List of M.I. High characters

List of M.I. High characters

This is a list of all significant characters from the TV series M.I.High, a CBBC series.


Main Protagonists

Rose Gupta is one of the M.I. High agents, is geeky she features in every series, being one of the few characters to do so. Rose is the scientific, technical and analytical expert, and is also portrayed as far smarter than the rest of the schools pupils, and also the teaching staff; the teachers often also rely on her to help them out. She is the eldest of three siblings and her parents own the local DVD rental store. In the episode 'Eyes on Their Stars', Rose is shown to play the tuba, although in the episode, she switches to clarinet at the end of the episode. She also has a hidden talent for singing, shown when she sang with Crush. In season 3 she temporarily joins a school for exceedingly intelligent children, but returns to Saint Hope's when it's true purpose is revealed. In the episodes "The B team" and "The New Grand Master" Rose developes a crush on Scoop, and at the end of the former she states "The real Scoop is brave, thoughtful and kind, and the only thing holding him back is himself." In "The Grand Master", it is revealed that Scoop still likes Rose in spite of not knowing that she's a spy, and each wants to go to the disco with the other.

  • Played by: Rachel Petladwala

Oscar Cole is one of the two new characters of series three replacing Blane and Daisy. Oscar is hiding under a secret identity, as part of an MI9 protection program, and in the first three episodes he was in, he was secretive about his past until Rose needs to access his file in 'Agent X'. Oscar's mother was, and is, a S.K.U.L. agent, and after a failed attempt by M.I.9. to arrest her just over 2 years ago, she was forced to leave him. Oscar was taken to various safe-houses and training centres, to become the spy he is now. In the episode 'The Mole', we discover that Oscar has a fear of the dark. When his character is first introduced in 'Art Attack', Frank states that he speaks 14 languages but not Spanish as revealed in 'Think Tank'. Avril Has a massive crush on him and he hates being stalked by her, In the episode 'Family Trees' she starts hacking into his Secret identity. At the end of 'B Team', series 5, Oscar kisses Avril on the head. In the 'The Lost Hero' it is revealed that his dad is alive and working as the mole for SKUL.

  • Played by: Ben Kerfoot

Carrie Stewart is the other new character replacing Blane and Daisy. Carrie is a keen gymnast, and has ambitions to become a professional gymnast. Episode 'Agent X' tells us that her mum encourages this idea, and she gets Carrie to keep an internet blog, so that when she is famous, her fans can keep track of her. Carrie seems to have replaced Blane.

  • Played by: Charlene Osuagwu

Frank London was head of part of training that Rose was taking between series two and three. Later on in the first episode, we discover he has taken over Lenny's position, because Lenny has moved on. Frank is also employed as the school caretaker.

  • Played by: Jonny Freeman

Blane Whittaker was one of the three original agents in M.I.High. Blane was a Karate black belt, and holds the UK long jump record. Blane has been best friends with Stewart since the age of six, but after joining MI9, he hasn't been able to spend as much time with Stewart as he's wanted to. It was mentioned in 'Nerd Alert' that Blane has an older brother who's in the military. After the end of series two, both Blane and Daisy leave the series, to go off and train new child agents for MI9. Blane's hobbies include watching martial arts films and playing video games. He is also in love with Daisy as this is blatantly obvious throughout the series. Also he becomes quite jealous of Chad the CIA double agent when Daisy shows an interest in him.

  • Last Appearance: Asteroid Attack
  • Played by: Moustafa Palazli

Daisy Millar was one of the three original agents in M.I.High. Daisy is supposedly a master of disguise, and in many episodes she dresses up and goes undercover. Daisy is an only child. Her parents both work abroad. In 'The Power Thief', we learn that her dad is the chairman of a museum trustee board and is famous because of the position. She has met the Queen because of her dad's position and lives in a big country estate, although she tells no-one at school about her family or where she lives. Only Blane finds out the truth in 'The Power Thief'. She loves boysband "Crush". After the end of series, two both Daisy and Blane leave the series, to go off and train new child agents fo MI9. She has a crush on Blane but hasn't told him though he asks her in the episode Spy Animals whether she fancied him or not. She also got jealous of Irena when Blane shows an interest in her. Daisy is very 'Girly' and she often calls rose a 'Geek' and in the episode 'the Others' she says that Rose and the Worm could 'Get Married' and Have 'Geeklets'

Lenny Bicknall was an M.I.9 agent deep undercover posing as Saint Hope's School's caretaker. He has an old war wound on his hip which causes him to walk with a cane. He has been with M.I.9 for many years and has been involved in several espionage missions. His storeroom is the secret entrance to the M.I.9 school section, and he has his own personal spy gadgets including a signalling device concealed within the handle of his broom, which he uses when in caretaker guise contact agents under his care. Lenny moves on from M.I.High before series 3, and is replaced by Frank.


