Albert Square. She and Ricky got engaged, but she started an affair with Jack Branning. When the affair became public knowledge, Sam fled the square.

In December 2009, Archie got involved with Janine Butcher, and together they plotted to get revenge on the rest of the Mitchells. On Christmas Eve, they drove the Mitchells out of the Vic, leaving them all scattered across the square. On Christmas Day, Archie was found by daughter Ronnie lying in a pool of blood in the Queen Vic Pub, where he died in her arms. After weeks of speculation, the killer was finally revealed to be Stacey Slater, but the police closed the case after Bradley Brannings' death, assuming he was the killer. Sam also returned to the square and was in hiding at a flat which Minty provided for her. Whilst the murder investigation for Archie was still ongoing and detective Marsden was intent on the killer being one of the Mitchells, Peggy and Phil plotted to tell them it was Sam who had done it. She overheard this and subsequently handed herself into the police, though not before telling them Peggy was the killer. Sam then went to prison for her involvement in Den Watts murder.

Ronnie and Roxy's mum arrived in the Square shortly after Archie's death, and she later admitted she had had a son called Danny Mitchell. Roxy got Archie's millions and the Queen Vic. Danny tried to steal it, but Glenda told Roxy and Danny left. It turned out that Ronnie had been raped by Archie when she was 13, and that Glenda had known all along. Phil lost custody of Louise, and Ben got sent to prison and started taking crack cocaine. Roxy decided to make Peggy landlady of the pub, but on Peggy's return, after a showdown with a withdrawing Phil, Phil took a match to the pub, and the Queen Victoria Public House was burnt out. This then resulted in Peggy leaving the square in a poignant episode. In the meantime, Sam revealed she was pregnant, and she gave birth in September 2010 to a little boy whom she named Richard. After a DNA test, Sam revealed the father to be Ricky Butcher, but after a suspicious Bianca rang the DNA clinic back, it was revealed that the baby's biological father was Jack Branning. After this, Ronnie revealed she was also pregnant with Jack's baby. After Sam realised neither Jack nor Ricky were going to leave their spouses to be with her, she tried to get Minty to leave with her; but he declined, leaving Sam to leave the square with baby Richard, presumably to live with her brother Grant in Brazil.

Ronnie and Jack got married in November 2010, and Ronnie gave birth to a son in December who she named James. He died from sudden infant death syndrome and Ronnie swapped him with Kat and Alfie's baby.

In January 2011 Phil Mitchell had a heart attack in the R & R. Phil was trapped by Ian Beale in the stock room, but he was soon found and rushed to hospital. Later he asked Shirley Carter to marry him. At first she said no, but later changed her mind. However, on the day of the wedding, Shirley refused to marry Phil when she discovered his affair with Glenda although the couple are still together.

In January 2011 Roxy sold 27 Albert Square to Tanya Branning, and her family. While moving out she lost her dog Albert. She moved in with her mother, Glenda, and as she moved out, Glenda's flat mate Carol Branning moved out. Glenda later left Albert Square in disgrace after being disowned by Ronnie and Roxy and rejected by her lovers, Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale.

In July 2011, Ronnie was sentenced to three years in prison for kidnapping Tommy. She was eventually forgiven by Kat. In September, it was revealed that Ben Mitchell is gay, a fact that devastated Phil.

The Mitchell Empire

The Mitchell's business empire was a rival of the successful Beale Empire. The Mitchell Empire owned The Queen Vic (1995-), Walford Snooker Hall, Bridge Street Cafe, The Arches, a percentage of e20. Some of these businesses were from the Beale Empire such as Bridge Street Cafe and The Arches. However, Sam lost the Mitchell Empire. Even though the official Mitchell empire was lost, the Mitchells still operates some Walford businesses such as the eminent Queen Vic and the Mitchell Sisters used to own R&R nightclub with they sold to Jack Branning. Phil Mitchell used to be the car lot's owner which he rented to Kevin Wicks and his aunt, Pat Evans. Jack Branning blackmailed him and Phil relinquished the business. Archie Mitchell bought Pat Cars (formerly Janine Cars) from Jack and renamed it Mitchell's Executive Motors. However, the mainstream Mitchell family were in debt causing them to lose their pub to rogue Mitchell, Archie Mitchell. Archie wanted to sell the pub to make flats in the Square however, he died and left The Queen Victoria, Mitchell's Executive Motors and 27 Albert Square to Roxy. Roxy also bought the beauty salon Booty after a bidding war between her and Ronnie. Roxy later sold the beauty salon back to Tanya and she sold her share od R&R to Janine Malloy. In 2011, The Mitchell empire has been returned to its former glory, with Phil Mitchell now owning the Queen Victoria, The Arches, The Cafe & a Controlling share in the R&R.

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