Das Haus Anubis

Das Haus Anubis
Das Haus Anubis
Genre Soap opera
Country of origin Germany
Language(s) German
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes + 247
Running time 12 minutes
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run September 29, 2009 – present
Related shows Het Huis Anubis
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Das Haus Anubis is a children's television series produced jointly by Belgian broadcaster Studio 100 and Nickelodeon and a remake of Het Huis Anubis. With a seven-figure production budget, it is one of Nickelodeon's largest in-house productions, and the first German daily soap opera specifically aimed at children. From 29 September 2009, the show has been running both on children's channel Nick (daily at 7:20pm, and repeated in the afternoon and at weekends), and on music channel VIVA. Das Haus Anubis is aimed at children twelve years old and above, and is the German remake of the successful Dutch television programme, Het Huis Anubis. This 2006/2009 series was one of the most successful children's series in the Benelux countries.



The show focuses on eight young people living at a boarding school, "Haus Anubis", of which Nina is the newest occupant. On the day of her arrival, the surly steward, Viktor, shows her her room. What she does not know is that her room previously belonged to Linn, the best friend of classmate Luzy; Linn has disappeared without a trace. Nina's first encounter with Luzy is not exactly cordial; Luzy, who is very concerned for Linn, would rather throw the frightened Nina straight out.

But this is not the only secret in the school. The walls of the house, in which the eight students live together, seem to hide another secret. A fellow student disappears, the caretaker seems on his guard and the teachers begin acting strangely when talking about the Haus Anubis. A little anxious, but driven by curiosity, the students set out to discover the secrets of their home.

Differences with the original version

There are several changes made from the original Dutch version. Obviously, the first major difference are the names of the main characters. Aside from Victor, everyone has another name. However, their personalities and taste in clothes stay the same as in the Dutch version. Also, the story of season one was exactly the same as it was in the Dutch version, but the second season changed that a little bit. Even though the main story arch for season two was the same, they shifted some side storylines to other characters and also deleted two major characters who were introduced in season two of the original, Joyce and Noa, and combined them into one character, Charlotte. Also, the character of Mara, who left halfway season two of the original, stayed in the German version and took over the part Noa had in the story of the second season of the Dutch version.

It is also expected some of these changes will be carried over to the English remake. since some things that happened in the Dutch version, such as Mara leaving and Noa coming in as her replacement, were done because the creators had to. The Dutch actress who played Mara actually wanted to leave the show, so that is also why the character was written out and Mara left the house.


Main Cast

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Nina Martens Kristina Schmidt 1-present 2009–present Nienke Martens
Luzy Rosaline Schoppa Alicia Endemann 1-present 2009–present Patricia Soeters
Daniel Gutenberg Daniel Wilken 1-present 2009–present Fabian Ruitenburg
Delia Seefeld Franziska Alber 1-present 2009–present Amber Rosenberg
Kaya Sahin Karim Günes 1-present 2009–present Mick Zeelenberg
Felix Gaber Florian Prokop 1-present 2009–present Appie Tayibi
Magnus von Hagen Marc Dumitru 1-present 2009–present Jeroen Cornelissen
Mara Minkmar Féréba Koné 1-present 2009–present Mara Sabri/Noa van Rijn
Viktor Emanuel Rodemer Junior Kai Helm 1-present 2009–present Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Junior
Charlotte Bachmann Alexa Benkert 125-present 2010–present New character. Based on Joyce van Bodegraven

Current Supporting Characters

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Edith Martens Gerda Böken 1-present 2009–present Irene Martens
Hubert Altrichter Ulrich Cyran 1-present 2009–present Ari van Swieten
Rosie Schäfer Petra-Marie Cammin 1-present 2009–present Trudie Tayibi
Doris Engel Jana Hora 7-present 2009–present Elly van Engelen/Elly van Swieten
Wolf Radus/Raven Carlo Kitzlinger 143-234 2010–2011 Wolf Rensen/Raven van Prijze
Benny Schäfer Martin Zürcher 158-182 2010–2011 Jimmy Tayibi
Max Torben Bendig 136-present 2011 Robbie
Daphne Silke Natho 193-234 2011 Vera de Kell
Viktor Emanuel Rodemer Senior Kai Helm 236-present 2011–present Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Senior

Past Supporting Characters

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Herr Sahin Numan Acar 42-45 2009 Meneer Zeelenberg
Mohammed "MO" Damion Osu 69-72 2010 Mo(Mohammed) Tayibi
Nabila Unknown 70-72 2010 Nabila Tayibi
Linn Bredemeier Katharina Fecher 59-62, 75 2009–2010, 2010 Joyce van Bodegraven
Rufus Malpied Michael Witte (Germany) 17-38, 53-75 2009, 2009–2010 Rufus Malpied
Svetlana Unknown 93 2010 Swatlana Lamasadu
Robbie Tom Gramenz 55-58, 111-114 2009, 2010 Robbie/Robert van Swieten
Sarah Winnsbrügge-Westerling Liane Düsterhöft 3-91, 104, 114 2009–2010 Sarah Winsbrugge-Hennegouwen
Steffie Lehmann Yvonne Burbach 11-114 2009–2010 Esther Verlinden
Schulrätin Claudia Jakobshagen 60-61, 114 2009, 2010 De Rectrix
Großprior/Linn's father Unknown 105, 114, 115 2010 Meneer van Bodegraven
Dr. Zeno Trabas Alexander von Janitzky 57-58, 99-129 2009, 2010 Dr. Zeno Terpstra
Luka Petkovic Sascha Kekez 4-140 2009–2010 Jason Winker



Year Name GER Album Notes
2010 Suche mit uns (en. Search with us) 80 (1 week) Das Haus Anubis - Das Album Single by Kristina Schmidt as Nina

The television series The House Anubis - Nothing is as it seems is a joint production of the Belgian broadcaster Studio 100 [1] and Nickelodeon , the 29th since the September 2009 with great success on the TV station Nickelodeon is sent. It is the German version of the Dutch-language television show Het Huis Anubis . This series 2007/2008 was one of the most successful children's series in the Benelux countries . [2] With a seven-figure production amount [3] , the series is the largest in-house production of Nickelodeon Germany since its launch and the first daily soap opera or Daily soap, which is aimed specifically at children. The start of series production studio 100 book, audio drama, DVD and PC game, will follow with less success offer classic products. The age of the target group was in Belgium and the Netherlands, eight to 14 years. The series Anubis is released in Germany since 6 years. Contents [ hide ] 1 Production 2 story 2.1 Season 1, Part 1: The secret club of old pasture 2.2 Season 1, Part 2: The Secret of the Tomb 2.3 Season 2, Part 1: The mysterious curse 2.4 Season 2, Part 2: The Chosen One 3 Episodes 3.1 broadcast 4 broadcast in other countries 4.1 Sweden / Denmark 4.2 Mexico 4.3 USA, Great Britain 5 Success 5.1 Film 6 occupation 6.1 occupation in Germany 6.1.1 Actor 6.1.2 Current Supporting Actor 6.1.3 Interim Supporting Actor 6.2 occupation in the Netherlands 7 Awards 8 DVD releases 9 Soundtrack 9.1 Track list 10 Adaptations 10.1 Books 10.2 Video Games 10.3 radio plays 11 Weblinks 12 External links Production [ Edit ]

The original Belgian series Het Huis Anubis has in their country of origin and in the Netherlands achieved their greatest successes. For example, the series has reached an average of 35% market share in the target group and also won international awards. The success of the series goes beyond the traditional merchandising area, so there's been a roller coaster for the 2008 series. [4] Even in Germany, holds licenses for merchandise were awarded. Online, there are the browser game "Pirates Victors" and the end of October 2009 brought the Jumbo Games GmbH, a board game out of the series. [5] The TV series has numerous offshoots like the year 2008 caused twisted movie, with its 700,000 visitors representing one of the most successful films of the Netherlands as well as a theater show, with 170,000 visitors. But also a book series was published, has sold over 500,000 copies of. Therefore, the television station decided to create a German version of the series. The series will not sync it, but with German actors in the original scenes filmed again. The sender would like the house as well as Anubis in the Benelux countries, an extensive and generate spin-off merchandising program. The German actors have any time for stage, film or other versions are available and easily usable also for his actions Merchandise. On the first broadcasting day saw 350,000 viewers (total market share of 1.5 percent) and 330 000 viewers (market share of 1.4 per cent). In the "key demographic" there were market share of 2.2 percent and 2.3 percent. Like the Belgian original version was inserted in the German version, by episode 61, a short winter break. During this interval, the previously aired episodes were repeated. Following the success of the series in Germany, gave Nickelodeon announced the production of a second season. The filming started in May 2010. [6] According Bravo.de have on 3 March 2011, the filming of a movie by Anubis started. In the Belgian version, there was the first feature film as a transition to the third season and was called Anubis en het pad zonder the 7 , which in German Anubis and the path of the 7 sins means. [7] [8] Although a third season was Nickelodeon has not announced, but gave the agency by Karim Günes known that the series on 14 March 2011 went into extra time. [9] In addition, Franziska Alber confirmed in an interview that the shooting will go for its third season until January 2012. [10] In addition, the preview of the season finale of Season 2, an excerpt from episode 235 (the first episode of season 3 shown), and then yet another trailer for the third Season in it between Delia and Victor discussed was that Delia had been in Egypt (which happened in the Belgian movie with the club in the old pasture).

