Florida Hospital Orlando

Florida Hospital Orlando

Located in Orlando, Florida, Florida Hospital Orlando uses the latest technology to treat over 32,000 inpatients and 53,600 outpatients annually. This 900+ bed, acute-care community hospital also serves as a major tertiary facility for much of the Southeast. It is a part of the Florida Hospital system, a group of private hospitals which is owned and operated by Adventist Health System, a part of the worldwide organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is home to nationally recognized institutes for Cancer, Cardiology, Diabetes, Orthopaedics and Neuroscience.

With the motto, "The Skill to Heal. The Spirit to Care.", The Florida Hospital is dedicated to improving lives not only in Central Florida, but also around the world. As a destination hospital, we are committed to serving the health care needs of our patients with a holisticapproach to heal the mind, body and spirit. We strive to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees.----Locations:Florida Hospital has seven campuses owned and operated by Adventist Health System.

Florida Hospital Orlando ( Main Campus) [http://www.flhosp.org/locations/fhsouth/index.htm] 601 East Rollins StreetOrlando, Florida 32803.407/303-5600

Florida Hospital Altamonte [http://www.flhosp.org/locations/altamonte/index.htm] 601 East Altamonte Drive Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701407/830-4321

Florida Hospital Apopka [http://www.flhosp.org/locations/apopka/index.htm] 201 North Park Avenue Apopka, Florida 32703407/889-1000

Florida Hospital Celebration Health [http://www.celebrationhealth.com/] 400 Celebration PlaceCelebration, FL 34747407/764-4000

Florida Hospital East Orlando [http://www.flhosp.org/locations/east/index.php] 7727 Lake Underhill Road Orlando, Florida 32822. 407/303-8110

Florida Hospital Kissimmee [http://www.flhosp.org/locations/kissimmee/index.htm] 2450 North Orange Blossom TrailKissimmee, Florida 34744407/846-4343

Winter Park Memorial Hospital [http://www.winterparkhospital.com/] 200 N. Lakemont AvenueWinter Park, FL 32792 407/646-7000


Our Services

"Florida Hospital Cancer Institute"The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute (FHCI) serves more cancer patients thanany other health system in Florida. It provides a comprehensive continuum ofservices ranging from prevention and detection to state-of-the-art treatmentand research. In addition to medical treatment, FHCI provides educational,psychological and spiritual support. Patients have convenient access to the latestin medical and radiation oncology, patient support and education programs; aswell as a dedicated team of multidisciplinary physicians and skilled oncologynurses. FHCI at Florida Hospital Orlando is home to a group of sub-specialtyphysician practices, including pediatric oncology, bone marrow transplant,gynecologic oncology, surgical oncology and neuro-oncology. Physicians areutilizing cutting-edge, minimally invasive modalities, like Gamma Knife RadiationTherapy, daVinci Robotic system and Trilogy Radiation Therapy to treat andremove cancer in our patients.

"Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute"The Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute has been a national leader in thefight against heart disease since 1967. Our multi-disciplinary approach provides awealth of services for our heart and vascular patients from preventative screeningsto elective surgeries to emergency care. Our pre-eminent care includes themost extensive surgical program with open and minimally invasive approaches toheart and vascular surgeries, from off-pump coronary bypass, valve repair andreplacements to the most delicate heart remodeling procedures. Our ablationprogram is world renowned for the extensive services we offer for atrail fibrillationand ventricular tachycardia patients and cutting edge technology. From the 24/7in-house emergency angioplasty team to treat heart attack patients, to a nationalrecognized cardiovascular research site, Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute isa national leader in the advancement of cardiovascular care.

"Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute"The Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute specializes in the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. FloridaHospital Orthopaedic Institute Fracture Care Center is a premier program,committed to excellence and comprised of nationally renowned, highly skilledstaff. Located at Florida Hospital Orlando, the Fracture Care Center specializesin treating complex orthopaedic traumas with elite practitioners and state-ofthe-art technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our orthopaedic supportteam includes: orthopaedic nurses, specialty orthopaedic surgical teams,radiologists and therapists.

"Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute"The Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute is committed to providing state-ofthe-art training and self-management education to people with diabetes andtheir families. The Diabetes Institute is the only Central Florida facility toearn national recognition from U.S.News & World Report as one of “America’sBest Hospitals” for diabetes care for nine years. In addition, the Institute hasreceived numerous recognitions from the American Diabetes Association forexcellence in its Outpatient Diabetes Education and Insulin programs, and formeeting national standards of diabetes self-management.

"Transplant Center"At the Florida Hospital Transplant Center, more than 2,000 patients havereceived the highest quality of care from our board-certified transplantphysicians. We are one of the first transplant centers in the nation and continueto be one of the busiest. Some of our services include: individualized pretransplantevaluations, ongoing patient education, social services, 24-hourtransplant service availability, nationally accredited histocompatibility lab and afull-service post-transplant clinic.

