System Series Stage Age (Ma)
Jurassic Lower Hettangian younger
Triassic Upper Rhaetian 199.6–203.6
Norian 203.6–216.5
Carnian 216.5–228.0
Middle Ladinian 228.0–237.0
Anisian 237.0–245.0
Lower Olenekian 245.0–249.7
Induan 249.7–251.0
Permian Lopingian Changhsingian older
Subdivision of the Triassic system according to the IUGS, as of July 2009.

The Norian is a division of the Triassic geological period. It has the rank of an age (geochronology) or stage (chronostratigraphy). The Norian lasted from 216.5 ± 2.0 to 203.6 ± 1.5 million years ago.[1] It was preceded by the Carnian and succeeded by the Rhaetian.[2]


Stratigraphic definitions

The Norian was named after the Noric Alps in Austria. The stage was introduced into scientific literature by Austrian geologist Edmund Mojsisovics von Mojsvar in 1869.

The Norian stage begins at the base of the ammonite biozones of Klamathites macrolobatus and Stikinoceras kerri, and at the base of the conodont biozones of Metapolygnathus communisti and Metapolygnathus primitius. A global reference profile for the base (a GSSP) had in 2009 not yet been appointed.

The top of the Norian (the base of the Rhaetian) is at the first appearance of ammonite species Cochloceras amoenum. The base of the Rheatian is also close to the first appearance of conodont species Misikella spp. and Epigondolella mosheri and the radiolarid species Proparvicingula moniliformis.

In the Tethys domain, the Norian stage contains six ammonite biozones:

  • zone of Halorites macer
  • zone of Himavatites hogarti
  • zone of Cyrtopleurites bicrenatus
  • zone of Juvavites magnus
  • zone of Malayites paulckei
  • zone of Guembelites jandianus



Dinosaurs of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images
Late Carnian to early Norian Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA


Pterosaurs of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images


Crocodylomorphs of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images


Ichthyosaurs of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images


  1. Shonisaurus popularis

†Dinosauromorphs (non-dinosaurian)

Non-dinosaurian dinosauromorphs of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images
New Mexico


Placodonts of the Norian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images

†Crurotarsans (non-crocodylomorph)

Non-crocodylomorph Crurotarsans of the Carnian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images


Mammaliaformes of the Carnian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images
  • Kuehneotherium
From Norian to Sinemurian Greenland and Western Europe A Late Triassic-Early Jurassic symmetrodontan.
  • Sinocodon




  1. ^ According to Gradstein et al. (2004). Brack et al. (2005) give 226 to 207 million years
  2. ^ See for a detailed geologic timescale Gradstein et al. (2004)


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