Anubis with the roller coaster Action [ Edit ]

Season 1, Part 1: The secret club of old pasture [ Edit ] Eight young people living in boarding "Anubis". Nina is the new resident in the house Anubis. On the day of her arrival show her the grumpy caretaker Victor boarding school. What she does not know that your room was previously Linn, the best friend of classmate Luzy. And Linn has disappeared without a trace. The first meeting with the other matter is not just warm. Luzy who is worried about her best friend Linn would throw out the frightened Nina prefers direct again. She believes that Nina has something to do with Linn's disappearance. The teachers and Victor behave more as strange, if at Linn's disappearance is spoken. But these are not the only secrets in the boarding school. The walls of the house, in which the eight students live together seem to keep a mystery. As Nina visiting her grandmother Edith in a nursing home, she finds a painting in the hallway of the house Anubis. An older lady speaks to her suddenly and told her that a treasure lies hidden in the house Anubis. Nina receives a medallion from the lady and finds a picture of a young girl. When the students decide to go as a test of courage on the Nina forbidden attic of the house has to be one of them, this is where a sliding wall, behind which she finds a painting of the girl in the locket. Behind it is an old paper with a riddle. Daniel, Nina begins to trust her with the hieroglyphic stairway and the number three decipher. One night, Nina sneaks down the stairs into the hall and examine the third stair from the bottom. It takes a labeled envelope with Sarah with a key and a new puzzle. In history class of the new theater and history teacher, Mr. Petkovic she learns in a slide show that it is the new hieroglyphics to the notes on / up and house is. When she goes with the key to the old lady says this, that there would be no turning back now. Daniel has taken, the Nina, watched the interview, whereupon Nina tells him what she knows. Together they sneak into the attic, since the new riddle points to the attic. There they find a locked chest in old capstans, which speaks to a girl named Sarah on the alleged accidental death of their parents, the Winnsbrügge-Westerling. And she mentioned a man whose description fits exactly on Victor. She also mentions a large, black raven, who, like the names of Victor, Corvuz. Victor's voice is also heard on the tape. Also, she speaks of her life in the house of Anubis and a treasure that lies hidden there. The puzzles, which she gives up on the capstans, will lead you there. Luzy remains firmly convinced that Nina had something to do with the disappearance of Linn's and asks for the teachers who want to but know nothing of Linn. Linn is also missing from all the school photos. Victor also behaves strangely when it comes to Linn. She overhears a conversation between her teacher and the headmaster Mr. Mrs. Engel Altrichter, which she learns that she really know of Linn more than they admit. Luzy wants to take contact with Linn, and makes an exorcism. Henceforth, it seems to follow a mysterious man who calls himself Rufus Malpied. Linn says he knows of and find out, to want what happened to Linn and that he is on page Luzys. But when he wants to meet up again with Luzy, he is crushed by Victor, is in a nursing home and remembers nothing more. Luzy but also other people who contacted: How about Luka Petkovic. Although he believes Luzy and also finds evidence, but after a conversation with Mr. Altrichter that Petkovic shows the Secret Files of Anubis says he, Luzy would have just thought up the story and Linn had never existed. Victor, Ms. Engel and Mr. Altrichter their leader and, later, Mr. Petkovic are members of the secret brotherhood of Anubis. Obviously they do not hold Linn hidden for no reason. Said Victor rips in the first episode of a sticker bearing the words "Linn" immediately, as he sees it, burning her stuffed bunny and disposed of her bicycle. Mr. Altrichter admits secretly empty her locker at school. Often there is the mysterious phone calls between Victor and Mr. Altrichter. Meanwhile, Nina found, Delia and Daniel, a secret group called "The Club of the old willow" out and make it their task, what with the girl, who has discussed the capstans is done. You find out that Sarah's parents and the founder of the famous Egyptologist boarding "Anubis" were. In a history book and a photo album of the old lady they find out that it is the old lady to Sarah. In addition, they found Victor on a picture that was taken 1933rd Since then, Victor has not aged. Convinced that Victor brews in the basement of an elixir of life, the three sneak into the basement and steal a bottle. When Felix mistakenly drink this, it turns out, however, that in the vial just been cleaner. Luzy, tried unsuccessfully after the incident with Rufus to get in touch with him, finds him again in a nursing home and shows him a photo of Linn, whereupon he suddenly disappears without a trace. The club is going to solve the mystery at the police role. They separated in the basement and look in the attic for clues, but found nothing. In order to be inspired for the annual musical, will perform in the eight occupants of the house the story of Sarah, she will visit the Delmar Mining Museum by Dr. Zeno Trabas. You ask him in a secret museum department, find themselves in a picture of Winnsbrügge-Westerling, after Horus, whereupon he showed them a picture of Horausauge. It turns out that Zeno Trabas is the strange man, who has visited Sarah in a nursing home. When he sees Nina's locket, he will examine it immediately because it this is a valuable piece of Ancient Egypt. Like Mr Petkovic in a lesson he also speaks of the curse of the pharaoh . As the club members before fleeing Trabas, he yells after them, the Winnsbrügge-Westerling had desecrated the grave of Pharaoh, and they died at the curse. He calls after them threatening, they should let the matter rest. The following night, Daniel solves the mystery. These are the two dark caves to the two spherical Treppenknäufe. Under one of them he finds the last guard role. Suddenly, Victor rushes out of his office and confiscated the guard role. He asks menacingly that he had driven Trabas at the museum. Daniel in his office must follow him, hiding in the role of Victor, the wax in his safe. Daniel noticed a monitor on which the entire house is monitored. Nina and Delia Luzy reported that she had heard how Daniel was caught by Victor and that he will do now in the attic to look for one player. They fail to hide the unit, but Nina is built from the crank. Victor finds the device and takes it with her. With the help of Felix manages the club, the cameras to use on a laptop for their own benefit and find out the combination of Victor's safe. They decide that while the musical Nina goes to boarding school to get the guard role, as Victor will also see the musical. The musical show is Sarah's story, so Nina, Delia, Daniel and Victor Luzy want them to know part of his mystery. During the intermission of the show, when Victor is also present, Nina rushes back to the boarding and search Victor's safe, where is the final capstan. She is filmed by Victor's camera. In an anonymous letter with a seat number, Luzy noticed during the demonstration that Linn is in the audience. Moreover, even the apparently convalescent Malpied Rufus is there. Victor leaves the Musical at the break and goes back inside Anubis. Meanwhile, slipping out of the tangled Luzy the name Linn, whereupon Mr. Linn Altrichter turns around and discovered, after which he leaves the room immediately. Meanwhile, Nina listens to the capstan, where Sarah tells her that Victor killed her parents. Nina hides when she sees Victor come through the monitor into the house. Exclaims Mr. Altrichter in Victor's office. Victor, who has noticed that someone was in his office receives, said of Mr. Altrichter that Linn is in the room, whereupon he immediately returned to the school opens in order to eliminate the problem. Victor entered the room and angry when he notices that it should be played at the Daniel property manager at Victor. In addition, he is startled, as Daniel mentioned his lifeblood. But when Victor discovers Linn and lunges at her, she warns Luzy with a loud scream. Linn rushes from the hall and Victor follows her. In a classroom she feels safe, but as a woman suddenly angel stands behind her, Victor is also rushed. The Brotherhood has surrounded Linn. Season 1, Part 2: The secret of the tomb [ Edit ] As the musical is over, Luzy is under the eyes of Rufus Malpied a message to Linn's seat in the stands that Linn wants to meet with her. The "Brotherhood of Anubis", which consists of Mr. Altrichter, Mrs. Engel, Victor and Mr. Petkovic, is furious at Linn, because she is running around out on the very day on which Tom, Dick and art in school, appear there. They bring not only themselves at risk, leads to Altrichter Lord, who has now arrived in the classroom. Victor and wife angels bring Linn then carefully removed from the school so that Linn will be discovered by anyone to get them back to safety. Rufus speaks Luzy on the girls' toilet. He thinks Victor wants him out of the way so he can not find Linn wants, but give no details about his hospital stay. Rufus knows that Luzy has received a letter and told her she could trust him. Luzy will appear with Rufus Malpied at the agreed meeting with Linn. Linn now as against expecting does not appear, Rufus Luzy kidnapped. Rufus tries to Linn Luzy now share and makes contact with the "brotherhood of Anubis" on. But the Brotherhood members Mr. Altrichter and Victor go out no one. Rather, they tell the other students, Luzy would visit her aunt and uncle in Spain. The students, Nina and Delia, however, does not believe that Luzy is abroad, but they suspect that Luzy has problems and begin research on their whereabouts. But this is noticed by Rufus and he goes with Luzy to another location. Previously, it attracted but Nina and Delia in an abandoned factory building blocks and there the students. A little later, both are exempt from Daniel. This was noticed her disappearance and had this conversation between Rufus and Victor can eavesdrop. Daniel, Nina and Delia Victor now confront the fact that this would have done nothing to liberate Luzys. But Victor is still denies the abduction and insists that Luzy be with their relatives in Spain. Victor wants to evacuate the three students temporarily out of the way and he missed those three days of house arrest. The next day, the three students meet with Ms. Engel. You can persuade them that it is now the time had come to meet up with Rufus. This is actually true to a meeting also, but requires, in return for Luzys release, the folder with Linn's data. Mrs. Engel warns Linn before their meeting with Rufus. Thus they and their family time, to hide from Rufus. It is now on the meeting between Mrs. Engel and Rufus. While Ms. Engel holds out these to free Daniel, Nina and Delia Luzy the kidnapped. In order to allow a debate between Luzy and Linn, Mrs. Engel directed a chat one. On this occasion Linn school know that they will probably never return there. But the boarding school, there are other problems that have nothing to do with Luzys kidnapping. Felix keeps his friend then hid Mon. But through a misunderstanding Mon thinks that Mara would be the friend of Felix. But this is indeed along with Kaya. When he comes back from England now, hugs and kisses his girlfriend welcome. But Mo thinks that Mara would betray his friend Felix and he proposes Kaya KO . But the friendship between Felix and Magnus is put to a severe test, because both love Mara. But Delia has her heartache . She is still in love with Kaya and wants to win her back. It begins now, Mara make bad before it occurs and, as this does not help, at the election of the student speaker against this. Even the "club of old