Polikarpov DI-1

Polikarpov DI-1

Polikarpov DI-1 (also known as 2I-N1, _ru. Поликарпов ДИ-1 (2И-Н1)) was a prototype Soviet two-seat fighter of the 1920s. First flown in 1926, DI-1 achieved performance comparable to single-seat fighters of the time due to light weight. The savings were achieved by carefully selecting airframe components to meet calculated durability requirements. However, during the ninth test flight on 31 March 1926 the aircraft suffered catastrophic failure of the top wing due to production defects and was destroyed along with its crew of two. The project was abandoned following the crash but certain design elements were carried over into the future Polikarpov aircraft.cite book|author=Shavrov V.B.|year=1985|title=Istoriia konstruktskii samoletov v SSSR do 1938 g. (3izd.)|language=Russian|publisher=Mashinostroenie|id=ISBN 5-217-03112-3]

pecifications (DI-1)

aircraft specifications
plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=prop
ref=Shavrov 1985
length main=9.75 m
length alt=31 ft 12 in
span main=12 m
span alt=39 ft 4 in
height main=
height alt=
area main=27.15 m²
area alt=292.2 ft²
empty weight main=1,153 kg
empty weight alt=2,542 lb
loaded weight main=1,700 kg
loaded weight alt=3,748 lb
engine (prop)=Napier Lion
type of prop=12-cylinder W engine
number of props=1
power main=336 kW
power alt=450 hp
max speed main=268 km/h
max speed alt=145 knots, 167 mph
range main=800 km
range alt=432 nm, 497 mi
ceiling main=7,100 m
ceiling alt=23,294 ft
loading main=63 kg/m²
loading alt=13 lb/ft²
power/mass main=197 W/kg
power/mass alt=0.12 hp/lb
more performance=
*Time to altitude: 13 min to 5,000 m (16,400 ft)
*Horizontal turn time: 12 sec
*2× 7.62 mm (0.3 in) machine guns


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