The Grand Master

The Grand Master
M.I.High character
First appearance The Sinister Prime Minister
Portrayed by

Kerry Shale (2007)

Julian Bleach (2008-present)
Species Human
Gender male
Occupation Criminal
Family Agent Zero (nephew), Leah Retsam (granddaughter)

The Grand Mistress

  • Played by: Tracy Ann Oberman (series four).

S.K.U.L. Agents

The Guinea Pig (S.K.U.L. Evil Scientist), Real Name: Professor Sally Moreau , is renowned for her discredited experiments. Self-experimentation has caused her to mutate into a half-human, half-guinea pig hybrid. She works for the Grand Master and is sponsored by S.K.U.L. She tried to take over the world using a cyber clone of the Prime Minister until the M.I. High spies discovered her plans.

Tony Frisco (S.K.U.L. - Crush's Manager) is a has-been, a one-hit wonder. He was humiliated awfully on the TV real life show 'Pop Factor'. He is a bossy Manager and doesn't really care about Crush. He works for the Grand Master.

Crush (Pop Stars) were managed by S.K.U.L. associate Tony Frisco. They wanted to sing their own lyrics but weren't allowed; Frisco made them sing a song which hypnotised the crowds to buy their single. Blane and Rose helped set them free from Frisco's clutches in "Eyes on Their Stars" with an 'antidote' song to reverse the hypnosis. Daisy is their 'biggest fan' and thinks they are gorgeous, but Blane disagrees and says that they are talentless. Their single has been downloaded over 40 million times. Crush member Arran hasn't spoken in public since May 12, 2001.

  • Played by: Julian Gregory, Ryan Gregory, Eliot Gregory.

Sonya Frost (S.K.U.L. Secretary and ex-TV Weather Girl) is a secretary for the Weather Bureau. She is also a former weather girl, she was sacked from this job after one of her predictions was dramatically out of proportion. Her 'secretary' post was actually a cover; she had invented a weather machine that Roger Powel was going to present as his own. Little knowing, Sonya had sold her idea to the Grand Master and S.K.U.L. She studied physics at Oxford University.

  • Played by: Siobhan Hewlett.

Brent Gilbert (S.K.U.L. Retired Tour Guide) is a criminal with no experience, but is an expert on the Dark Stones. He attempted to send the world back into the Dark Ages. He was funded by S.K.U.L. and he was a tour guide at Serinturk.

The Worm (S.K.U.L. Hacker) is an unnamed immature child who likes to get free access into top secret sites. He has a big ego and is a mummy's boy. He was funded by S.K.U.L. and attempted to crash SPARTA, the UK Defence Satellite. In the second series he has been re-educated by M.I.9 and returns as a spy for M.I.9's second child team. It is also shown that he has a poorly disguised crush on Rose in saying that 'Rose will think of something. She's brilliant'

  • Played by: Steven Meiklejohn.

Chad Turner (S.K.U.L. and CIA Double Agent) is an arrogant CIA agent. He was a popular kid at Saint Hope's. He was working for the Grand Master in an attempt to sell the MT3000 for a lot of money. He made Blane jealous because he was a better football player and Daisy liked Chad, yet Blane has a crush on Daisy. Fortunately he was later arrested by M.I.9.

  • Played by: Toby Regbo.

Silas Fenton (Aspiring S.K.U.L. Agent and Inventor) is an inventor who seriously wants to be in S.K.U.L., even though the Grand Master has serious doubts about this! He used several animals, including the Grand Master's own General Flopsy, to spy on the Saint Hope's staff. He used truth darts and spy cams. He attempted to suck out Daisy's brain using flies. His brain was sucked out, leaving him a completely mindless fool. He was then asked to become a member of S.K.U.L. to take part in the annual Big Six meeting bt was put in prison when M.I.9 raided the meeting.

  • Played by: Jeremy Swift.