pasture" is still very active. This will still find out, what message has left Sarah on the capstans. But Victor has since them on their heels. After their liberation Luzy suffers from nightmares and feels threatened by Rufus. Daniel now trying to get the envelope, which is hidden behind the painting. To make this possible, by all means directs Nina from Victor. But Felix finds out by accident that his friend has escaped from a marriage to Nabila Mon and has been hiding because of the boarding school. Victor succeeds in Nina's doll with the Grammofonkurbel to bring in themselves. The friends are now considering how they can once again approach the doll. Rosie looks in the meantime a new hiding place for Mo, because Victor had almost caught them. When Victor gets a package by accident while the alarm is triggered, this leaves his office. The package contains an old organ and Victor takes a liking to this. Since Victor is now busy for a while with the organ, the "Sibunas" penetrate into his office and listen to the guard role. Later, when Daniel tried to hide the envelope back behind the painting, he is being watched by Felix. This observation tells his Magnus. Delia goes to play a full role as student president-nominee, while Mara is considering withdrawing her candidacy. Mon hiding still in the kitchen preparing Rosie difficulties there. The disappointed by Mo Nabila asks Felix meanwhile they get married. This marriage is to restore the family honor. But Felix has a better suggestion. He wants to make sure that Mo and Nabila can meet in the washroom. But there Nabila not recognize this. In the meantime, Daniel finds out that you pull the disc out of Victor's Clock must. Victor is now the hideout of Mo and Nabila found. Felix can still save the situation but barely. When Victor comes home, he noticed that his clock is broken. Felix received the order to investigate the Clock. Luzy is now trying to influence Felix then to blur any traces left on the clock. The "Club sibunA" finds out that the note is visible on the paper with heat. So they keep the sheet over a candle. Because they are disturbed by Felix. He's on the Clock fingerprints found and now threatens to tell Victor everything if it would not solve the club. It is said in the "Club sibunA" everything. Delia appears unimpressed, however, their biggest concern is winning the elections. The "Sibunas" are now considering to take Felix, Luzy but has concerns in this regard. Delia Mara and get another job. But as Delia imagines the same country as Mara, now they must choose a new one. After several unsuccessful attempts, the window to pull out of the Clock, Daniel can get hold of this with the help of Felix finally. He is now a new mystery. When Daniel wants back in the cellar, Felix gets now problems with Victor. The "Sibunas" Felix told the secret. That is why this gets emotional problems and can not sleep at night. He is given a sedative by Magnus. But because Felix now sleeps through his appointment with the "Sibunas" because he should be the next morning included officially in the club. Luzy helps Mara at the oriental theme day. Meanwhile, Victor and Sarah meet. He asks her out on the treasure. Delia performs her speech to Mr. Petkovic one, but this convinced them. Nina receives a dream sudden visit from Sarah and she warns them not to trust anyone on the boarding school, because Magnus has learned that the house is a treasure, because Felix talks in his sleep about it. When Nina wakes up the next day, she is very worried about her dream. The "Sibunas" talk with Delia. They accuse her lack of effort. Delia is insulted and leaves. Later they will be asked of Magnus. Nina gets a call from her grandmother, Sarah had died in the night. Since Nina is clear that it was probably Sarah's spirit, who had warned in a dream. Felix is ​​in the basement and finds an empty document. Victor now has a suspicion and brings an additional lock to the cellar door. Nina receives a visit from her grandmother. This brings with her ​​photos of Sarah. Da Mara does not know how they make their flyer to make, she asks for help Magnus. A few days later succeeds Nina, sneaking unnoticed out of boarding school and go to Sarah's funeral. Still, it is seen by Trabas Zeno, who is now under pressure. Nina and Daniel agreed that she gets anxious from the cemetery. Delia does not know how they will make their theme day. Since Daniel and Nina decide help her. But unlike Delia seems to run everything well at Marah. Rosie has it even a soothsayer organized. At the end wins but Delia just the first round of elections to the student speaker. Daniel gets his information while at the fortune tellers without suspecting that this is bribed by Magnus. Magnus finds out so that he could Zeno Trabas from Delmar Bergmann contact museum. Felix, meanwhile, has seen the corruption of the fortuneteller. Daniel continues to work on solving the riddle and finds a new clue. Victor now receives a mysterious package delivered, which makes strange noises. Magnus calls for Trabas, because he has information about the treasure. He does not, however, to what a treasure it is, and agrees to any question of Trabas. Magnus demanded 10,000 euros for the information. Magnus, who has been a mystery for Felix gets the money from Zeno and now buys a new DVD player as well as many new clothes. Trabas but will have more information. Felix shares the "Sibunas" with that he has noticed, like Magnus has bribed the soothsayer. Through its information from the soothsayers inspired, Daniel will now start its investigations. Above all, it interested him where Magnus has a lot of money. Meanwhile, the soothsayer with Mara and Kaya talking about their relationship. After school also blackmailed the soothsayer Magnus. But this can save his money again just out of this. Victor now leaves the house to visit his dying aunt located. The "Sibunas" seize the opportunity and send Felix again in the basement. But they are observed by Magnus. While Felix looks for clues in the basement, Daniel tried to reach him by radio. But Felix has forgotten his radio in his room, and Magnus, who is staying in this moment there can overhear everything. Felix is an important clue, but Victor shows up unexpectedly. When he comes into the basement, Felix has been hidden in a crate. Felix is there witness to a mysterious ritual . While the others sleep together with fatigue, Felix stayed in the basement forced into the crate. The next morning, Magnus Felix appears in the basement and noticed in the box. Magnus asked Felix what he had driven all night in the basement and he can talk his way out with a fabricated reason. Thus freed Felix Magnus. Felix is back at school by the "Sibunas" celebrated, because it has found a new track. The school superintendent announced that the candidates are scheduled to open the school representative selection kiosk. Since Delia but forgets this task, she panics. But thanks to her father, she can win again. Mara has had enough of the election and wants to resign. Delia in the night dreams of a passionate kiss with Mr. Petkovic. Nina however, dreams about Sarah, she warns. Felix is ​​happy in the "club of old pasture" to be taken. But when he falls asleep, Magnus asks him out on the treasure. As Felix begins to act weird, Nina has doubts about his trustworthiness. Delia thinks, however, that is blaming her failure in choosing their appearance, and created with Luzy a new outfit. But even as she copied the outfit from Mara Delia, she is not good, and is ridiculed. Kaya even laughs about it until later and tried to comfort her. Magnus, meanwhile, is blackmailed by Zeno, and Felix is ​​thus under pressure to get new information about the treasure. Felix now has to decide what is more important to him: the club or his friend Magnus. Daniel can now solve the puzzle with the disc. You should become familiar with the telescope, the constellation Orion view. Since they no longer trust Felix, locking it with a perverse mystery on the wrong path. Victor is still in search of the disk and comes in between them, as he leaves free mice in the house Anubis. In consultation with Mr. Altrichter the eight residents now have to move into the school. Nina and Daniel decide to return to the house that night, Anubis, to the constellation to look. But the two are caught by Mr. Altrichter. Nina, Daniel, Delia and Mr. Altrichter Luzy lock in his office, so Nina and Daniel can go to the house of Anubis. There, they are almost discovered by Victor, who hurries to school to free Mr. Altrichter. When Nina gets the disc, it finds that Victor has made the whole room upside down, the disc could not find it. Nina and Daniel look at Orion and Daniel get to see a text with a string of numbers. That night Felix Magnus also sent into the house Anubis, to the wrong puzzle that Felix Magnus immediately told to solve. Felix is ​​looking to the attic after a disappearing wall. But Felix is ​​caught by Daniel and Nina, as they look at the constellation Orion. You know now certain that Felix on Magnus' side. Felix, however, confesses to Nina and Daniel's plan for the Great, and what he has told him about the treasure. The five "Sibunas" develop a plan to bring to Magnus from the track. Magnus Felix will provide you with all puzzles and finds that they have found so far, starting with the label behind the painting from the attic. The next day meet Magnus, who has the puzzle there, and Zeno. Zeno told him of a ring that has given him Sarah. On this ring is engraved with today's date. Felix, Magnus pursued, is hiding in a dumpster and overheard the two. Later he tells Nina, Daniel, Delia Luzy and what he has heard: Zeno says that the treasure would be in the Anubis and the time would just slow. Felix adds the numbers of the sequence of the constellation and is on today's date. Meanwhile, Daniel finds out about the Internet that you Corvuz exactly where a water snake - that is in the tower room - is, at eight clock must hang so that the Grail appears. They rush to the house of Anubis, while Victor studied at the school after Mr. Altrichter. Victor finds out that Daniel and Felix have recently found out and rush to Anubis. There, Daniel invents a puzzle that leads to the basement to distract the house also appeared in Trabas and Magnus. After Corvuz was hung in the tower below the water line, and Victor come Altrichter. Delia, Daniel Luzy and obstruct their way, as suddenly explodes Corvuz when it is illuminated by eight clock by light. Nina then sees the ghost of Sarah and her parents for a short time. Luzy and Victor and Delia can Altrichter not stay longer. When Victor sees the remains of Corvuz, Nina takes the Grail and now appeared with Daniel and Delia escapes upwards. At the same time Felix Magnus and Zeno Trabas storming out of the cellar, which is now under water. Victor starts to Zeno. Daniel and Nina are hiding in the bathroom followed by Victor. Victor wants to break the door. Meanwhile Luzy takes a vase and deceives Mr. Altrichter, who believes that the Grail has Luzy. As Luzy destroyed the vase intentionally wants to hurt Mr. Altrichter Luzy. But Felix and ridiculed Mr. Altrichter Luzy can save it. Meanwhile Victor gets to the bathroom, but Nina has disappeared, to the surprise and Victor Daniels with the Grail. Daniel sneaks into the room to Delia and the four "Sibunas" can escape through the window at the school dance. Daniel and the others are concerned about Nina. But suddenly, Nina is displayed on the school dance. She and Daniel are then explained by students spokeswoman Mara's prom queen and king ball. On the dance floor tells Nina Daniel, where she has hidden the Grail and Daniel kissing. Magnus is threatened in his room in the school of Zeno, as this recognizes that the Grail is gone. Victor gets a call from the Grand Prior. This freaks out when he hears that the Brotherhood of the Grail and has not demanded to be told who brought the Grail in his possession.