"Imaging Services"The Florida Hospital Orlando Imaging Services Department offers a completespectrum of the highest quality and latest technology in radiology services.We are the only hospital system in Central Florida to offer ground breakingtechnology in diagnosing and treating breast cancer with PEM (Positron EmissionMammography). Other imaging services include: Cardiovascular imaging (CCTA,CTA, MRA, Cardiac MR), Multi-slice CT, MRI, DEXA, (bone density), Nuclearmedicine, PET-CT, Ultrasound — including 4D, Digital X-ray and fluroscopy andInterventional Radiology. In addition, we have the newest generation of CT andMRI scanners: 64-slice VCT and 3T MRI.

"Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery"Florida Hospital Orlando offers a state-of-the-art surgical facility staffed bythe area’s top physicians and specialists who are practicing minimally invasivesurgical procedures for quicker recovery, reduced pain, and smaller scarring forpatients. From major procedures like brain and spine surgery to gastro-intestinalsurgery and hysterectomies, advancements in technology allow us to operatewith smaller incisions in any area of surgical specialization.

"Florida Hospital Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic"The Florida Hospital Would Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic was the firsthyperbaric medicine clinic in Central Florida. It provides services for a varietyof acute and chronic wounds, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatingsurgical and medical conditions resulting from decompression sickness, diabetesand infections. The clinic offers a 12-person hyperbaric oxygen unit, two monoplacechambers, debridement, and utilizes advanced wound care products."Florida Hospital Kidney Stone/Urology Surgery Center"The Florida Hospital Kidney Stone/Urology Surgery Center has been providingsurgical and diagnostic services for many types of urological disorders since1985. The staff is comprised of nurses and technicians dedicated exclusively tothe treatment of urologic patients. The following disorders are treated: cancer(bladder, kidney, prostate, testicular), incontinence, sexual dysfunctions,urinary tract infections, Peyronie’s disease, stone disease and obstruction, andprostate and scrotal disorders.

"Flight and Emergency Transfer Center"Florida Flight 1 serves patients of all ages who are critically ill and in needof immediate transport to another hospital for more definitive care. TheEmergency Transfer Center handles emergent requests into and throughout theFlorida Hospital system.

"Women's Services"Since Florida Hospital Orlando was founded over 100 years ago by one of thenation’s first female doctor’s, we have offered a full range of services forwomen at every stage of life. We specialize in minimally invasive surgery,offering laparoscopic hysterectomies and treatments for breast and gynecologiccancers, in order to minimize scarring and increase recovery time. Expectantmothers have access to a 4-D ultrasound, Lactation Center, and a Level II & IIINeonatal Intensive Care Unit to ensure care during the most precious moments of their lives. Other women’s services at Florida Hospital Orlando includechronic pelvic pain therapy, fibroid therapy, gynecology and urogynecology,infertility services, hormone therapy, prenatal genetic testing, andmenopause counseling.

"Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute"With broad expertise and advanced treatment options, the FloridaHospital Neuroscience Institute treats more stroke patients thanany other facility in the state. The Neuroscience Institute iscomprised of a multidisciplinary team of neurology, neurosurgery,and interventional neuroradiology physicians who are practicingcutting-edge and minimally invasive treatments for brain and spinetumors, stroke interventions, and spine surgery. From detectionand treatment to rehabilitation, the Neuroscience Institute deliversexpert care for a comprehensive range of disorders related to thecentral nervous system.

"Digestive Health Center"The Florida Hospital Orlando Digestive Health Center offersthe latest technology for the detection and treatment ofgastrointestinal disorders. We strive to bring the full measureof knowledge, technology, talent and compassion to ensure thedigestive health and well-being of our patients. The DigestiveHealth Center provides ground breaking techniques, diagnosticstrategies, cancer treatment and minimally invasive surgery.

"Other Services Offered" Audiology  Occupational Health Critical Care  Respiratory Care Nutritional Counseling  Occupational Health Pain Medicine  Urology Home Care  High-risk Perinatal Care/ Sleep Disorders Fetal Diagnostic Center----Disney Children's Hospital

At Disney Children's Hospital, we’ve cared for children since 1908. Today, we continue this legacy of pediatric excellence through our team at Disney Children’s Hospital. As a facility specializing in pediatric care, Disney Children's Hospital provides family centered care to all our patients and their families. This patient-focused care includes open communication with parents that follows a defined process that assures and comforts parents by addressing real issues. These unique, key-care features set Disney Children's Hospital apart from the rest. Our staff combines their advanced medical training and technological advances with hope, encouragement and trust you can depend on.

In addition to our team of medical care specialists at Disney Children’s Hospital, we have nearly 60 pediatric sub-specialists who care specifically for the special medical and surgical needs of your children. Located throughout the Central Florida area, our Kids’ Docs work closely with your pediatrician to facilitate the referral of your child to one of these specialists.

Specialties and Programs

When a child’s health hangs in the balance, minutes count. A leader in neonatal and pediatric intensive care, Disney Children’s Hospital has a team of doctors, nurses and support staff ready to spring into action to provide critical care to infants and children. Our state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) are some of the very best in the nation, backed by our legendary service and commitment to your child’s health and healing.