Vanessa Zietgeist (S.K.U.L. Beautician) is a beautician working for the Grand Master (or as she calls him, "G.M."). She is around 60. She was on a quest to stay young, having won a beauty pageant at six years old but ended up on the beauty scrapheap at twenty-one. She contaminated the drinking water at N.O.S.E. with a regression formula which made top scientists the mental age of three; the whole of Saint Hope's – both teachers and children – were also regressed when a sample of the formula was poured into the custard being prepared for school lunch by the affected Dr. Grabworst. At the end of the episode, she accepted her true age and betrayed the Grand Master.

General Ryan Scarp (S.K.U.L. and British Army General) is the British Army officer responsible for the security of Dylan Towser. Believing that there would be no place for the Army once world peace was achieved, he went insane and attempted to start a Third World War using real missiles substituted for the dummy weapons provided for the launch to demonstrate the neutralising power of the Missile Disarmer. He destroyed the first Missile Disarmer, but was later overcome and arrested.

Carla Terrini (M.I.9, S.K.U.L. - Air One Agent) has won five Young Agent of the Year awards. She was trained by Lenny and owes everything she knows to him, but now works for a special M.I.9 force called Air One. But although she is a dedicated agent, she seems to have forgotten her right from wrong. She stormed off in a huff when Air One's authority over M.I.9 was invalidated.

  • Played by: Rebecca Palmer.

Agent Zero (The Grand Master's Nephew) is the brainless and rather boring nephew of the Grand Master. Unlike his devious and evil "Grand Uncle" , Agent Zero has no interest in taking over the world and/or working for S.K.U.L.; he'd rather tuck into a delicious Pot Noodle or some tasty sandwiches instead!

  • Played by: Mark Bagnell.

Leah Retsam (The Grand Master's Grandchild) Works as an assistant for David Dehaveland. She kidnapped the president.

Lorenzo Ferrago A fashion designer, however he has no talent. He relies on Evie Solomon, a talented fashion designer. When he lost sales, he began to work for SKUL.

Maximus Fiticus A fitness coach who is utterly obsessed with being fit. He works for the Grandmaster.

Saint Hopes

Current characters

Mr. Kenneth Flatley is the headteacher of Saint Hopes, and is one of the few characters who features in all five series. He is easy going but has a determined streak and an obsession for getting things right. He really believes in Saint Hope's School and its pupils. He has great patience and works long hours without complaining. Though there has been no improvement in school results, morale or truancy levels, Mr. Flatley's optimism remains undented. He was slightly jealous of Lenny, showing this by making him do menial jobs, however he seems to get on better with Frank, and uses a friendship with him to assist with escaping Mrs. King. Episode 'The Mole' reveals that Mr. Flatley is terrified of moles. He also seems to have a little crush on Miss Templeman as shown on "Spy animals".

  • Played by: Chris Stanton

Mrs. Hermione King is a new teacher to series three. She is introduced as the new deputy head of Saint Hopes. Mrs. King does not like the way that the school is run, and believes that they should revert to traditional teaching methods, and is constantly pointing out how bad the school's exam results are. Mrs. King indicates to the Ofsted reporter that visits the school that she feels she should become headteacher, although the Ofsted reporter criticises her for not taking her job as part of a team.

  • Played by: Channelle Owen

Avril Franklin is another character to join St Hopes in series 3. A goth (But not really like the goth stereotype) artist who seems to have a large crush on Oscar, which sort of frightens him. She is rather caring though, for example, in episode 3 (series 3), "Agent X", when the school is evacuated, she comes out, anxious because she hasn't seen Oscar exit the school. She cares about a variety of real issues, such as the environment, animal rights and human rights. She often criticises anything that could be exploitation, doesn't deal with "real issues" or encourages competition.

  • Played by: Jenny Huxley Golden

Davina Berry is the thick one in the class. She only cares about what she looks like and has a fear of folk music which she overcomes in "The Mole". She joins St. Hopes in series three. Davina is generally seen hanging around with Donovan, who she gets on with most of the time but she sometimes bosses him around.

  • Played by: Eliza Cummings-cove.

Donovan Butler is a character quite similar to Davina, a young good looking boy who seems to focused on fame and money . He is mainly seen hanging around with Davina and seems to have a fear of cordoroy which he overcomes as shown in "The Mole",Donovan was also added into the series at season 3, he is seen most of the time hanging around with Davina. In series 4 stops wearing posh clothes and starts to wear trendier clothes e.g. trainers, he also has his ear pierced and he also has spiked up hair. Donovan and Davina are like best friends.