Season 2,Part 1: The mysterious curse [ Edit ]

After the club in the old pasture has found the Grail, they have to hide it, because Victor and including even Dr. Zeno Trabas, Magnus is still under pressure, are also on the lookout for him. Magnus has therefore recurring nightmares of Trabas. In a manuscript of Winnsbrügge-Westerling, Daniel finds behind the plate in the tower room, the club experienced the Old Pasture, what they need the Holy Grail. According to the legend of Tutankhamun and his secret love, Amneris, Tutankhamun built out of love filled her in a secret location in Egypt with a love grave treasures. This secret place she could find only when they only push with the Grail at a certain time at a particular location. Time and place they could find out by it solved the riddle, which he had made ​​for them. Shortly after accident Tutankhamun and his real wife, Ankhesenamun, avenged themselves of Amneris, whereupon she and her illegitimate daughter disappeared. According to legend, Amneris will be no peace until she is reunited with the love of Tutankhamun's grave. Daniel is using this manuscript the hieroglyphics on the Grail and deciphered it. In addition, the members of the Old Willow learn of a secret wall full of mystery, apparently - was hidden somewhere in the house of Anubis Winnsbrügge Westerling - along with the Grail. Daniel deciphered the hieroglyphics on the Grail, and concludes from them that something is hidden in the Grail: This is the gate to my heart. Open me and you'll find love. When they open the Grail at midnight, they put the manuscript mentioned in the curse of the pharaoh's free, which is to lie on the grave, and loving the Holy Grail. Also reveals a new roll of papyrus with hieroglyphics. Exactly at that time, Nina's grandmother Edith a seizure and is now in a coma . In addition, Nina's and Daniel's friendship is marred by the kiss at the ball. Luzy learns of Rosie, who recently engaged with the supernatural, predicted that an incredible person will come into their lives. Luzy believes that this person is her great love. But it turns out that this person is a girl named Charlotte Bachmann. Luzy friends with her. When Victor is Charlotte a room in the attic, looks Luzy the spirit of Amneris in the mirror and insists that Charlotte with her and Mara in the room sleeping. Since this is not Victor, but allowed to Mara of victim and pulls up to the attic. The five Sibunas decipher the characters on the papyrus-roll, which was hidden in the Grail. A new puzzle: You must within seven days of the four elements are and follow them to find the secret wall. There would be time and place at which the chosen one could find out where is the love grave. By Felix's Laser Technology Nina, Delia and Daniel know a secret message on the note. Standing on her: open your heart for me . Finally, the club missed the elements earth, fire and air. When they find the water element, this leads the club in the basement, where they discover a very wet spot behind Victor's cabinet. They set it aside and open the secret passage to the award. In the secret room, they find the secret behind a curtain wall on which the Grail is depicted. Daniel deciphered the hieroglyphics on her and found out that seven jobs are run in order to make the whereabouts of the grave find love. All they need during a full moon with three cups of water, a concoction made ​​from six ingredients, the drink of the six beauties , assemble and paint it on the second compartment of the secret wall. Magnus, meanwhile, is set to remain under pressure from Trabas observed precisely at the request of him, making Felix. His observations led him to make the assumption that the Grail was hidden in the bathroom. One night, he sneaks up with Felix's espionage tool by the laser in the hallway and enters the bathroom through an oversight on the Grail. He hands over to him and demands his reward Trabas. But after drinking a sip of wine has Trabas from the Grail, this breaks down. Magnus gets scared and runs away. For a long time in Trabas' Delma Mining Museum , all conduct between him and Magnus on camera from a black-clad man seen with a raven mask. The next day the newspapers say that you have Trabas' body was found motionless and he later disappeared without a trace. This example parallels to the disappearance, in which Lord Carnarvon visited the grave of Pharaoh Tutankhamun and then has fallen mysteriously into a coma after he was hit by the curse of the pharaoh. Nina's Medallion of Eye of Horus, which she had been given by Sarah, is found by Victor. Victor as it drops during sleep, Magnus finds it lying on the floor in Victor's office. He took on him and is haunted by nightmares ever since by increasing Trabas. The new history teacher, Wolf Radu, who replaced Luka Petkovic, then prevent him giving a pyramid, the nightmares will. Victor, meanwhile, has a meeting with the man who wears a raven mask over his head after this Victor has contacted over telephone. This is called Raven . Raven explains Victor Anubis lying about the house in secret rooms and secret on the wall and asks him to help him in finding it. It turns out that Raven brought the Grail in his possession. Victor thereupon ordered a floor plan of Anubis. Nina and Daniel can forge this plan, so that Victor is not looking for the secret room in the basement, but in the garden. Again and again, Raven and Victor will contact unexpected visit, to find out how much Victor is in finding the secret room. He put him under pressure when he threatens him, he would lose the house Anubis. In search of a gray hair involuntarily eavesdrop Nina and Delia a conversation between Raven and Victor in his office and find out that Victor is working together with someone. Meanwhile Luzy mentioned in a conversation with Charlotte the club. Experienced as the other Luzys betrayal, Luzy rises out of the club. When everything goes wrong Mara: Kaya has no time for them. When she asks Magnus if he helps her in designing her room, he says yes. The two develop feelings for each other and Mara do not know if she's still in love with Kaya. At the farewell party for Mr. Petkovic, Magnus kisses Mara. As Kaya learns about the kiss that is pissed at Magnus. In order to please Mara, Mara's sister Malika Luzy calls to persuade her to attend Mara. Mara is pleased with the visit from her sister. As Kaya separates from Mara, she announces that she with Malika in Switzerland goes. Charlotte, Luzy and Rosie can talk about a Halloween Victor's farewell party for Mara to make. Magnus, who finds his nightmare is going on regularly in his locker and Anubis again innumerable threatening letters. Here, the author is unknown. Magnus is to have something that belongs to the author. He threatens to Magnus, who do not know what he should do so, to lose everything that is dear to him, including Mara. As the author makes contact with Magnus on a chat program, it turns out that he is looking for a role - and not, as assumed by Magnus, after the medallion. The Club of Old Willow manages to concoct the trunk of the six beauties. At the Halloween party is Delia goes to the basement and the purple concoction smeared on the secret wall. On the surface, a faceless, dark-haired girl reveals in a white dress holding the Grail above their heads. Right next to the girls dive on new hieroglyphics, so that the entire wall with Nina photographed. Felix finds out that this is the second order. Three Egyptian Dominoes lead to the code, it says. The way of Amneris, the Egyptian game of dominoes from the year 1300 before Christ. Because they cost Stones 1000 € per piece, decisions of the club, they steal from the antique shop of Daniel's uncle Per. The club finds out that also a pyramid out of certain ingredients must be created which belong to the dominoes. Meanwhile, Daniel comes out of the club because he wants to be close to Nina's not just her good friend. He will be replaced by Luzy. When Mr. Daniel and Nina Altrichter the chicken Ingrid entrusted to a Bioligieprojekt, the two are forced to work together. Nina is furious with Daniel, who has kissed at the Halloween Party Charlotte. The two decide to take turns to look after the chicken, but when it steal into the same night in which Felix Luzy and the dominoes begin, to crow, Victor rushes into Nina's room and takes the chicken. Nina asks Victor to call Mr. Altrichter, which confirms the biology project. It turns out that it is an Ingrid Hahn. The night of Nina and Daniel have to spend in the bathroom along with Ingrid. Only when Nina sees in the wall mirror the spirit of Amneris, to reconcile the two again. Felix forgets his key ring in the antique shop, which is Daniel's uncle on the school of Mr. Altrichter attention. This reports the theft of Mr. Altrichter and calls to pull Felix accountable. Daniel has been notified to get, as the club has reached the rocks and take the blame upon himself to calm his uncle. Daniel tells him he was going to this one girl. Daniel's uncle, understands the situation and expected to return the stones when they are no longer needed. He learns that even Zeno Trabas has been asking about these stones. On the same day visited Raven Daniels uncle, who apparently already knows Raven, in his business. Raven then poisoned him with the poison in his blue ring, so that it falls into a coma. Daniel uses the printed photos of the secret wall to decipher all the hieroglyphics. He finds out that the dominoes must be made on the basis of their numbers in a specific order on the pyramid, before you let them fall over. Thus, the three dominoes reveal that belong to the secret wall. He writes a love letter with Nina simple hieroglyphics and submit it along with the photos on her desk. Victor, who is working on behalf Ravens continue to search for the secret room is, this letter, opens it and puts it on. Once the Club has mixed together the right ingredients for the pyramid, a sort of blue liquid, which is to sound. Set the dominoes in the correct order to the built, blue-tone pyramid and flip it around. Three light up the fallen stones. Back in the basement, they put the three stones in the appropriate compartments. At the same moment, the pyramid will disappear from the secret wall and a drawing is visible: The girl with no face is now on an increase in addition to black characters. In a book, Daniel finds out that they need to plant for the third order three lotus seeds in the soil of a deceased person. Victor is Rosie's son Benny, a heartthrob, as gofer one. Except for all the girls at the home of Mara are very pleased with him. Benny throws especially since an eye on Nina and this is no longer aware of their feelings is, they eventually all hidden under her bed, stuffed animals, because Benny is sent to repair her window. Victor wants to control as Benny's work, he finds all the stuffed animals at Nina's bed and pulls out her. He finds the papyrus scroll and takes it out of the Grail itself. Since Victor investigated further and any stuffed animals sewn back together