Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love

Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love

Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love is a weekly reality television show that focuses on the home life of former professional athlete Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar Biggers.[1] The program is on the Oxygen network and debuted in April 2008. Its first airing was the most watched Oxygen premiere ever.[2]

Episode synopses

  • Episode 1: Deion refuses to help out around the house because he is busy with planning his football picks for a radio show. Deion offers to help daughter Deiondra prepare for a first date.
  • Episode 2: Pilar feels her efforts as a wife and mother are unappreciated and devises a plan to show Deion what her work is worth.
  • Episode 3: Deion and Pilar have a cook-off to decide who cooks the best, and Deion tries to help his children sell cookies for a fundraiser.
  • Episode 4: Deion and Pilar try to help Bucky with his girl troubles. Pilar tries to spice up her marriage.
  • Episode 5: Deion is unable to take his family fishing due to work commitments, so Pilar decides to teach the kids how to fish and camp her way. Deion experiences a mini mid-life crisis.
  • Episode 6: Deion and Pilar help a couple learn about marriage by revealing their marriage experience, and Pilar tries to romance Deion. Deion meets Deiondra's suitors.
  • Episode 7: Pilar tries to release her inner cowgirl and wrangle the loose cattle back into the back pasture.
  • Episode 8: Pilar launches a modeling business. Deion helps Shiloh prepare for a math quiz.


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