  • Played by: Joseph Cocklin

Scoop Doggy who is actually called Timothy Hinklebottom. He has a very thick character, however as revealed in "The B team" he is quite clever and has the potential of a spy (though this is mainly thanks to 'Smart Ease'). Rose Gupta saved Scoop's life once in "The New Grand Master", and he was determined to find the mystery girl who saved his life. Carrie teases him a lot because of his stupidity "act" as Rose put it. He temporarily found out about Rose's spy status in "The B Team", and in the same episode realised she was the girl who saved his life (though he later forgot all this). In "The Gran Master" he tries to ask Rose to the disco, but is too afraid to do so, which shows that he may still subconsciously know who she is. He is also secretly a talented artist, which is found out in "The New Grand Master".

  • Played by: Sam Melvin

Former Characters

Ms Helen Templeman is a teacher at St Hopes and Blane, Rose and Daisy's form teacher. Luckily for the school, but unluckily for the spy team, their form teacher is a young, sensitive, ambitious teacher. She secretly fancies Lenny but is too shy to tell him. However in "Spy Animals", she nearly reveals her secret while given a truth serum. Mechanics is one of her hobbies. Miss Templeman is not featured in series three.

  • Played by: Jane Cameron.

Stewart Critchley is Blane's best friend and side-kick, he believes in UFOs and the supernatural. His favourite TV programme is Star Trek and he also runs the school radio club. Stewart knows nothing about Blane being a spy but Blane has been close to telling him a few times. However Stewart gets suspicious how Blane keeps disappearing all the time. Stewart has feelings for Daisy, but indicates he likes Rose more. Stewart has earned his Green Blue Peter Badge and can be seen wearing it on his coat and school uniform. Stewart, like most of the characters from the first two series', disappears at the start of series three.

  • Played by: Scott Gibbins.

Fifty Pence, real name Julian Hamley, is the school bully at St Hopes. He always gets bad grades at school and thinks he is a great rapper. He has won a brave kid award. In "Spy Animals" we learn that his bullying is the result of him over compensating for his feminine side. The name "Fifty Pence" is believed to be a parody of the American rap musician Curtis James Jackson III who uses the stage name Fifty Cent.

  • Played by: Sam Ardley.

Kaleigh is the tough ring-leader of the class gang, and has a 'couldn't care less' attitude. She is friends with Daisy and Zara, and only cares about her hair and her nails.

  • Played by: Leonie Boyd.

She is replaced by the character of Letitia in series two.

  • Played by: Princess Webb.

Zara is friends with Daisy and Kaleigh, the popular girls in School. She is constantly confused and seems to be a bit ditzy but she doesn't mind, as long as her clothes are in season and she is looking fashionable.

  • Played by: Bethany Denville.


Prime Minister Llewllyn (World Leader - United Kingdom) was the leader of the UK and was kidnapped and cloned by the Guinea Pig in an attempt to start a war with Europe. He was also talking to the Space Centre Director and Lenny Bicknall on the telephone in "Nerd Alert". He was present during the Ryfield plane crisis and the asteroid emergency when he and his advisors, ministers, the Royal Family and other VIP's were relocated to a safety bunker. By 2009, he had been replaced by Planer. Term of Office: 2001 - 2008

Prime Minister Planer (World Leader - United Kingdom) was the leader of the UK during "The Visit", he had a daughter named Chiati-Marie, who was a poor gymnast. While his daughter was performing at St. Hopes, Planer was kidnapped by Boldovian criminals and forced to release the three most dangerous Boldovian criminals. MI9 intervened and PM Planer was saved.

MI 9 Presenter / Agent (1950's MI 9 Training Film) Presents the MI 9 training films in series 5. From the old school MI 9, he is a bit like Q from the James Bond films. He introduces 'Smart-ease' which allows normal people to super speed learn new skills and results in new pupils becoming agents.

  • Played by: George Murphy

Mary Taylor MP (Government Minister) is the Education Minister in the government. She believed she was allergic to children, but this was untrue. She attempted to have all of Britain's children sent to an Alcatraz version of a prison, telling the kids it was an adventure holiday. After a moment of madness in attempting to kidnap the children herself, she is last seen being hounded by the press. It is unknown if she resigned from the government

Head of M.I.9 (M.I.9 Spy Master) is the spy in charge of M.I.9. She is talking to Lenny in "The Big Freeze" saying that she has had to cancel her barbecue. She later appears in "Spy Animals" being at M.I.9 in the bugged meeting room. In "Forever Young" she talks to Lenny saying they need results. However by the Crimewave episode, the Head of MI9 was replaced by another woman. The same Head of MI9 appeared in more episodes in Series 3.

