Star Wars: Clone War Adventures

Star Wars: Clone War Adventures

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is a comic book series, part of the fictional Star Wars galaxy. It is aimed towards a younger audience than the Star Wars: Clone Wars comic book series. The drawing style and narrative more closely resembles the fast paced, humorous style of the 2003 animated television series Star Wars: Clone Wars.



The story is set during the Clone Wars, set between the events of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The most important characters are Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, whose adventures are the main subject.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 1

The events in this story take place approximately five months after the Battle of Geonosis (and 22 years before the Battle of Yavin).

Blind Force

Anakin and Obi-Wan are on a mission looking for CIS weapons. They encounter the nevik shadowmen who will do anything to stop the Jedi. Thankfully, Anakin finds the factory and they complete their mission.

Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin are in the battle of IKTOTCH with droids. After a moment they are going to fight with the droids. Then a big machine is stopped and attack them.They have to run and to find a ways to use another force. With their special powers they destroy the big machine. Then after what they destroy the machine and droids they try to find a command centre. Then they think they destroy all droids but there was another droids and they attack them. They shout with Homing Missiles and Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin use their powers and they make sure the droids are destroy. They win the battle and they are going home.

Fierce Currents

This story shows the conclusion of the cartoon battle on Mon Cal. Kit Fisto goes on a search for the CIS leader of the Quarren. On his search he finds a colony of Moappa who he discovers is the leader of the Quarren. He escapes them but cannot destroy them.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 2


On Tatooine during A New Hope, when Luke Skywalker asks Obi-Wan Kenobi about his father, Obi-Wan has a flashback to the Battle of Terra Sool during the Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan are helping the Terra Sool militia to overthrow the Separatist occupation. When the CIS attempts to BDZ the planet, Anakin destroys the missiles and Obi-Wan remarks that the learner has become the master. The story returns to the 'present,' where Darth Vader looks down on the clothes from Obi-Wan onboard the Death Star, right after the famous Line: "when I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master".

Hide in Plain Sight

The comic is set five months after the Battle of Geonosis, and chronicles the Battle of Nadiem. In this comic, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee go to a small village on Nadiem. When a man tries to sneak all his belongings, after the villagers were told not to take any, onto a transport, Unduli discovers him and teaches Offee about hiding in plain sight. Offee then goes to find a group of refugees and learns of a squad of clone commandos plans to set off denotators to stop an incoming Confederacy of Independent Systems force. Offee goes to the spot with the clones and they all pretend to be dead when a CIS scout comes, thus hiding in plain sight. Unduli does not think she's alive but attacks the CIS force anyway with her own Galactic Republic force. Offee then reveals herself to her master by setting off the trap, thus winning the battle.

Run Mace Run

On an unnamed planet, Mace Windu's LAAT is shot down, and with his clone troopers dead, runs to disable the prototype Planet Killer before its creators can show it to Count Dooku.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3

Rogue's Gallery

Asajj Ventress and Durge are searching a large spacecraft on which Darth Tyranus has told them he senses some presence. They enter a hall filled with many trophies of battle, and approach one another from opposite directions, having split-up and secured any exits from the hall.

Durge is attacked by a deadly combination of baleful life and advanced technology he later learns is named Grievous. Ventress joins the battle but she too is eventually bested by this new monster. Returning to his mentor Tyranus with the pair of battered bodies, he is told he has passed his test, and is ordered to put Durge and Ventress in bacta tanks to allow them to heal.

The Package

Two clone commando squads are assigned the dangerous task of retrieving a mysterious package, intended for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Dispatched to Ord Mantell, White Squad (led by RC-1013 "Sarge") and Blue Squad attempt to intercept a gang of mercenary Trandoshans.

The Trandoshans kill Blue Squad and are pursued by White Squad to a meeting with Separatist battle droid forces. The ill-fated White Squad is whittled down to just Sarge, who tackles and executes the lead Trandoshan with his combat knife.

Upon receipt of the package, Palpatine privately reveals it is a worthless trinket. The commandos have given their lives for nothing.

Stranger in Town

Yoda destroys a Separatist droid army with a huge gun.

One Battle

On an unknown planet, nine clone troopers are the remainder of their force. A weakening force field is all that protects them from an army of thousands of battle droids. As the force field breaks, the droid army immediately marches in and demands surrender. The clones choose to go out fighting, and their resilience pays off when a smoking Republic gunship drops out of the air. Plo Koon jumps out, and although the clones cannot understand him, they comprehend enough to shoot a rope at a massive Separatist weapon, providing a small bridge for the Jedi Master. Koon, effortlessly wielding his lightsaber, quickly destroys the machine, and the remainder of the Separatist forces. As he leaves, he drops one last comment, which the clones understand: "One battle, one Jedi."

