Even may refer to:
* Even, a Scandinavian male personal name (coincidentally, Odd is also a common Norwegian name).
* Even (people), an ethnic group from Siberia and Russian Far East
**Even language, a language spoken by the Evens
* Even Balance Inc., a software producer based in Spring, Texas (USA).
* Even-weave, any woven textile where the warp and weft threads are of the same size
* Even Ha'ezer, a section of Rabbi Jacob ben Asher's compilation of halakha (Jewish law), Arba'ah Turim
* Even HaEzel, Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer's commentary on Mishneh Torah
* Even-Shoshan concordance (1977), a New Concordance of the Bible's Old Testament Hebrew text by Abraham Even-Shoshan
* Odd and Even, a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards

cience and technology

*In mathematics, the term "even" is used in several senses related to "odd":
** even and odd numbers -- even if divisible by 2
** even and odd functions -- even if f(x) = f(-x)
** even and odd permutations -- even if composed of an even number of transpositions
**Singly even number, an integer divisible by 2 but not divisible by 4
* Even code, if the Hamming weight of all of a binary code's codewords is even
* Even-odd rule, an algorithm implemented in the PostScript language
* Even-toed ungulate, whose weight is borne about equally by the third and fourth toes - mammal order Artiodactyla

English expressions

* Don't even think about it!, a phrase commonly used when a person denies another person something
* Even money, describes a wagering proposition with even odds
* "Not even wrong", phrase often used to describe pseudoscience


*Even (band), an Australian alternative rock band
*Even As We Speak, indie band from Sydney, Australia
*Even Better Than the Real Thing, 2nd song from U2's 1991 album, Achtung Baby
*Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, 1976 novel by Tom Robbins
**Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (film), 1993 film based on the novel
*Even Dozen Jug Band, founded in 1963 by Stefan Grossman and Peter Siegel in New York
*Even Dwarfs Started Small (Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen), 1970 film by German director Werner Herzog
*Even Flow (1991), a song by the band Pearl Jam
*Even God Can't Change the Past, Charlotte Church's third single on her 2005 album Tissues and Issues
*Even Heaven Cries, a pop ballad on Monrose's debut studio album Temptation (2006)
*Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend, 1993 song by the punk band The Mr. T Experience
*Even If and Especially When, 1987 album by Screaming Trees
*Even If You Don't, a single released by the band Ween in 2000
*Even in Blackouts (EiB), an acoustic pop-punk band from Chicago, Illinois
*Even in Darkness, collaborative debut LP by the Dungeon Family
*Even in His Youth, a song by the American rock band, Nirvana
*Even in the Quietest Moments (1977), 5th album by progressive rock band Supertramp
*Even It Up, a song recorded by the rock band Heart, released in 1980
*Even My Sure Things Fall Through, 2001 EP by Arizona band Calexico
*Even Now, the sixth studio album by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow
*Even Serpents Shine, 1979 album produced by Alan Mair and Peter Perrett
*Even Song, disambiguation page
*Even Stevens (2000-2003), a comedy television program which originally aired on Disney Channel
**The Even Stevens Movie, 2003 American family comedy motion picture that debuted on the Disney Channel
*Even the Losers, 1979 song by American rock band Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
*Even the Queen, a short story by Connie Willis
*Even Worse, the fifth album by "Weird Al" Yankovic, released in 1988
*Getting Even, a 1993 rock album released by Greg Ginn on Cruz Records
*Getting Even with Dad, 1994 comedy film starring Macaulay Culkin and Ted Danson
*Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, a 1941 Universal Pictures comedy film starring W.C. Fields
*Sieges Even, progressive metal band from Southern Germany
*The Even Chance, a TV adaption of the exploits of Horatio Hornblower, first related by C.S. Forester
*You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd (1984), 14th and final album by American rock band J. Geils Band


*Abraham Even-Shoshan (1906-1984), Russian-Israeli Hebrew linguist and lexicographer
*Even Wetten (born 1982), Norwegian speed-skater
*Maya Even (born 1958), Canadian born British based University lecturer, journalist and television presenter
*Nahshon Even-Chaim (aka Phoenix )(born 1971), first major computer hacker convicted in Australia
*Pierre Even (born 1946), Luxembourgian composer
*Shimon Even (1935-2004), Israeli computer science researcher
*Uzi Even (born 1940), Israeli professor of chemistry as well as a politician


* Even-Yehuda, an Israeli village in the Sharon region of Netanya
* Even Menahem, an Israeli cooperative agricultural community (moshav) in Western Galilee
* Even Sapir, an Israeli cooperative agricultural community (moshav) near Jerusalem

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