Clue Suspects

Clue Suspects
Clue Suspects
Box cover and game layout
Publisher(s) Winning Moves
Players 1+
Age range 10+
Setup time 3 minutes
Playing time 5-10 minutes
Random chance Low
Skill(s) required Deduction, Logic

Clue Suspects is a single-player variation on the classic board game Clue, where a player is given a series of clues and must deduce where in the mansion each suspect should be and who is the killer. It was published by Winning Moves Games USA in 2006.


The game plays like Clue, except the clue-gathering is already done and on the cards and what's left is deducing who the killer is. The game starts by taking a card (there are 60, numbered 1-60, with the difficulty growing each card) and reading all the clues. The player then places the body token in the room where the clues say it was found, places the suspect pieces listed in the clues next to the game (unless a clue tells you directly which room the suspect was in), and places any unused suspects aside. The player then attempts to determine, based on the clues, which suspects were in which room and which suspect was in the room with the body (making that person the killer). There can only be two suspects per room, helping players to deduce where each suspect was.


There are 11 suspects in Clue Suspects. There are the traditional six, and five new ones. Here is the list:

  • Professor Plum
  • Miss Scarlet
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Mr. Green
  • Mrs. White
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Lady Lavender
  • The Butler
  • Prince Azure
  • Rusty
  • Mrs. Meadow-Brook

Lady Lavender, Prince Azure, Rusty, and Mrs. Meadow-Brook are all from Clue SFX.

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