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4

Another Fine Mess

On the planet Bri'ahl, C-3PO once again finds himself in a dreadful position, courtesy of R2-D2. The astromech droid, claiming to have the abilities needed to pilot a Bri'ahlian Sky-sled, failed miserably at his task of transportation, resulting in a beheaded C-3PO. Attempting to right matters, R2-D2 triggers an avalanche, incurring the wrath of the local fauna. Below the two droids, a small group of Bri'ahlian rebels gathered around a fire. Openly talking of their loathing for Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala and Bri'ahl President Vuul, the group forms a plan to disguise themselves as clone troopers to infiltrate the palace and assassinate the two. As soon as the plan was finished, the rebels are momentarily dispatched by two falling droids, batted away by a huge beast. C-3PO and R2-D2 continue to wreak havoc as they mistakenly come across the group of disguised rebels. Reaching across to shake hands with the commander, C-3PO's malfunctioning hand crashes into the visor, starting a false attack alarm. Thinking that the enemy is among them, the troopers quickly destroy each other. Wandering away from the carnage, the two droids finally obtain directions to the palace. As Gregar Typho explains to Amidala that the bodies of rebels have been found, the droids stagger into the room. Unaware of their actions, Amidala scolds them for not remaining in palace grounds. Remarking that "at least you came back in one piece", Amidala's expression turns to one of amusement as C-3PO's head falls off.

The Brink

While waiting for orders in the Outer Rim Territories, Anakin Skywalker locks on to a weak distress signal. Leaving without Obi Wan's permission, Anakin arrives at a seemingly abandoned space station. While investigating inside, Anakin finds that all of the men that were on the station are dead. Eventually, Anakin meets another Jedi, Serra Keto. She tells him that they need to leave, but Anakin insists that they press on. They are attacked by pink blobs with metal on their backs. Anakin kills them, however, they come back to life and start scurrying to another room. They follow it, and they find two huge spider droids, made completely from the pink blobs. Thinking fast, Anakin uses the Force to break open a hole in the wall, sucking out the spider droids, but also breaking the station. The two manage to escape just in time, however.


On the planet Garqi, Aiwha Squad (led by RC-1013 "Sarge") assumes responsibility for an orphaned farmer kid named Evan. Aiwha must escort him through hostile territory, while trying to help him understand their own strange lives of honor and sacrifice.

Finally reaching a Galactic Republic outpost, the commandos receive Order 66 and are forced to kill Jedi Master Tra'avis in front of Evan's eyes. The boy is left wondering if he really understands the commandos at all.


Shortly after Order 66 was executed, Triton Squad was given a new order: destroy the Wookiees. Approaching a group of elders and pups, the clone troopers are met with an unpleasant surprise as Tarfful and Chewbacca swoop down with a team of warriors. Engaging in ferocious combat, the Wookiee team soon drops down into the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, leaving the Triton Squad to follow. Setting a maze of traps involving local creatures, the Wookiees soon narrow the squad down to a few troopers, quickly dispatched by an ambush. After the carnage, Chewbacca and Tarfful remark on how there will be many more battles to come.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5

What Goes Up...

Aayla Secura and Commander Bly investigate a deserted Separatist outpost in the Endor system. After discovering the base to be empty,(and finding remains of countless clone troopers and battle droids) Secura goes out scouting where she encounters a lone battle droid. Disposing it's appendages, Secura is caught unaware by the native Ewoks and is shot with a tranquilizer dart. Waking up in a treehouse, Secura uses the battle droid as a translator, who sarcastically informs her that she is thought to be a forest spirit. As a spirit, it is her duty to vanquish the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain. Secura, taking the droid along, complies. Reaching the cave, the Jedi Knight trips on a pile of bones, alerting the Beast to her presence. The Beast quickly impales the battle droid with its claw, leaving Secura free to work on collapsing parts of the ceiling upon the monster. Fulfilling her duty as the Ewok's spirit, the Knight returns to the Republic gunship, where Bly is waiting. Dismissing her commander's worries, the pair, along with their squadron, heads to Felucia. 4