wrong, the club suspects that Victor is on his verses. When Victor Benny instructions for Waste Disposal brings Benny burns a pile of newspapers, among which is the role. The role of burns, but Raven takes it anyway. Nina questioned by Benny's presence on their feelings about Daniel and faints, as Benny suddenly take a job with Mr. Altrichter in school. The latter asks Benny, to care for Nina and invites him as a thank you to the movies this one. As Daniel trusted her, he agrees. Return as Benny and Nina at midnight, watching Daniel as it comes almost to a kiss between the two. Furious, he goes back to his room and no longer notices that Nina prevents the kiss. Luzy and Felix manages to steal the necessary ground in a cemetery, while Daniel, who now acts against Nina repellent, notes that the seeds have to buy the Egyptian lotus flower only in India. He contacted a dealer who sold him the seed. Rosie finds a book by Victor left school and wants to organize a birthday party for him, while Charlotte, Luzy and Max are working on a school newspaper. They believe that Mr. and Mrs. Altrichter Angels have a relationship and they go unnoticed in Mr. Altrichter office in order to make the front page photograph. Victor's birthday to find the images of Mr. Radu's secret wall that Victor still has hidden in his office. Shortly after, Victor discovered his gifts at an invitation by Raven, at a meeting in the garden to bring these images. Raven now knows where to find the grave and love how much time is left. It lacks, however, still the chosen one. Nina's diary from Victor suspects that this is Nina. Daniel discovers that the seeds are no lotus seeds. Nina is from Delia, Charlotte and Luzy informed about Benny, who wanted to arrange a meeting with all three at the same time. Magnus gets more and more threatening letters, and while distancing themselves from Mara, who is mentioned in them menacingly. She asked Mr. Radu to speak with him. He entrusts himself unceremoniously at his teacher. Magnus gets the tip to focus on one object, to make decisions and steals the requested copy of the papyrus scroll from Felix 'Save. Mr. Radu sends a copy of the student newspaper to a friend, she with the second award - honors - a camping trip. All boarders must come. Raven calls on Victor ride, because he needs him there for the Gralsritual. Victor makes sure that Rosie and Benny ill and leaves on the ground, to cook with. On the way to walk to the camping camp Nina is kidnapped. Raven, in the nearby castle Ravenstein passes again everything he needed for the ritual, states that the medallion of the Horus eye, which lacks the chosen one must wear. Magnus gets a text message with the invitation to go to the castle. There, he is visibly shocked at the medallion Raven. Magnus panics when he sees the blue ring on Ravens hand. It's the same ring, focusing on the Lord Radu. Magnus, flees as he understood that Mr. Radu's the man with the raven mask and is the author of threatening letters, but can not leave the castle. Felix, Daniel and Luzy decide to look for Nina and land itself also in the chateau. There is now Victor, who is instructed by Mr. Altrichter to look for Nina. Raven and Victor pull the white-clad, shackled Nina the ceiling from the body and pull her mouth off the bandage, after which she begins to cry loudly. Raven succeeds, try to calm short, as he pointed to a day ago had become worse health status of their grandmother. He calls on them to raise their hands and hold up the grail, so that the Gralsritual can be completed. Victor and Raven are now about to perform the ritual. Season 2, Part 2: The Chosen One [ Edit ] Nina is stuck with Raven and Victor in the castle. The two orders of the Grail Nina bound to raise their hands. But when the time nothing happens, Raven dismayed. Nina then begins to scream loudly. Raven befielt Victor eliminate all traces, while Nina hides the Grail under her pillow. Victor tries to prevent Daniel, Felix and Luzy can penetrate to Nina. Raven poisoned Nina, who then falls into a coma, and disappears. Magnus, meanwhile, tried to liberate. As all doors are locked, he takes the fire extinguisher and breaks the window. As he climbs down the wall, he gets to like Mr. Radu, known as Raven, the coat and take off the mask decreases. Mr. Radu then it creates with Daniel, Luzy and Felix to go to Nina. Victor, meanwhile, has called the ambulance. This notes that Nina has a weak pulse and brings her to the hospital. Mara Magnus writes a message in which he reported that he has to go underground for a short time. In the evening, Daniel will finally know how it goes and Nina decides to visit her in hospital with Delia. Nina will then be too short, but can not remember anything. Mr. Radu, who is also studied there, the medallion and the eye of Horus Grail. Daniel and Delia are then caught by Victor as they try to sneak back into the house Anubis. In an interview with Kaya Benny learns that Victor's birthday is the last of the recalls Nina. He senses a chance to rest and Daniel Nina visited her in hospital. Since Benny has spent on Nina's friend, the nurse can no longer Nina Daniel, because he is not a relative. Daniel wants to prove that he is not Nina's friend and Benny. Kaya helps him find the letter that Nina has written for Daniel, where she apologized officially. Luzy watched Benny, as he hides the medallion and the letter in his safe. Daniel Kaya, and Charlotte Luzy hatch a plan to distract them long enough to Benny to bring Nina's stuff from Benny's safe. After Daniel has taken the letter and the locket by Nina in itself, Benny is furious. When Victor learns of a nurse that Benny has Nina's stuff, Benny Victor threatened to throw him out of the house, he should not immediately give him things Nina. Since it no longer has Benny and Victor scolds him, Benny has had enough. He packed his things and leaves the house Anubis. All but Rosie, are happy that Benny is gone. Daniel loses his visit to Nina and Nina's letter reads it. You may remember something. She disappears from the hospital and rushes to lock Ravenstein. There they sought the Grail, which she has hidden in the pillow and goes back inside Anubis. The relationship between Mara and Magnus is also not so good: Magnus, who has since resurfaced, Mara just will not say why he has disappeared. Mara thinks that you are not familiar with Magnus and can rebuff him. When Victor finds out that Nina is back in the house Anubis, he locked her in her room and Delia must spend the night in room of Luzy and Charlotte. Luzy Delia and Nina want to watch and try not to fall asleep, lest Victor Nina can eavesdrop. But when sleep Luzy and Delia and Charlotte disturbs the creak of the door, she makes them. Daniel sneaks while already on Nina's room. Rosie went back a few incantations and joined in the bathroom, whereupon Victor she was bathing, so Rosie comes back to mind. Fearing that Rosie might be ill, Mara Rosie lets her sleep in the room. But then Rosie will find another Amneris cries together and the whole house and makes the house ghost fixed. Nina's memories are not complete and Victor tries to spy on them, in which he asks for, inter alia, the Grail and the medallion. Victor has to pursue at the cemetery on a date with Raven, the Felix and Delia behind a bush. Daniel is very worried and drives to the ropes, as Felix and Delia tell him about the event. Meanwhile Luzy gets love letters and love poems. They hypothesized that Kaya wrote her letters and poems. Then Charlotte becomes jealous, because she is likeable Kaya. When Magnus not visited the classroom of Mr. Radu, Mara did not understand at all. Mr. Radu's lead with Magnus a long talk in the school. About the family history of Mr. Radu Magnus is well informed. He offers his help when Magnus meets his return, which was not yet known. To learn more about the seeds of blue lotus flower, Daniel visited his uncle in the hospital and is confident that his uncle knows about it. When Charlotte finds out that Max is the admirer of Luzy, they will help both to happiness. Max and Charlotte tinkering therefore a plan to prove Luzy that Kaya is not right for them. When Luzy will agree with Kaya, but says this off. During his visit to the hospital by his uncle, Daniel gets the key from the antiques store. Together with Delia and Felix find there the seeds of the lotus flower. Felix finally finds her in a casket in a bird cage. Then suddenly emerges as a Raven, Felix steals the seeds from the box and runs away unnoticed. Raven takes the box itself and vanishes as well. After Raven has found that the Sibunas have tricked him, contacted Mr. Radu's the health department, which will look in the past Anubis. Rosie, who is just carrying out another of her wraith is, by the Health Inspector as "crazy" means. He requested leave Rosie and Victor set a new housekeeper. Mr. Radu Daphne calls and asks them to apply for Victor. When Daphne quickly applying for the post of housekeeper, Victor holds none of it first. But when he noticed that Daphne has a stuffed dog as a pet, it is striking that they have the same likes and he falls in love with her. All residents of Anubis will find the new housekeeper Daphne likeable. All except Delia. Delia says she just wants to Victor einschleimen. Meanwhile, the club of old pasture planted the seeds of the lotus flower, which is growing dangerously fast. At night, Amneris visited the plant and they can grow. On the morning scare Nina and Delia. The plant has spread over Delia's dressing table. As they report them and Felix Daniel, Daniel said that the plant is dangerous because it has already warned his uncle before. Luzy has an idea how they can find out if Kaya has her admirers. They organized a kiss in the school competition and ensures that participates Kaya. Max will photograph all participants. Luzy as the competition for a moment alone is, Max uses the opportunity and kisses Luzy. Luzy thinks out that Kaya has kissed her. After the Kaya Mister Kiss has received Cup dreams at night of Luzy Luzy Max is confused. Why she dreams of Max? Nina returns to school and take care of Mr. Radu's touching them. Suddenly Nina can remember something and gets a panic attack. She leaves applied to the teaching of history. Daniel follows her and tries to comfort her. When they come back from school, the plant is wilted and Nina picks the new seeds. This put them in the wall in the secret room. The Sibunas are however disturbed by Victor and Daphne, taste the Victors moonshine. Mr. Magnus Radus commissioned by Nina snooping around in the room and Delia. There Amneris makes visible and frightened Magnus enormous. Meanwhile, Daphne and hit Mr. Radu and discuss their approach. Luzy Kaya and finally have a date. This runs but does not expect Luzys boring. The two have nothing to say. And questioned whether Luzy Kaya is her dream guy. Charlotte and Max learn from this date, and draw hope again that maybe Luzy still in love with Max. Charlotte also noticed that Luzy has recurring dreams of Max. She persuades