CoreSoft Core Banking Solution

CoreSoft Core Banking Solution

CoreSoft is a browser-based core banking solution developed and owned by VSoft Corporation, a company based in Duluth, Georgia, US. CoreSoft is developed for deployment in North America and Atlantic regions, it being compliant with the regulatory standards of the region.

CoreSoft supports multiple delivery channel, 24/7 availability, real time transactions, and robust reporting capabilities from functional, informational and design and deployment perspectives. The software also integrates with third-party software solutions.[clarification needed]

VSoft Corporation provides CoreSoft solution both as in-house and in outsourced model based on the requirement or convenience of financial institutions.



According to Bank Technology News article, CoreSoft was built from scratch as a result of an agreement between VSoft Corporation and Carter Bank and Trust back in 2006. VSoft Corporation agreed to develop a core banking software meeting the specific needs of Carter Bank, which was a great leap for both the companies. For Carter Bank, the project meant converting the institution to a new core system, for VSoft Corporation, the venture means getting into a new realm, which till then was providing image capture system to financial Institutions.

The success story of CoreSoft continues with many financial institutions of various sizes adopting the software.

Salient Features

A browser-based system built from the ground up on Java technology that includes multiple delivery channel support, real-time transactions, 24/7 availability, regulatory compliance standards, and reporting capabilities, such as functional, informational, design and deployment perspectives. It integrates with third-party software solutions while providing a 360-degree view of customer relationships in a secure environment.

Modules Supported

  • Deposit Operations
  • Loans Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Bonds Redemption
  • OFAC
  • USPS
  • Check and Notice Printing
  • Report Writing


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