Bailed Out

On the Tantive IV, Bail Organa holds a conference with Raymus Antilles and Sheltay Retrac. Antilles voices his concern about the lack of Jedi accompanying them, and Organa dismisses his captain's worries with a wave of his hand. The trio soon land on Metalorn to meet with the Techno Union Foreman, Wat Tambor. Clearly excited at Organa's interest in joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Tambor leads the group on a tour of his highest accomplishments: the Wasteland and his stockades. Antilles takes his cue to leave upon reaching the stockades, and after a brief tour Tambor leads them to the real prize of his city: an incredibly secure prison block, unused but for their most dangerous prisoner, Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Organa, knowing at last the whereabouts of his goal, throws the box he has been carrying around into the air. Using the Force, Ti ignites the lightsaber within. Fighting their way through droidekas and battle droids, they finally reach the ship, where Antilles safely pilots them off the planet. On the Tantive IV, Ti tells Organa that if he ever needs anything he should contact her. Organa agrees, not knowing that he will use this promise in the not too distant future.

Heroes on Both Sides

Order of Outcasts

The story is about a young Jedi, Joc Sah, who attempts to escape Order 66. It is unknown whether he survives. His master, Sev, is slain by clone troopers.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 6

It Takes a Thief

The Drop

The Drop is about a squad of clone commandos called H.O.P.E. Squad who go to an unknown planet to rescue a Jedi Master named Treetower. He was sent to rescue aliens from the Droids. they find him barley hagging by his robe on a pull. On the way down H.O.P.E. Squad encounters Spider Droids and Jump Droids. H.O.P.E. squad loses three of the four men but complete their mission.

To the Vanishing Point

To the Vanishing Point is about Ki-Adi-Mundi leading Jedi Padawans and clone troopers into battle During the battle the droids take out a Republic attack cruiser and it is going to kill them all. One of the Padawans holds the ship up so they can escape before it crashes. At the end they receive a message telling them they need to go to Mygeeto.

Means and Ends

The Bounty Hunter Durge sets a trap for the Jedi by creating a prison riot. On this the Jedi send Jedi master Kit Fisto and Plo Koon to stop the riot. As they try to calm down the riot they meet a two headed alien who just wants to get out of there. After that they encounter Durge but soon block his way. At the end they go to finish the riot.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7

Creature Comforts

Obi-Wan and Anakin are on an unknown planet looking for the droid army. As they search a battle droid runs by saying RUN! Obi-Wan and Anakin barley escape a stamped and get attacked by lots more creatures. At the end of the comic the same droid comes and says RUN!!

Spy Girls

Padme' and Sheltay become spies and investigate if a senate member is taking bribes from the separatists.


A Jedi named Bultar Swan is the last of her strike force. As she storms the command center of the CIS leader she encounters droids and learns that there's no way to the leader. So she turns off the life support systems and locks down the fortress and the leader dies.

The Precious Shining

Three friends try to steal from a bank guarded by Clones.


The series began in 2004, with 10 volumes published as of March 2008.

  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 1
Script: Haden Blackman
Art and Colors: Ben Caldwell
Lettering: Michael David Thomas
Galactic Year: 22 BBY
Preceded by: Jedi: Shaak Ti
Followed by: Rogues Gallery
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 2
Script: Haden Blackman (Skywalkers), Welles Hartley (Hide in Plain Sight), Matthew and Shawn Fillbach (Run Mace Run)
Art: Matt Fillbach and Shawn Fillbach
Colors: Wil Glass (Skywalkers & Run Mace Run) & SnoCone Studios (Hide in Plain Sight)
Lettering: Michael David Thomas
Galactic Year: 22 BBY
Preceded by: Rogues Gallery
Followed by: Stranger in Town
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3
    • Rogues Gallery by Haden Blackman
    • The Package by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Stranger in Town by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • One Battle by Bytim Mucci
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4
    • Another Fine Mess by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • The Brink by Justin Lambros
    • Orders by Ryan Kaufman
    • Descent by Haden Blackman
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5
    • What Goes Up... by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Bailed Out by Justin Lambros
    • Heroes on Both Sides by Chris Avellone
    • The Order of Outcasts by Matt Jacobs
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 6
    • It Takes a Thief by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • The Drop
    • To the Vanishing Point by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Means and Ends
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7
    • Creature Comfort by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Spy Girls
    • Impregnable
    • This Precious Shining
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8
    • Old Scores
    • Versus by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • One of a Kind
    • Pathways
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 9
    • Appetite for Adventure by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Salvaged by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Life Below by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • No Way Out by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
  • Clone Wars Adventures Volume 10
    • Chain of Command
    • Graduation Day
    • Thunder Road by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach
    • Waiting by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach

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