Max, Luzy in a letter asking for a date. Luzy then arises as to date and there Kaya expected, Max suddenly appears before her. Luzy it verschlägt the language. She wants to know nothing more of Max, because he has lied to them for weeks. Luzy crying out in Charlotte. This tries to persuade her to give Max a chance. But Luzy wants, Max leaves the office. Max gets wind of it and wants to leave the school. Experiences as Luzy that she wants Max to stop at first, but then realizes that she has a little bit in love with him. She makes it just in time to stop Max and confesses her love to him. Delia, according to Felix and the puzzles looking new musical twins. A stroll through the park, they hit them. Only by telling a lie they can to persuade the father of the twins to appear in Anubis. Nina and Daniel visit Uncle Daniel. His condition has not improved. The two then go to the store and search a book. Unfortunately they had anticipated, and Raven has torn the required pages from the book. Raven is under further pressure on the Victor. Victor is terrified that he will lose the house Anubis if he does not meet demands Ravens. Nina dreams of Amneris and the melody can complete the concert. Delia Felix and Mr. Eiffel visit to pick up the instruments. Delia has pity on the old man and invites him to the concert. Mr. Altrichter wants that Daniel and Charlotte join the physics competition. Because of all learning hours at school, Daniel has to stay there longer. The Sibunas try to stop the twins and their father. Daniel is dressed up just in time back to boarding school and the concert can take place. Magnus is to listen for the Lord Radus Sibunas. He steals Delia's scarf and builds up a bug and it returns Delia. Mara watched the two and is jealous. Your nerves Magnus' behavior and she has tired of his excuses and white lies, and separates from him. However you want to know what he hides from her and follows Magnus. Felix builds an antique camera to see the aura of people and the blood trace. He asks Luzy, Max if he could help. Luzy reacts funny. Even with a picnic, it behaves strangely. Daniel has a lot of fun with Charlotte at the physics experiments. He does not realize that Nina feels left alone. Luzy and Max have a date that is interrupted by Kaya. Max invents Luzy to love an excuse. Luzy ashamed no longer with Max and introduces him to the school. When they are in the office of Mr. Altrichter kiss, they are surprised by it. Victor gets a lot of bills and he does not know how he will pay for all. He asks a bank employee, whether they can give him a loan. Since this financial situation is not possible in Victor, Victor reviled him as a cutthroat. The bank employee reported the then Mr. Radu. Victor has a new plan: he brews a truth serum. This was replaced by Daniel. After Victor Magnus caught in the cellar, he persuades him to drink a little serum. Magnus realizes that Victor is crap and serum qautscht with Victor until he falls asleep. It opens the secret wall and told Mr. Radu of his discovery. Out of jealousy for Charlotte Nina sneaks into the physics competition and there is the theoretical part. As the practical part of her one mistake happened and scared, she accidentally loses her wig. Nina ashamed so much that she leaves the physics laboratory. Daniel follows her and apologizes, but he has not recently cared about them. Nina can no longer continue in the competition. Daniel and Charlotte to win the prize, and Mr. Altrichter is very proud. Mara Amneris sees in the mirror in the bathroom and when she is still terrified of Felix, she faints. Magnus is Mara with Felix and does weird problems. Magnus then meet with Mr. Radu. Mara follows him but is distracted by Daphne. Luzy to win a game of chess against Max Max Therefore you imagine his father. Luzy in for a surprise. You can not believe that Mr. Altrichter is the father of Max. Felix is ​​the old-fashioned camera ready and shoot photos with other club members. Meanwhile, Mr. Radu and Daphne are planning a further blow to destroy Victor. Daphne distributed in Anubis aggressive wood worms. She is disturbed by Amneris, and follows her. In developing the photos and see the club members Amneris now know that Rosie was right. Sibunas hear the song from Maras rooms and visit them there. Daphne is locked in the closet of Amneris. Magnus sneaks into the secret room and there steals the Grail and the medallion. After Victor Daphne freed from the closet, he gets a visit from the bailiffs. He takes refuge with a white lie. Mr. Radu discovers that Mara's tuition is paid by an Arab account. Daphne will overshadow Mara. You will witness how they will meet with the secretaries of her father and gets a lot of money. Magnus Mara offers to 100 000 € to get his father out of jail. Magnus can not accept this gesture. Nina visiting her grandmother in the hospital. The nurse tells her that she has to live only two or three weeks. Daphne cheer on Nina. Victor Felix presented his ghost suckers. The demonstration is done with a little accident and Victor Felix forbids to use the vacuum cleaner. He also shows that Daniel and Delia. He travels from one curtain and smashed two chairs. Victor is furious and Daniel noticed the wood worms. Victor gets his insect spray and polluted the house of Anubis. As he searched the rooms of Magnus Felix and he is caught by Mara. Mara wants to see what Victor has sought and is caught by Magnus. Magnus thinks now that he spied Mara. Felix Mara consoles and offers itself as a ghost hunter. Luzy and Max and Charlotte want to Kaya's luck a helping hand. Luzy is reading Charlotte's diary that she can be with Kaya not together, because her father will not allow this relationship. Magnus recognizes that not the Grail and the locket safely in his room and he decides to bring the two treasures in the secret room. There, caught him and the Holy Grail and Victor took on him the medallion. Nina, Delia and Daniel have the same dream of Amneris, where she shows up. When Magnus wants to apologize to Mara, where Felix does, he is furious and wants the two have nothing to do. Delia calls on Rosie to ask them for advice. Nina visits her grandmother and gets support from Daphne. Daphne has agreed to meet with Victor. This happens no more. For Mr. Radu has found that Mara is related to Amneris and therefore is the chosen one. Delia and Felix want to listen to Rosie's advice and get in touch with Amneris. Amneris makes the two realize that Mara is the chosen one. Daphne stunned Mara with a poison and carries her off with Mr. Radu. Delia and Felix find the bloodline in Mara's room. Magnus, who is currently in the secret room sees Mara on the wall. Luzy and Max send Charlotte to an interview with Aylin. What Charlotte does not know, is the sister of Aylin Kaya. Aylin Charlotte is a ticket for her concert. Kaya is mad at Max, that the mystery of his sister he could not keep it to themselves. Charlotte and meet at the Kaya concert Aylin. After the representation, Kaya apologized to his sister Charlotte and both are on their way home. However, they are stopped by Luzy, Max, Mr. and Mrs. Altrichter angels that they invite to the Amusement Park. Max apologizes to Kaya. Daphne and Mr. Radu Mara caught hold in the lock. Mara realizes that Daphne has played to all and that Mr. Radu's just what is dangerous. The Sibunas noted that the Grail and the locket are gone and guess the things with Victor. Nina wants to reclaim the property and is caught by Victor. You can take the stone medallion in the Grail is not. Rosie will also appear and still finds Victor's bills. The bailiffs can come and evacuate the house Anubis. The Sibunas can fulfill the final task. You have to heat the stone from the medallion so long until it is golden brown. Daniel Felix and dress up the table and pick out hardwood from the secret room in the basement. As Nina inhales the smoke from the gem, she faints. Magnus is put under pressure by Mr. Radu. After he brought him to the Grail and the locket, he will now also get the gem. While Nina is impotent and obsolete Delia assistance, exchanges Magnus from the stone, and hurries back to the castle. He visited Mara, who tells him that he should close by the wall Close your heart to me says. He overhears Daphne, as with Radus phone and tells him that it was naive to believe him Magnus. The bailiff is appalled by the woodworm infestation and can block the Anubis. No one may enter it. Nina has now regained her memories and she knows where Mara is. The Sibunas decide to ask for help, and Mr. Radu's get him to the house of Anubis. There they meet Magnus. The five residents have no idea that Victor is watching them. Suddenly, Raven and the Sibunas learn that Mr. Radu's the man with the raven mask and that Magnus puts him under a blanket. Magnus and Raven go into the secret room. Raven puts the gem into the right field in the wall and the two learn that the time is at sunrise. Magnus comes to ponder and decide. He takes the Grail from Raven and the medallion and locks it using Mara's spell Close your heart to me in a secret room. In the hall he meets Nina, Daniel, Delia, and Felix, where he confesses everything to them, Nina returns the treasures and apologized to Felix. The five set off on the way to the castle, while Raven will be released by Victor. Raven tricks from Victor and locks him into the secret room. Charlotte, Kaya, Luzy, Max, Mr. and Mrs. Altrichter angels have great fun in the amusement park. After a roller coaster ride that threatens to suffocate Mr. Altrichter hard candy. Kaya and Mrs. Engel to help him, whereupon Mrs. Hubert kissing angel and asking them later to a dance. Mr. Altrichter takes the opportunity and makes angels wife to marry him. Mrs. Engel is not ready to marry Mr. Altrichter and disappears. Mr. Altrichter is in mourning. Max now writes with his wife Angel and tries to persuade her to marry Hubert yet. Max's plan works and Ms. Engel is in a wedding dress in the theme park. On the way to the castle to meet Nina, Daniel, Felix and Delia at Daphne, who is facing the Sibunas in the way and attacking them with a stick. Delia distracts Daphne, while Nina, Daniel Felix and sneak into the castle. Magnus looks like Raven Mara holds in its talons and wants to help her. On top of the tower then meet all the Raven has tied up Mara and Magnus tries to liberate. Nina, Delia, Daniel and Felix are threatened by Daphne with a spear. Raven attacks as Magnus, Mara did not want that something happens and Magnus holds up the Grail. Amneris and Tutankhamun appear. Raven Amneris is the Grail. Raven suddenly burns and dies. His remains will disappear. Daphne is furious and pulls away from. Amneris Tutankhamun and disappear, leaving a papyrus scroll with the coordinates of the grave love. Everything has changed for the better: Mr. and Mrs. Engel Altrichter have married Nina's grandma is again awakened from the coma, the relationship between Mara and Magnus runs well again, Charlotte and Kaya are now together and Magnus' father was released. Episodes [ Edit ]