Chief agent Stark (MI9 Bossyboots) is a new character and does not approve of Frank London and his MI High team and turns his nose up at Maurice Hutchingson as well. The head of MI9 gets cross with him for his idiocy and rudeness in episode 5 and 6 of series 4.

  • Played by: Jonathan Rhodes

Roger Powel (Weather Bureau - Head of Research) Head of Research at the Weather Bureau. Attempted to pass Sonya Frost's weather machine as his own. He has no idea of the existence of S.K.U.L. He only had one A-level and he came clean by telling the public that Sonya invented the Weather Machine. After this he was sacked at the Weather Bureau.

  • Played by: Simon Kunz.

Kyle Whittaker (British Army) is Blane's twelve-year senior brother, who is a commando in the British Army. Kyle was almost called into a Special Forces raid on The Worm's house which could have ended in disaster.

  • Played by: Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

Dr. Simon Grabworst (N.O.S.E. Scientist) is the Chief Scientist at the National Organisation for Scientific Exploration – N.O.S.E. for short. He was affected by the water contaminated by Vanessa Zietgeist's regression formula, and attempted to tell the M.I.9 agents about how to solve the antidote by doing drawings. An antidote developed by Rose restored both him and the whole of the affected Saint Hope's to normal.

  • Played by: Michael Webber.

Dylan Towser (British Army) is a very rich and intelligent boy genius who uses a wheelchair. He is working for the British Army to develop a Missile Disarmer. His Head of Security was General Ryan Scarp. He was kidnapped by Scarp who wanted to start a war with the missiles provided for the launch. His first Missile Disarmer was destroyed by Scarp, but he managed to build another just in time to stop the real missiles with which Scarp planned to start a Third World War.

  • Played by: Louis Marlow.

Sergeant Rayner (British Army) is a British Army sergeant and subordinate of General Ryan Scarp. She does not tolerate incompetence, whingers or weaknesses of any other sort. But although she might be loud and scary, deep down, she has a good heart.

Lu (M.I.9 Human Robot) appears to be an ordinary-looking Chinese boy, but he is actually a human robot; the product of a eugenics program. To enable him to test-pilot a probe for M.I.9, his body has been specially designed to withstand the g-forces involved in air flight. An expert in science, Lu finds a friend in Rose.

  • Played by: Tai-Li Lee.

Maurice' (MI9 Animal Expert) is introduced in series 3. He is the MI9 rabbit expert and somewhat resembles a rabbit because he has a nose which can't stop twitching. Chief Agent Stark is not very pleased that MI9 employed him.


Konnie Huq (BBC Presenter) is a real-life Blue Peter presenter. She knows about climate change and global warming. The Grand Master is her biggest fan.

  • Played by: Herself.

Mr. Gupta (Rose's Dad) is Rose's pushy dad. He has high hopes for her and if she gets anything below an 'A' grade he is not happy. He wants to send her to posh school Montsignor Academy until Lenny convinces him that Saint Hope's is as hi-tech as it gets.

  • Played by: Quill Roberts.

Lena Larsson is Carrie's gymnastic friend from Boldovia. She is very kind and caring but little known to Carrrie she works for the Boldovian government. She explains to Carrie in a letter that the Boldovian government threatened kidnap her parents in series 3.She has not appeared in any other episodes but "The Visit".

  • Played by: Kristina Godwin

Irene Ryfield (Main antagonist in episode Spy Plane) is the daughter of the creator of the X20 Spy Plane, which has a cloaking device. She steals the plane her dad has been working on for the past 10 years, simply because he does not pay her enough attention because of it. She puts it up for sale on the black market, and Blane poses as the son of an oil baron to buy the plane. Blane really fancies her, much to Daisy's annoyance, especially as she doesn't find out about her until quite late, as she had her own mission; investigating Stewart in an invisibility suit. Irene finds out Blane isn't really an oil baron,(thanks to her heavy, Mr X, who is later revealed to be called Tyrone)just as he is about to buy the plane, so Blane has to stop her getting away with the money (almost crashing the plane in the process, and then running out of fuel), and MI9 punish her by making her teach adults to fly. Her dad then has to spend some quality time with her. She asks if Blane can come and help too, but Daisy quickly puts her in her place and literally pulls Blane away from her, making her feelings toward him very clear, and Blane very embarrassed!

  • Played by: Jemma McKenzie Brown [1]

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