"Diabetes"As one of the top hospitals for treating diabetes in children, Disney Children’s Hospital can provide your child with early diagnosis, advanced treatment and a loving, caring environment that promotes good health and happiness. Whether your child has type 1 or type 2 diabetes, has pre-diabetes, or has thyroid or endocrine disease, we’re there for your child with the very best diagnostics, treatments and education in the region.

"Kids Emergency Department"The Disney name is synonymous with child-friendly experiences and the emergency department at Disney Children’s Hospital is no exception. Everything is geared toward the child, from the friendly physicians, nurses and support staff to the child-sized seating, beds and equipment. Our goal is to put your child at ease so they can receive the urgent care they need in a safe, familiar and even fun environment. We definitely aren’t your average emergency room at Disney Children’s Hospital.

"Minimally Invasive Surgery"Thanks to advances in medicine, many surgeries can be performed on children through an opening no bigger than a dime, and in many cases even smaller. Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) uses laparoscopic devices and remotely controlled instruments to perform surgery. Instead of making large incisions as in the past, highly trained surgeons insert two small tubes into these openings. One carries a fiber optic camera with a light source while the other has miniaturized instruments. Thanks to MIS, very precise procedures can be conducted through very small holes, often requiring just a stitch or two to close. For years, Disney Children’s Hospital has been at the leading edge of developing Minimally Invasive Surgery techniques for children.

"NICU"When a baby comes into the world, there are times when they need an extra helping hand. The first few hours are critical to ensure that your baby will grow into a strong and healthy child. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is here in those times of need. The neonatal specialists at Disney Children’s Hospital are some of the best in nation, working closely with other caregivers to ensure that your baby gets the best care possible.

"Pediatric Cancer"New advances in treating cancer and blood diseases are being developed every day and Disney Children’s Hospital at Florida Hospital offers the most current clinical trial options available. Our skilled team treats many of the leading diseases in children, including bleeding and coagulation disorders, brain tumors, hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, thalassemias and solid tumors.

Our hematology and oncology services are backed by world-class care, including pediatric subspecialty support, pediatric radiation therapy, clinical pharmacy and laboratory services and social support services. We have our own laboratory, complete with a lab technician in-house, to quickly turn around blood examinations and counts so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary for the results.

"Gastroenterology"If your child has a digestive system, liver, or nutritional problem, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist has the expertise to treat your child. Digestive, liver, and nutritional problems in children often are quite different from those seen in adults.

Pediatric gastroenterologists treat children from the newborn period through the teen years. They choose to make pediatric care the core of their medical practice, which provides extensive experience specifically in the care of infants, children, and teens.

"Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery & Epilepsy"Neurological disorders in children can be very different from those in adults. That’s why Disney Children’s Hospital at Florida Hospital has a team that is dedicated to nothing but treating acute neurological problems such as epilepsy, tumors and neurofibromatosis. Professional, highly talented and experienced, our Pediatric Neurosurgery team is on call 24 hours, seven days a week for urgent and emergent problems.

The vascular structure of a child is very complex, not only because it is still developing but also because it is so small. As such, children can be prone to diseases that require exceptional pediatric surgical experience to treat effectively. Left unchecked, vascular diseases can lead to a general mental decline and the potential of multiple strokes because of a narrowing of the arteries. Our experienced team of neurosurgeons utilizes a number of surgical options to treat narrow or malformed vascular structures so that normal flow can be restored.

"Pediatric Transplant Program"Children suffering from afflictions affecting the blood, specific cancers and kidney failure often face the prospect of a transplant. With the region’s most experienced pediatric transplant program, Disney Children’s Hospital at Florida Hospital is the trusted expert in transplants for children. Working closely with the family and the child, we’ve created a highly successful program that offers the very latest in transplant medicine, utilizing the very best techniques and technologies.

"PICU"Specially designed for our little patients and their families, our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is equipped with the latest technologies, including full life support and monitoring for children of all ages. Though the setting is decidedly high tech, the care your child receives is extremely traditional – with friendly, caring nurses and support staff and knowledgeable doctors who genuinely care about the health and healing of your child.

"Center for Plastics and Cranial Facial Surgeries"When a child is born with a deformity, surgeons at Disney Children’s Hospital are there to correct it. Whether it’s a cleft lip or palate, ear, congenital breast deformities, skull or facial deformities or nasal or vascular malformations, our doctors have the skill and expertise to improve your child’s appearance and restore their self-image and key functions through an array of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

When an accident, illness or birth defect causes a serious wound, scar or deformity, you can count on Disney Children’s Hospital to repair the damage with state-of-the-art surgical and recovery techniques. We have the experience to treat virtually any known injury or condition a child has with plastic surgery, including the most complex reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures.----Volunteer ServicesOne of our best assets, our volunteers, spend countless hours atFlorida Hospital Orlando to make a patient’s experience a positiveone. These dedicated volunteers assist our patients and visitorsfrom the moment they enter the hospital. Our volunteers spendtheir time working at the information desk, or visiting patientsduring their hospital stay, among many other activities.

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