Third party

Third party

Third party is often used in the English language in connection with any relationship between two parties or entities to refer to some other person or entity with some involvement, and may refer to:

* Third party (politics), in any two-party system of politics, a third party is a party other than the two dominant ones
* Third party (United States) A political third party named the Third Party, ca. 1992.
* Third-party developer, a hardware or software developer not directly tied to the primary product that a consumer is using.
** Third-party software component is a reusable software component developed to be either freely distributed or sold by an entity other than the original vendor of the development platform
* Third-party Maintenance, (TPM) is a maintenance provider other than the maintained product's manufacturer or the owner of said product. This term is frequently used in the computer maintenance industry.
* Third party (civil litigation), a party brought into a civil legal proceeding by a defendant or by another third party
** Third party beneficiary, a person who may have the right to sue on a contract, despite not having originally been a party to the contract; see also, Privity of contract
** Third party insurance
* Third-party verification (TPV) is a process of getting an independent party to confirm that the customer is actually requesting a change or ordering a new service or product, such as the practice used to prevent Telephone slamming.
* Third party technique is a marketing strategy commonly employed by public relations firms, that involves placing a premeditated message in the "mouth of the media"
* Third party reproduction refers to a process where another person provides sperm or eggs or where another woman provides her uterus so that a woman can have a child
* 3rd Party is the name of a 90's pop music group.
* Third-party ownership in association football

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