Cuisine of Venezuela

Cuisine of Venezuela

Due to its position in the world, its diversity of industrial resources and the cultural multiplicity of the Venezuelan people, Venezuelan cuisine often varies greatly from one region to another but its cuisine, traditional as well as modern, has strong ties to its European ancestry (Italian, Spanish, and French). The most common foods by region can be broadly classified as follows:

* Eastern states ("Oriente"), south eastern-states (Guayana) and northern states (Caribe): a wide gamut of fresh- and saltwater fish, seafood and crustaceans; tubers such as potato and yam; cereals such as corn, rice and pasta (where Venezuelans are number 2 in the world after Italy); beef - especially in the southern Llanos, where several sorts of soft, white cheese are also produced ("guayanés", "de mano", "crineja", etc.); fresh vegetables and fruit (lettuce, tomatoes, plantains).

* Western states ("occidente"): common meats include goat (usually prepared with tomato) and rabbit ; extensive use of plantain and a variety of cheeses. Dishes are influenced by the local tribes as well as by Colombian cuisine.

* Central region: mainly poultry, beef, pork, fish (stewed or boiled), pasta (a predominant staple), rice, and salads. Influence from Europe (Italy in particular) as well as from other Venezuelan regions is readily noticeable.

* Llanos: beef and game (deer, chigüire, lapa, morrocoy, etc.), mostly grilled or roasted; corn (in the form of cachapas), cheese and other milk derivates.

* Andean region: potatoes and other tubers, wheat; beef, lamb and chicken; not much fish as the region doesn't have a coastal line -the exception being trout, which is raised on fish farms. Dishes show Euopean and native Andean peoples' influences.

Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, eggplants, squashes and zucchini (commonly called "calabazines") are common sides to the Venezuelan diet.

Below is a list of popular and typical Venezuelan dishes and snacks:

Main dishes

*"Asado negro"
*"Bistec a caballo"
*"Bollo pelón"
*"Cachapa" - Maize tortilla.
*"Cachitos" - de jamón, similar to French croissants
*"Chivo al coco" - a generous serving of shredded goat cooked in coconut milk, topped with mofongo (fried, mashed green bananas).
*"Corbullón de mero"
*"Ensalda Caprese" - Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella, basil)
*"Ensalada de pollo" - Chicken salad.
*"Lengua de Res" - Cow tongue "a la vinagretta" (in a vinaigrette)
*"Mondongo" (Tripe).
*"Ñoquis" - Potato pasta, more prominent in the Central region.
*"Hervido de gallina" - Hen soup
*"Pabellón criollo" - "Creole pavilion", the National dish.
*"Pastel de pollo"
*"Pasticho" - the Venezuelan version of lasagna; from the Italian "pasticcio" [cite web
date=21 June 1998
title="Pasticho" (Spanish)
*"Pescado sudado"
*"Pisca Andina"
*"Pisillo de chigüire"
*"Polenta" - it is also known as "Funche" in some areas of the country.
*"Sancocho de pescado"
*"Sopa de rabo"
*"Torta de plátano"
*"caraotas negras (black beans)"

Typical snacks



*"Besitos de coco" - small and round coconut candy
*"Cannoli" - often called "cannoli siciliano"
*"Conserva de coco"
*"Conserva de güayaba"
*"Dulce de leche" - A solid version made in Coro.
*"Dulce de lechoza"
*"Mousse" de chocolate
*"Pudín de chocolate" - Chocolate pudin.
*"Quesillo" - Local style Flan.
*"Pionono" - Spanish rolled cake also "brazo gitano"
*"Torta de queso" - Cheese cake
*"Zabaglione" - crema "Zabayon"


*"Chinotto" - Italian lemon/lime soda
*"Leche de Burra"
*"Toddy" - Powdered sweetened chocolate, served with milk hot or cold
*"Papelón con limón"
*"Ponche crema"
*"Jugo de Parchita" - Maracuja juice
*"Jugo de Mango"
*"Cocada" - Coconut milkshake, found mostly in coastal areas


*"Pan Dulce"
*"Pan Chabata" - Italian "ciabatta"
*"Pan Frances" or "Baguette"
*"Pan Siciliano" - round loaf of country bread.
*"Pan De Jamón" - usually filled with ham, bacon, olives, and raisins and usually eaten during Christmas season.


*" Queso de Año"
*" Queso de Bola relleno"
*" Queso de Cabra"
*" Queso de Mano"
*" Queso Mozzarella" (Original Italian Cheese)
*" Queso Guayanes"
*" Queso Telita"
*" Queso Paisa"
*" Queso Parmesano"
*" Cuajada andina"
*" Queso Palmizulia"
*" Queso Clineja - Venezuelan slang. RAE (Crizneja)"


*"Marquesa de almendras" - Almond marquise.
*"Torta Burrera
*"Torta de jojoto" - Corn Cake
*"Torta de pan" - Bread cake.
*"Torta negra"
*"Torta de auyama" - Pumpkin cake.
*"Torta Tres Leche"
*"Bienmesabe" - made with coconut and meringue


*Guasacaca - sauce made with avocado, parsley, peppers, onions, and garlic.
*Tajadas - fried plaintain slices


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