A New System of Domestic Cookery

A New System of Domestic Cookery

A New System of Domestic Cookery, by Mrs. Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell (1745-December 16, 1828), was the most popular English cookbook of the first half of the nineteenth century; it is often referred to simply as "Mrs. Rundell", but its full title is New System of Domestic Cookery: Founded up Principles of Economy; and Adapted to the Use of Private Families.

The first edition of 1806 was a short collection of recipes published by John Murray. It went through dozens of editions, both legitimate and pirated, in both Britain and the United States, where the first edition was published in 1807.[1] The frontispiece typically credited the authorship to "A Lady". Later editions included many contributions by Emma Roberts.

Republished By Persephone Books

The 1816 Edition of A New System of Domestic cookery was republished in 2008 by Persephone Books.


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