Los Reyes (TV series)

Los Reyes (TV series)

"Los Reyes" ("The Kings") is a popular telenovela filmed in Colombia and produced by the Colombian network, RCN (Radio Cadena Nacional - "National Radio Network"). It debuted in 2005 and is available via RCN cable TV in the United States.


"Los Reyes" is about a working-class family and Edilberto "Beto" Reyes, the head of the family, who suddenly gets hired as president of a multinational company. The subplot to this story is a oversized jolly man who is finally coming out of the closet after two marriages and now working at a roofing company. This happens when he stops the former president of the company, a middle-aged woman with a terminal disease, from committing suicide. Beto shows the woman his daily life and his people, helping her get back on her feet. The president is grateful, and goes to France to get a treatment for her disease. When she leaves, she thanks Beto by giving him the presidency of the company.

The vicepresident, Emilio Iriarte (wrongly called "Urinarte"), who sought the company's presidency after the former president disappeared, and his family swear to take revenge. They focus on making the Reyes family go back "where they belong", but problems arise when Emilio falls in love with Laisa, Beto's 'sister'. Laisa conducts a television show on which famous real-life celebrities appear.

Other information

This comedy parodies high society and its treatment of the lower classes. There has been controversy about one character, Laisa Reyes, who is in the series and in real-life a transvestite. Reyes is well received by Colombian audiences.

Cast and crew


*Enrique Carriazo as "Edilberto "Beto" Reyes"
*Jackeline Arenal as "Mayoli "Yoli" Gonzalez"
*Geraldine Zivic as "Natalia Bernal"
*Endry Cardeño as "Laisa Reyes"
*Julian Roman as "Leonardo Giovanny "Leo" Reyes"
*Constanza Camelo as "Hilda Edilberta Reyes"
*Jery Sandoval as "Maria del Carmen Reyes"
*Henry Montealegre as "Andres "Totoy" Reyes"
*Diego Trujillo as "Emilio Iriarte De Las Casas"
*Janeth Wallman as "Katty Vanegas de Iriarte"
*Daniel Arenas as "Santiago "Santi" Iriarte"
*Tiberio Cruz as "Edgar Galindo"
*Jenny Vargas as "Alegrina"
*Catherine Mira as "Maritza Galindo"
*Diego Vélez as "Eliseo "Cheo" Varona"
*Alberto León Jaramillo as "Hernán Cifuentes"
*Ricardo Vélez as "Armando Valenzuela"
*Margarita Muñoz as "Maria del Pilar "Pilar" "Pilarica" Valenzuela"
*Rosita Alonso as "Mercedes Rubio"
*Nataly Umaña as "Mónica"
*Juan Camilo Hernández as "Mateo Santos"
*Jairo Camargo as "Psychologist Simón Rodríguez"
*Katty Rangel as "Lolita"
*Orlando Valenzuela as "Martín Castro Novo"
*William Marquez as "Ernesto 'Chiqui' Peralta"
*Bianca Arango as "Herself"
*Teresa Gutiérrez as "Doña Flor"
*Marisela González as "Maria Eugenia Reyes"
*Carmenza Gonzalez as "Dulcinea"
*Chela Del Río as "Doña Rosita"
*Sebastian Caicedo as "Francisco Guerrero"
*Alfonso Ortíz as "Eduardo Pinzón"
*Beatríz Roldan as "Maria Fernanda "Mafe"
*Valentina Cabrera Lemaitre as "Annie"
*Vicky Rueda as "Adriana Malaber"
*Thana Carvajal as "Luz Dary"
*David Ramírez López as "Henrry"

Guest stars

*Raúl Santi as "Himself"
*Lucas Arnau as "Himself"
*Maia as "Herself"
*Jose Gaviria as "Himself"
*Gali Galeano as "Himself"
*Pirry as "Himself"
*Helenita Vargas as "Herself"


*Adaptation by "Juan Manuel Cáceres"
*General Producer - "Guillermo Restrepo"
*Director - "Mario Ribero"
*Director Second Unit - "Marco Antonio Galindo"
*Production Management - "Catalina Bridge"
*Production Assistants - "Álvaro Cortés and Darío Piñeros"
*Chief of Production - "Ángela Pulido Serrano"
*Art Director - "Juan Fernando Pérez"
*Makeup - "Rocío Lopez"
*Wardrobe Design - "Jackeline Caicedo"
*Chief of Ambientation - "Álvaro Carrioza"
*Director of Photography - "Armando Barbosa"
*Field Producer - "Alejandro Torres Salazar"
*Edition - "Marcela Vásquez"
*Script - "Rosa Guzman, Omar Terán"

Laisa's show guests

"La Gata" is an interview show created by Laisa within the series, these are the current guest stars.
*La Ley
*Ricardo Montaner
*Diego Ramos

See also

*List of Colombian TV Shows

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*imdb title|id=0469713|name=Los Reyes
*es icon [http://www.canalrcn.com/programas/losReyes/ Official page at RCN TV website]

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