Bo Nat Khann Mway

Bo Nat Khann Mway
In this Burmese name, Bo is an honorific.

Bo Nat Khann Mway;[1] "Na Kham Mwe";[2][3][4][5] "Na Kam Mui";[6] "Col Saw Lah Pwe";[3] "Colonel Saw La Pwe";[7] "Bo Moustache";[7][8] "Saw Lar Bwe";[8] "Saw La Bwe";[4] "Saw Lah Bwe"; "Mr. Moustache";[5] "Mr. Beard" [9]

The break-away DKBA is managed by Bo Nat Khann Mway. He is Brigadier General[2] of Brigade 5.[4]

Saw Lah Pwe's force broke with the rest of the DKBA after rejecting the regime's plan for a Border Guard Force (BGF).[10]

He originally had five battalions under his command, but two battalions led by Majors Motethone and Sawblue, comprising a total of 300 troops, transformed themselves into the Border Guard Force on August 21. 2010. [8]

A Quote

[The Burmese regime does not] understand the language of diplomacy or political talks, but [only the language of] guns.[11]


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