Drake (surname)

Drake (surname)


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  • Gabrielle Drake (born 1944), British actress
  • Gavin Drake (born 1970), British journalist
  • George Burton Drake (1876–1942), American landscape painter and minister
  • Harry Drake (born 1915), American archer
  • Howard Drake, British diplomat


  • James Drake (1850–1941), Australian politician
  • Jay Drake (born 1969), American auto racing driver
  • Jessica Drake (born 1974), American pornographic actress
  • Jimmy Drake (1912-1968), American humorist and musician (stage name: Nervous Norvus)
  • John Drake, several people
  • Joseph Rodman Drake (1795–1820), American poet
  • Joshua F. Drake, American musicologist


  • Marino Drake (born 1967), Cuban high jumper
  • Nathan Drake (1728–1778), artist, a fellow of the Society of Artists
  • Nathan Drake (1766–1836), British essayist and physician
  • Nick Drake (1948–1974), British singer and songwriter
  • Nick Drake (born 1961), British poet, author and screenplay-writer
  • Penny Drake (born 1984), American actress


  • Richard Drake (1535-1603), Equerry to Elizabeth I of England
  • Roger Drake, Governor of Calcutta during the 1750s
  • Steve Drake (born 1954), American pornographic actor
  • Ted Drake (1912–1995), British cricket and football player
  • Thelma Drake (born 1949), American politician
  • Tom Drake (1918–1982), American actor
  • Tom Drake (baseball player) (1912–1988), American baseball player
  • Thomas J. Drake (1797–1875), American politician


  • William Drake, British organ builder
  • William D. Drake, British musician

Fictional characters

  • Alex Drake, a character in the TV series Ashes to Ashes
  • Dèmon Drake, a character |in the TV series Charmed
  • Doofus Drake, a character in the animated series DuckTales
  • Downy O'Drake, a Disney character
  • John Drake, a character iin the TV series Danger Man
  • Ludwig Von Drake, a Disney character
  • Nathan Drake, a character in the video game series Uncharted
  • Paul Drake, a character in various media of the Perry Mason franchise
  • Robert Putney Drake, a character in the Illuminatus! Trilogy of books
  • Tim Drake, the third Robin in the DC Comics media

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