Cheek’d is a dating and social networking website based in New York City. It was founded in 2010 by Lori Cheek.

Each Cheek'd card includes a "quip", web address, and online code. To be a part of the cheek'd network you can sign up through the website, purchase cards, and give them out at will. Cheek'd users can set up a profile, and recipients of the cards can look up their secret admirers and proceed as they see fit. “They don't clearly say ‘I want to date you,’” explains Cheek. “But there are alluring sayings on each of them and a few laugh-out-loud lines. I think it's a light and fun alternative to handing your regular card away. There's a bit of mystery behind the whole process..[1]

Subscribers get a set of 50 business cards that can be given out once someone catches their eye.[2][3] Each card has an interesting phrase like "I am totally cooler than your date." or "feel free to stalk me." and a url to the subscriber's account at the website.[1][2] Recipients of the cards can then look up the profile of the Cheek'd user with the information provided on the card.[4] The intent of the concept is to expand subscriber's dating opportunities beyond the pool of people registered with an online dating service.[5][6]

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