Demon Knights

Demon Knights
Demon Knights
Demon Knights.jpg
Front cover of Demon Knights #1, published September 2011
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date September 2011
Main character(s)
Creative team
Writer(s) Paul Cornell
Artist(s) Diogenes Neves

Demon Knights is a DC Comics title launched as part of its New 52 event in 2011. It is a team title featuring Etrigan, Enchantress, Shining Knight and others. It's main difference to other team titles, such as the Justice League, is that this team is based in the Medieval period of the DC Universe history. It's initial writer is Paul Cornell, with art by Diogenes Neves.[1][2][3]


Publication history

In the planning stages of the New 52, Paul Cornell was asked to write an Etrigan title. At his request, this became a team title, set in the medieval times as this was of more interest to him, and a more fitting period for Etrigan, the demon to operate.[4] Cornell also stated that a love of the film, The Magnificent Seven is an influence on the title, and that it is a team title as he is more interested in the interactions between characters, rather than any scene or period.[5]



The series has opened to positive reviews so far, with scores around 8 or 9 from IGN's comics section for the first few issues, with writer Erik Norris' entreating readers to read this title, saying, "People, Demon Knights is awesome. Please join the bandwagon and give this fun book a shot if you haven't already. You won't regret it. A series like this needs all the support it can get to keep it from getting the axe"[6]. Popmatters compared Paul Cornell's retro-modern style to a DJ, mixing the RZA and Miles Davis. [5]

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