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The National Association of Police & Lay Charities (NAPLC) [1] is a wholly American movement that dates its inception back to 1997 in Washington, DC.

The mission statement of NAPLC began simply enough, but in time was expanded to allow partnerships with various secular, lay charities. The NAPLC mission broadened into helping reduce the recidivism rate in U.S. prisons, fighting the illiteracy of American school children, and even into helping Deaf people learn a SignWriting modality [2] , that aids in developing their literacy.

After the emergence of NAPLC, the organization began its long association with the famed Teddy Bear Cop's Program, wherein teddy bears are given by policemen, fire fighters, and emergency rescue workers to children in traumatized situations [3] .

It was shortly thereafter that NAPLC hit the national scene, in a big way, by being featured in a TV special by CBS Television.

Teddy Bear Cops Program

Emergencies do happen. Sometimes children are there on the scene. Sometimes children or their parents are the victims. Accidents, fires, crime, family disputes sadly do occur. Often these may leave a child in a state of trauma when police, fire or emergency vehicles arrive.

The mission of the Teddy Bear Cops Program is to get teddy bears into the hands of police, fire and emergency officials across the country, so that they can give a cuddly bear to a stricken child.

If a stuffed animal can ease, if only for a moment, the trauma, shock and sometimes brutality present at such a scene then giving bears to kids and even seniors in emergency situations is totally a worthwhile activity.

One thankful mother writes, “Whoever put this practice into action was very compassionate and giving. I know our donation will be able to help many young children such as mine were. [4] ”

NAPLC Website

Over a decade ago NAPLC started a Car Donation Program on the Internet in order to raise funds for purchasing teddy bears in large quantities and shipping them to various police and fire officials to forward the Teddy Bear Cops Program [5] .

The NAPLC website has developed into a large and informative site, especially with data regarding charitable vehicle donations. The website provides accurate historical and contemporary information about the Internal Revenue Service laws and changes regarding car donations.

In the early years of its formation it was found that many donors wished to assist the charity but could not benefit by a tax deduction and so the recycling program was launched in order to always give something back to those that contributed in any way to the Teddy Bear Cops Program.

The NAPLC website has grown to include all the information needed to participate in the US taxpayer vehicle donation program, and even handles those sticky title transfer problems.

There is even information on how to diagnose and solve car problems and a dictionary of terms for those not familiar with vehicles.


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