Expand Season 1, Part 1: The secret club of old pasture Expand Season 1, Part 2: The Secret of the Tomb Expand Season 2, Part 1: The mysterious curse Expand Season 2, Part 2: The Chosen One

Charisma [ Edit ] The TV series is the 29th since September 2009, both on the children's channel Nickelodeon , Derem pay-TV channel Nicktoons , as well as on the music channel VIVA broadcast in prime time and initially includes a season with 114 episodes. This has been partially into two parts, the first 61 episodes to 18 Vondern December 2009 ran, the other 53 sequences of 15 February to 30 Aired April 2010. VIVA ended the broadcast after one season. The second season of the series ran from 20 September 2010 to 6th May 2011. The third season will air in fall 2011. Season Title Song Title Episodes Charisma (Germany) Nickelodeon of to Season 1 Part 1, The Club of Old pasture Anubis 61 29th September 2009 18th December 2009 Part 2 The Secret of the Tomb 53 15th February 2010 30th April 2010 Season 2 Part 1 The mysterious curse Find us 60 20th September 2010 10th December 2010 Part 2 The Chosen 60 14th February 2011 6th May 2011 Broadcasting in other countries [ Edit ]

Sweden / Denmark [ Edit ] In Sweden and Denmark for some time under the name of Anubis Huset aired the original series. Mexico [ Edit ] Even in Mexico since the original longer series from Belgium is on the transmitter Once TV shows. The Mexican title is La Casa de Anubis . USA, Great Britain [ Edit ] In the United States and Great Britain since the first January 2011 English remake called House of Anubis broadcast. Success [ Edit ]

How Viacom reported in a newsletter, the series was very successful. 0.38 million viewers watch the show every day and thus reached the station up to 22.4% market share (target group: 8-15 years, daily at 19:00-19:59 clock). [11] On 10 April won "Anubis" at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2010, the award for best television series. Ratings in the 8 - to 15-year-olds: [12] Month Broadcast new episodes Ratings Market share September 2009 3 0.11 million 7.2% October 2009 22 0.11 million 11.2% November 2009 21 0.15 million 13.0% December 2009 15 0.19 million 15.8% January 2010 0 0.12 million 9.3% February 2010 10 0.13 million 10.6% March 2010 23 0.19 million 13.1% April 2010 20 0.16 million 13.3% September 2010 14 October 2010 21 0.14 million 12.1% November 2010 22 0.2 million 12.0% December 2010 8 0.17 million 10.2% February 2011 11 0.14 million 13.1% March 2011 23 0.21 million 13.2% April 2011 21 0.16 million 12.1% May 2011 5 0.16 million 13.3% Film [ Edit ] On 9 May 2011 it was announced that there will be a movie for the same series. The shootings have been running for the 3rd May 2011 and are still taking place until July 2011 in Belgium. A theatrical release is planned for early 2012. [13] Occupation [ Edit ]

