Japanese aircraft carrier Akitsu Maru

Japanese aircraft carrier Akitsu Maru

"Akitsu Maru" was a japanese escort aircraft carrier operated by the Imperial Japanase Army. in some sources "Akitsu Maru" and her sister ship "Nigitsu Maru" are also considered to be the first amphibious assault ship.

Concept and building

"Akitsu Maru" was a passenger liner taken over before completion. The ship was fitted with a flight deck above the hull. The ship had no hangar so the aircraft were stored bellow the flight deck on the original main deck. Conventional aircraft were able to fly off from her deck but could not land aboard. It is said that the ship also operated autogiros. "Akitsu Maru" planed role was to provide aircover during amphibious and landing operations.


Sunk by submarine USS Queenfish (SS-393) on 15 November 1944.


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