Current quark mass

Current quark mass

The current quark mass is also called the mass of the 'naked' quarks. The mass of the current quark is reduced by the term of the constituent quark covering mass.

The current quark mass is a logical consequence of the mathematical formalism of the QFT, thus it is from a not descriptive origin. The current quark masses of the light current quarks are much smaller than the constituent quark masses. Reason for this is the missing of the mass of the constituent quark covering.

The current quark mass is a parameter to compute sufficiently small color charges.

Definition: The current quark mass means the mass of the constituent quark mass reduced by the mass of the respective constituent quark covering.

Between current quark mass and constituent quark mass there is no difference for the heavy quarks (C,b,t).This is not so with the easy heavy quarks.

The comparison of the results of the computations with the experimental data supplies the values for the current quark masses.

Masses of the current quarks:
mu =2-8MeV/c2 mc =1,0-1,6GeV/c2 mt =168-192GeV/c2
md =5-15MeV/c2 ms =0,1-0,3GeV/c2 mb =4,1-4,5GeV/c2

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