Disk Cataloger

Disk Cataloger

Disk Cataloger (Disk Cataloging Tool) is a software for cataloging removable media (CDs, DVDs,..) to make it more organized & faster to reach. Disk cataloger index the contents of removable media allowing to search the contents at a later time.

Basic Features

  • Index the content of removable media : CDs, DVDs, floppy disk,..
  • Ability Search to search for file/folder within the catalog
  • Multiple Catalogs

Advanced Features

  • Thumbnails of Images & Video
  • Monitor new media for auto cataloging
  • save files metadata : ID3 tag, video info, ..
  • scan archives content
  • list of borrowers and a history of loans


  • CD Sync [1] (freeware, windows)
  • 10-Strike SearchMyDiscs [2] (shareware, windows)
  • Cathy (freeware, windows)
  • CD Catalog Expert [3] (shareware, windows)
  • CDLib [4] (shareware, windows)
  • CD Storage Master [5] (shareware, windows)
  • Disclib [6] (freeware, windows)
  • Data Crow [7] (freeware, Windows)
  • Gnome Catalog [8] (freeware, linux)
  • Hyper's CdCatalog (cdcat) [9] (freeware, Linux/Windows/MacOS)
  • MyLib
  • Professional Disk Catalog (freeware, windows)
  • Smart CD Catalog [10] (shareware, windows)
  • Visual CD [11] (freeware, windows)
  • VVV (Virtual Volumes View) [12] (freeware, Windows/Linux/OSX (Intel only))
  • Zzzbla's CD Catalog

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