Charged-device model

Charged-device model

The charged-device model (CDM) is a model for characterizing the susceptibility of an electronic device to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The model is an alternative to the human-body model (HBM).

Devices that are classified according to CDM are exposed to a charge at a standardized voltage level, and then tested for survival. If it withstands this voltage level, it is tested at the next level and so on, until the device fails.

CDM is standardized by JEDEC in JESD22-C101E.

See also

  • Human-body model (HBM)
  • Machine model (MM)
  • Transmission-line pulse (TLP)

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  • JEDEC standard JESD22-C101E, Field-induced charged-device model test method for electrostatic-discharge-withstand thresholds of microelectronic components.

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