Bergmeister's papilla

Bergmeister's papilla

Bergmeister’s papilla arises from the centre of the optic disc, consists of a small tuft of fibrous tissue and represents a remnant of the hyaloid artery.

The hyaloid artery provides nutrition to the lens during development in the foetus, and runs forward to the lens from the optic disc. [ [ Embryo Images Online, University of North Carolina] ] . The optic disc is covered by a plaque of fibrous cells called the central supporting tissue meniscus of Kuhnt. This plaque forms a fibrous sheath around the hyaloid artery where it leaves the optic disc. At birth the hyaloid artery regresses, and is normally completely regressed by the time of eyelid opening. Bergmeister’s papilla is a remnant of the hyaloid artery fibrous sheath and is frequently observed as an incidental clinical finding. [Samuelson DA (2007). Veterinary Ophthalmology 4th ed. Ames, Iowa: Blaclwell Publishing. p132 ISBN-13:978-0-7817-6657-9] Bergmeister’s papilla is named after Austrian ophthalmologist O. Bergmeister (1845-1918).


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