Occupation in Germany [ Edit ] Actor [ edit ] German Name German occupation Result Original Air Date Nina Martens Kristina Schmidt 1 - 2009 - Luzy Rosaline Schoppa Alicia Endemann 1 - 2009 - Daniel Gutenberg Daniel Wilken 1 - 2009 - Delia Seefeld Franziska Alber 1 - 2009 - Kaya Sahin Karim Günes 1 - 2009 - Felix Gaber Florian Prokop 1 - 2009 - Magnus von Hagen Marc Dumitru 1 - 2009 - Mara Minkmar Féréba Koné 1 - 2009 - Victor Emanuel Rodemer Kai Helm 1 - 2009 - Charlotte Bachmann Alexa Benkert [14] 124 - 2010 - Current Supporting Actor [ Edit ] German Name German occupation Result Original Air Date Edith Martens occasional appearances Gerda Boeken 1 - 2009 - Hubert Altrichter Ulrich Cyran 1 - 2009 - Rosie Shepherd Petra Marie Cammin 1-193 229 - 2009 - Doris Altrichter born Angel occasional appearances Jana Hora 7 - 2009 - Pierre Marant occasional appearances Theo Pfeifer 18 149 - Two thousand and nine 2,010 - Maximilian "Max" Ludwig Torben Bendig [15] 136 - 2010 - Interim Supporting Actor [ Edit ] German Name German occupation Result Original Air Date Mr. Sahin Numan Acar [16] 42-45 2009 Rufus Malpied Michael Witte 17-18 23-38 54-74 2009-2010 Linn Brede Meier Fecher Catherine [17] 59-62 75 2009-2010 Mohamed "Mo" Damion Osu 69-82 2010 Nabila 80-82 2010 Sarah Winsbrügge-Westerling Liane Düsterhöft [18] 3-12 36 45 89-91 2009-2010 Robbie Tom Gramenz [19] 53-56 110-112 Two thousand and nine 2,010 Steffie Lehmann Yvonne Burbach 11-63 112-114 2009-2010 Dr. Zeno Trabas Alexander von Janitzky 36, 57 94-129 Two thousand and nine 2,010 Luka Petkovic Sascha Kekez 4-140 2009-2010 Malika Minkmar 141-147 2010 Benny Shepherd Martin Zürcher [20] 158-182 2010-2011 [21] Hr. Eif 205-208 2011 Electrician Philip Schepmann [22] 204 2011 Employees of the Bank 212 2011 Bailiff 220, 230 2011 Prof. Bachmann Arthur Galiandin [23] 213-217 2011 Aylin Sahin Alexandra Hüsgen [24] 225-230 2011 Raven Kitzlinger Carlo [25] 128-234 2010-2011 Wolf Radu 143-234 2010-2011 Daphne Radus Silke Natho [26] 193-234 2011 Occupation in the Netherlands [ Edit ] Original Name Original Cast Follow Original Air Date Nienke Martens Loek Beernink 1-404 2006-2009 Patricia Soeters Silver bullion van Helbergen 1-336 355-370 2006-2009 Fabian Ruitenburg Lucien van Geffen 2-404 2006-2009 Amber Rose Bergh Iris Hesseling 1-404 2006-2009 Mick Zeelenberg Vincent Banic 1-404 2006-2009 Jeroen Cornelissen Sven de Wijn 2-404 2006-2009 Mara Sabri Liliana de Vries 1-146 2006-2007 Appie Tahibi # 1 Ahmed Akkabi 1-291 2006-2008 Appie Tahibi # 2 Kevin Wekker 292-404 2008-2009 Joyce van Bodegraven Marieke Westenenk 59-63, 73, 118, 124-370 2006, 2007-2009 Noa van Rijn Gamze Tazim 147-404 2007-2009 Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Walter Crommelin 1-404 2006-2009 Awards [ Edit ]

Award Result Kids Choice Awards 2010 Favorite TV Series Won Favorite actor for Florian Prokop Won 7th TV Awards Best Series for Children Won Wild And Young CMA Awards 2010 Nationally for best newcomer Daniel Wilken Lost Bravo Otto-election 2010 Favorite actress Kristina Schmidt Lost Kids Choice Awards 2011 Favorite Star for Kristina Schmidt Won DVD releases [ Edit ]

Season 1.1 was published on 18 February 2010 Season 1.2 was published on 27 May 2010 Season 2.1 was published on 9 December 2010 Season 2.2 was published on 6 May 2011 Soundtrack [ Edit ]

Chart placings explanation of the data Albums Anubis - The Album to series

   DE      67      11/12/2010      (2 weeks)       [27]
        AT      20      11/12/2010      (2 weeks)       [28]

Singles Find us

   DE      80      10/22/2010      (1 week)        [27]

Theme song for the second season was filmed a video to see in the excerpts from the first and second season are. The single is from the 8th October 2010 in the commercial, the song The Treasure of Anubis is also on the single. These two and ten other songs are also on the Anubis - The album , which on 29 Appeared in October 2010. Sing on the album Kristina Schmidt , Marc Dumitru , Alicia Endemann and Féréba Koné . The album was recorded in March within four weeks and go back to the Belgian original songs, but were heavily modified to be written from scratch. Track List [ Edit ] Anubis - The Album No. Title Artist / s 1 Find us Kristina Schmidt 2 Anubis (Album Version) Kristina Schmidt 3 The Treasure of Anubis Kristina Schmidt , Alicia Endemann , Féréba Koné , Marc Dumitru 4 You Kristina Schmidt 5 Love is a mystery Féréba Koné 6 A thousand questions Kristina Schmidt 7 Sunday Alicia Endemann 8 Path of the 7 sins Marc Dumitru 9 I'm Nina Kristina Schmidt 10 Nice, sweet, gentle Alicia Endemann 11 I want to sing Kristina Schmidt 12 True love Féréba Koné , Marc Dumitru Adaptations [ Edit ]

Books [ Edit ] The author of the books the series is called Alexandra Lowe . The author of the fan book is not known. The books published by Panini Verlag . Band Title Release Date Pages Volume 1 The secret club of old pasture 4th December 2009 336 Volume 2 The secret of the tomb 20th April 2010 336 The large fan book 6th October 2010 48 Volume 3 The mysterious curse 18th November 2010 336 Volume 4 The Chosen One 29th April 2011 336 Volume 5 The secret of Winnsbrügge-Westerling 15th November 2011 336 Video Games [ edit ] The video game Anubis - The secret of Osiris is available for the PC (OS: Windows 2000 , Windows Server 2003 , Windows Vista and Windows XP ) and for the Nintendo DS . This is a point & click adventure game in the puzzle solved and secrets must be revealed. In the PC version are the voices of Nina, Victor Daniel and the original from the TV series. Radio plays [ Edit ] For the first season, two radio plays have been published. For the second season so far a radio play has been published. Web Links [ Edit ]

Official website Detailed Episode Guide Anubis in the online film database External links [ edit ]

↑ website of the marketer Studio100 Media ↑ announcement by Viacom ↑ Pap: "Nick brings soap opera for children": horizon 19th 12/2009 March 2009 p. 30 ↑ ANUBIS: The Ride . Lifthill.net. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ Interview with the Director of Marketing, Licensing & Merchandising of Studio 100 ↑ "Nick continues his Mysterysoup" Anubis "continue" . DWDL.de. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ "Anubis" Movie Star Goes ↑ http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis_en_het_pad_der_7_zonden (Dutch) ↑ http://www.cp-agentur.de/neu/news.aspx TV series "The House of Anubis" in extension ↑ http://www.starflash.de/artikel/franziska-alber-das-haus-anubis-interview-209081.html Exclusive: Interview with Franziska ↑ Anubis writes success story . Viacombrandsolutions.de. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ NICK forum. NICK facts and figures . Nickforum.de. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ Anubis - as soon as a movie! ↑ http://www.fcnorden.de/site.php?s=alexabenkertimhauptcastvon--dashausanubis-- Alexa Benkert in the main cast in "The House of Anubis" ↑ Torben Max Bendig plays "The House of Anubis" ↑ http://www.vollfilm.com/numan-acar Agency Numan Acar

by Catherine Fecher

↑ Liane Düsterhöft (PDF). agency-samuel.de. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ Tom Gramenz (PDF). neanderstrasse.de. Accessed on 26 June 2010. ↑ Martin in Zurich "Anubis" ↑ October 2010: Zurich Martin again open for new ↑ Philip Schepmann at "The House of Anubis" ↑ Atrhur Galiandin at "The House of Anubis ↑ Alexandra Hüsgen at "The House of Anubis" ↑ Kitzlinger Carlo in "The House of Anubis" ↑ Silke Natho in Anubis ↑ a b c Chartverfolgung Germany: source 1 / source 2 ↑ a b Chartdiskografie Austria Expand Nickelodeon live action series-


Year Name GER AUT Notes
2010 Das Haus Anubis - Das Album (en. The house of Anubis - The album) 67 (2 weeks) 20 (2 weeks) Singers: Marc Dumitru, Féréba Koné, Nina Schmidt, Alicia Endemann


Released date Title Translation Pages
4 December 2009 Der geheime Club der alten Weide The secret club of old pasture 336
20 April 2010 Das Geheimnis des Grabmals The secret of the tomb 336
6 October 2010 Das große Fanbuch The big fan book 48
18 November 2010 Der geheimnisvolle Fluch The mysterious curse 336
29 April 2011 Die Auserwählte The chosen one 336


Year Award Result
Kids Choice Award 2010 Germany
2010 Favorite TV series Won
2010 Favorite actor for Florian Prokop Won
7. Fernsehpreis
2010 Best series for children Won
CMA Wild and Young Awards 2010
2010 Best newcomer national for Daniel Wilken Lost
Bravo Otto-Wahl 2010
2010 Favorite actress for Kristina Schmidt Lost
Kids Choice Awards 2011 Germany
2011 Favorite actress for Kristina Schmidt Won
  • The names of the categories are translated into English

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